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Keyword Research in a Mobile World #PubconAustin


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How your mobile audience is searching? How can you target their behavior to grow your mobile search results, traffic and conversions? Check out this presentation.

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Keyword Research in a Mobile World #PubconAustin

  1. 1. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Keyword Research in a Mobile World
  2. 2. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Hello #PubconAustin
  3. 3. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti I SPEAK I DO SEO CONSULTING ORAINTI.COM I WRITE I’M ALEYDA I TWEET @ALEYDA #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti I SHARE FB.COM/ALEYDASEOTIPS/
  4. 4. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti We live in a multi-device world
  5. 5. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Officially driven by multi-device search… with the mobile search share growing more & more more-searches-now-on-mobile-than-on-desktop-220369
  6. 6. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti And not only in tech heavy industries, but local, ecommerce, … and even b2b! Local Ecommerce News
  7. 7. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Google still doesn’t have a mobile index but mobile optimization is a ranking factor that is becoming more & more important over time completely-different-content-on-mobile-says-google-222261
  8. 8. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti As well as their efforts towards a Mobile Web & app search experience integration drive-app-installs-through-app-indexing.html
  9. 9. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti It’s then a must to identify & target your mobile Web & app audience specific search behavior optimization/optimizing-mobile-queries-near-you/
  10. 10. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which will drive your Mobile SEO actions with an aligned strategy
  11. 11. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Let’s use a few tools with mobile search data segments & filters to identify this information ONPAGE.ORG SEOMONITOR GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE SIMILARWEB GOOGLE KEYWORD FINDER SEMRUSH SISTRIX EXTERNALINTERNAL URLPROFILER SEARCHMAN
  12. 12. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which are those keywords bringing the highest search volume from mobile devices in your sector? 1
  13. 13. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Identify those with a highest search volume coming from mobile devices at the moment GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE
  14. 14. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which are the pages ranking for them: Are these mobile oriented? What are their positions & CTR? ONPAGE.ORG IMPACT
  15. 15. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti You can also get this data with URLProfiler if you prefer to integrate GA traffic data to prioritize them GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE + GOOGLE ANALYTICS + URL PROFILER
  16. 16. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Verify with Chrome Mobile Emulator how the pages with Lower CTR are shown in mobile results GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE + GOOGLE ANALYTICS + URL PROFILER
  17. 17. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Use your keywords with highest mobile share as an input to expand them with additional mobile terms SEMRUSH
  18. 18. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti As well as those that you can identify as relevant of your own current mobile content by using TF*IDF TF-IDF
  19. 19. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti 2 Which are those terms already bringing more mobile organic search traffic to your competitors?
  20. 20. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Verify which are those competitors with highest share of mobile search visibility to prioritize them SISTRIX
  21. 21. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Check which are the terms for which they are getting this visibility, along their competition & traffic potential
  22. 22. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Compare the terms vs. your competitors: Identify the ones with highest mobile volume & less competition
  23. 23. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Check also their historical mobile rankings to see which terms they have lost & win over time
  24. 24. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which categories and area pages are they ranking with in mobile? What’s the gap vs. your content? 3
  25. 25. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Check your competitors pages with highest mobile search traffic with SEMrush
  26. 26. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Do the same at a subdirectory (or subdomain) level to verify which are their top mobile categories
  27. 27. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Compare them vs. your own top mobile pages & areas, by using Impact “Directories” report…
  28. 28. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti … & with SEOmonitor, which will also categorize them based on topics. Use their conversion to prioritize!
  29. 29. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti As well as their search volume GOOGLE KEYWORD FINDER
  30. 30. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti And what about Mobile App keywords data? Identify and use them to expand the ones you have & identify multiplatform opportunities 4
  31. 31. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which keywords are the most used overall in your app category across your countries? SIMILARWEB
  32. 32. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which are your top competitors per country in your related categories in the Apple Store & Google Play?
  33. 33. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Select those competitors with the highest share of in-store & external search traffic
  34. 34. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Which are the in-store keywords used to drive traffic to the apps with highest search visibility? SEARCHMAN
  35. 35. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti & which are the top keywords that mobile app users are using more to look for them in external search?
  36. 36. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti With what type of content & results are these apps rankings for these keywords? APP PACKS APP INDEXED
  37. 37. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti If you’re app indexing: Which are the keywords that are already bringing visibility but low CTR to optimize? Google Search Console
  38. 38. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti You will have now an expanded list of your mobile keywords w/ their most useful metrics to prioritize them Search Volume Competition Relevance Seasonality Current Rankings CTR Conversion Rate Mobile Web & App +
  39. 39. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti It’s time to make the most out of your audience mobile search behavior… and potential!
  40. 40. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti To obtain sustainable & aligned mobile search growth and better conversions over time MOBILE APP MOBILE WEB
  41. 41. #MobileKWresearch at #PubconAustin by @Aleyda from @Orainti Questions?