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How to Build your Own SEO Workbook in Google Sheets for Free #WTSVirtual

Leverage Google Sheets for SEO by building your own Workbook for free and using simple built-in functions and add-ons. Here's a step by step!

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How to Build your Own SEO Workbook in Google Sheets for Free #WTSVirtual

  1. 1. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Google Sheets + SEO = ❤ How to build your own SEO Workbook in Google Sheets… for Free #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL
  2. 2. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Google sheets is even more popular than Excel now to handle SEO data!
  3. 3. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL A free SEO workbook in 30 minutes? Really? Are you crazy? That’s the beauty of Google Sheets! There’s so much built-in already.
  4. 4. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Let’s start building our SEO workbook in Google Sheets from scratch!
  5. 5. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 1. Start analyzing your organic search rankings status: increases/decreases
  6. 6. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Select the dates ranges to compare in the GSC performance report and export it via the Google Sheets Built-in feature
  7. 7. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Add “comparison” columns and a use the IFS function to compare clicks, impressions, CTR =IFS(B2>C2, "Increased", B2<C2, "Decreased", TRUE, "Didn't Change") #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL =IFS(condition1, value1, [condition2, value2, …])
  8. 8. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL You can also compare positions =IFS(AND(K2=0,L2>K2), "Decreased", AND(L2=0,L2<K2), "Increased", K2>L2, "Decreased", K2<L2, "Increased", TRUE, "Didn't Change")
  9. 9. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Modify the cells colors with “conditional formatting” so you can easily identify those “decreasing” keywords
  10. 10. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Now you can easily identify which are the the terms that haven’t not only decreased in clicks but also in positions
  11. 11. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 2. Which of your top pages need more backlinks for better rankings?
  12. 12. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUALHTTPS://GSUITE.GOOGLE.COM/MARKETPLACE/APP/SEARCH_ANALYTICS_FOR_SHEETS/1035646374811 Use the Search Analytics Add-on to get the terms and pages that attract more clicks along their ranked pages directly
  13. 13. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Export your Backlinks and linking sites from Google Search Console to Google Sheets
  14. 14. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Integrate the backlinks metrics along the top pages and queries using the VLOOKUP+IFERROR functions =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,backlinks!$A$2:$J$2830,2,false),”") VLOOKUP(search_key, range, index, [is_sorted])
  15. 15. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the color scale w/ conditional format rules to easily show URLs w/ more clicks, less backlinks and not the best rankings
  16. 16. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 3. Identify which pages targeting popular terms need to improve their internal linking
  17. 17. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Export your top internally linked pages from the Google Search Console to Google Sheets #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL
  18. 18. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Integrate the internal links metrics in the top ranked pages and terms sheets using the VLOOLUP +IFERROR functions =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,internallinks!$A$2:$J$2830,2,false),"")
  19. 19. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the color scale w/ conditional formatting to identify pages that need better internal linking to rank better
  20. 20. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 4. Identify which are the worst converting queries to better optimize your pages towards them
  21. 21. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUALHTTPS://DEVELOPERS.GOOGLE.COM/ANALYTICS/SOLUTIONS/GOOGLE-ANALYTICS-SPREADSHEET-ADD-ON Use the Google Analytics Add-On to get the pages with more organic traffic and their engagement metrics
  22. 22. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the CONCATENATE function to get the complete URLs instead of only the paths, so they can be matched
  23. 23. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the VLOOKUP function along an IFERROR to integrate the Google Analytics Metrics in your GSC data sheet =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B2,organictraffic!$A$2:$H$807,4,false),””)
  24. 24. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Now you can analyze the pages w/ more traffic that has worse engagement, along their terms to better optimize for them
  25. 25. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 5. Identify relevance issues (and potential new content opportunities) of your top pages by looking into their metadata along CTR and position
  26. 26. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the IMPORTXML function to extract the title, meta description and H1 of the top pages via xpath =IMPORTXML(B2,"//title") =IMPORTXML(B2,”//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content") =IMPORTXML(B2,"//h1") IMPORTXML(url, xpath_query)
  27. 27. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Check pages w/ high impressions and good positions but low CTR: Are they the relevant ones to rank for those queries? If so, are the title, meta description and H1 optimized?
  28. 28. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL You can quickly verify if the title, meta description & H1 include the keywords for which they’re ranking for SEARCH(search_for, text_to_search, [starting_at])
  29. 29. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Do you need to assess more than the allowed by IMPORTXML limitations? Check out IMPORTFROMWEB… To avoid this Use this
  31. 31. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUALSITEBULB There are also SEO crawlers that export to Google Sheets so you can easily grab the latest crawled data from there
  32. 32. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 6. Validate the redirects of a Web migration implementation
  33. 33. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the IF Function to compare if the HTTP status, the URL and title of a destination page are the ones that you had define for a migration
  34. 34. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL =IF(D2=301, "correct", “incorrect") =IF(B2=E2, "correct", “incorrect") Defined Implemented
  35. 35. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL 7. What are the SERP features opportunities for your top queries?
  36. 36. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Scrape SERPs w/ the IMPORTXML or IMPORTFROMWEB functions + Xpath, w/ the help of Chrome extensions
  37. 37. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL How to know which Xpath to use to extract the elements that you want from the SERPs? By using these extensions!
  38. 38. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Add your top terms, desired country and language to the Search Result URL along the XPATH for the ranked pages
  39. 39. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL … the ranked pages titles
  40. 40. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL … if the SERPs are including carousels
  41. 41. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL … or featured snippets
  42. 42. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL … obtaining their PAA and related searches
  43. 43. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL You can take this to the next level by using the Apipheny Add-on to import any SERP API data to Google Sheets +
  44. 44. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Add the Apipheny API URL to query it from Google Docs and obtain the SERP features of your search results
  46. 46. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUALHTTPS://WWW.MEANINGCLOUD.COM/PRODUCTS/GOOGLE-SHEETS-ADDON Meaning Cloud allows you to analyze and classify “unstructured” content by identifying the sentiment, concepts, entities and languages
  47. 47. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUALHTTPS://GSUITE.GOOGLE.COM/MARKETPLACE/APP/MEANINGCLOUD/731647936149?PANN=CWSDP&HL=EN They have a Google Sheets Add-on that you can use for free for up to 20K requests per month
  48. 48. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Add the text to categorize in the first column, and use the “deep categorization” functionality to categorize it
  49. 49. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Classify any text of your site using the predefined taxonomy system or creating yours
  50. 50. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Use the “sentiment analysis” feature to assess it from any of the supported languages
  51. 51. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL#SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL … and there’s more of course! Check out these awesome Google Sheets Resources..
  52. 52. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Sheets for Marketers, Hannah Rampton’s tools & Dave Sottimano Website
  54. 54. #SEOSHEETS BY @ALEYDA FROM @ORAINTI AT #WTSVIRTUAL Thanks! I’m Aleyda Solís * SEO Consultant & Founder de Orainti * SEO Speaker * Author “SEO. Las Claves Esenciales.” * Crawling Mondays Host * #SEOFOMO Newsletter Wrapper * co-founder