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Entering Google's Mobile First Index #SMXLondon


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Which are the steps, criteria and tools to make sure your site is ready for Google's mobile first index? Take a look!

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Entering Google's Mobile First Index #SMXLondon

  1. 1. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti ENTERING GOOGLE’S 
  2. 2. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Google’s Mobile First Index is now here
  3. 3. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Meaning that Google will now primarily crawl and index 
 our Mobile Websites versions to rank them
  4. 4. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti How can you know if your site has been already migrated to the Mobile First Index? #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  5. 5. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti “We are notifying sites that are migrating to 
 mobile-first indexing via Search Console”
  6. 6. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti “Site owners will see significantly increased 
 crawl rate from the Smartphone Googlebot” Screaming Frog Log Analyser &
  7. 7. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti “Google will show the mobile version of pages 
 in Search results and Google cached pages” … oops!
  8. 8. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Whether your site has been already moved or not, here’s what you need to make it Mobile First ready #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  9. 9. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti This goes beyond than passing 
 Google’s Mobile Friendly Validation
  10. 10. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Google itself has shared best practices 
 for each type of mobile configuration
  11. 11. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti There’s no change needed for responsive Websites 
 since the content is the same for mobile and desktop
  12. 12. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti This also happens with canonical AMP, since the 
 content is the same again for both mobile and desktop

  13. 13. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti If you use non-canonical AMP, then this is not indexed and 
 is your original Web mobile version that will be assessed
  14. 14. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti However, change is needed w/ dynamic Websites, since although the URLs are the same, the HTMLs are different

  15. 15. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti The same happens w/ independent mobile sites, since their HTMLs are also different and shown through separate URLs
  16. 16. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Here are the validations to do if you have dynamic serving or independent mobile sites
  17. 17. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Your mobile site should include the same content as your desktop one, this will be the content that will get ranked now > MobileDesktop
  18. 18. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Don’t do this
 > MobileDesktop
  19. 19. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Hiding the content of your mobile site pages 
 won’t be an issue as long as it is in the HTML
  20. 20. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Titles and meta descriptions should be equivalent 
 across both versions of your site too Mobile Desktop =
  21. 21. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Structured data should also be present on both 
 desktop as well as Mobile HTMLs as well Mobile Desktop =
  22. 22. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Independent mobile sites will additionally 
 require the following changes #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  23. 23. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Make sure to not block your m-dot subdomain and 
 that your robots.txt is consistent with the desktop one VS
  24. 24. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti International sites should add hreflang annotations in the Mobile pages too, many sites only do it in the desktop ones Mobile Desktop
  25. 25. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You also need to update hreflang annotations in the Mobile pages, to refer to the Mobile URLs as alternates in this case
 Mobile Desktop
  26. 26. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti However, you don’t need to change the independent 
 mobile rel alternate and canonical tags configuration Mobile Desktop
  27. 27. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Like this, but without changing the canonical tags, 
 that should keep pointing to the desktop URLs Correct Incorrect
  28. 28. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You can easily generate the hreflang tags for your 
 mobile URLs by using the hreflang generator tool
  29. 29. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Besides this you need to continue following already existing mobile Web optimisation best practices #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  30. 30. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Mobile pop-ups update Avoiding intrusive mobile pop-ups and insterstitials displayed when loading your mobile pages
  31. 31. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Use app banners or pop-ups that don’t cover 
 the whole screen instead
  32. 32. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Mobile speed is also now more important with the Mobile first index as it is becoming a ranking factor
  33. 33. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstseo at #TuringFest by @aleyda from @orainti Identify which are your slower pages with more 
 mobile traffic to prioritise their speed validation Google Analytics
  34. 34. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You can check these pages loading times and top speed 
 issues by using Lighthouse within Chrome’s Developers Tools
  35. 35. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Obtaining the resources that need to be optimised from 
 the validated pages as well as the recommendations
  36. 36. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti If you can’t optimise your own speed at all, you can use AMP instead as its speed will be taken into account instead
  37. 37. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti AMP will likely provide a faster page alternative 
 by using cached pre-optimised resources Original Mobile URL AMP URL
  38. 38. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti However, remember AMP is not a replacement 
 of your own mobile site in case you don’t have one
  39. 39. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You should then revise all this by doing a parity Mobile vs. Desktop Audit #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  40. 40. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Crawl your site with the desktop and mobile Googlebots by using SEO crawlers and compare their results VS Screaming Frog, Deepcrawl, Botify, OnCrawl, Sitebulb
  41. 41. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Check out Everett’s guide to easily check and compare desktop vs. mobile configuration and content
  42. 42. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You can now use Deepcrawl’s new functionality to check independent mobile vs. desktop pages in the same crawl
  43. 43. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti You will be able to validate the mobile site configuration, crawlability, indexability and compare its content
  44. 44. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Last but not least: Don’t forget to also monitor your organic Mobile search activity #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti
  45. 45. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Remember to register the independent mobile site profile 
 in the Google Search Console to monitor its activity Google Search Console
  46. 46. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti Check the mobile vs. desktop queries and pages trend 
 to identify issues, opportunities and gap of behaviour Google Search Console
  47. 47. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti As well as any potential crawling and indexing issue to be additionally solved following the previously shared principles Google Search Console
  48. 48. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti We ran out of time… but you should be ready now! 

  49. 49. #mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti#mobilefirstchecklist at #smxlondon by @aleyda from @orainti It’s time to go