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Content Strategists: Use SEO to achieve your content goals #ConfabEU


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Learn how to align SEO criteria and principles to content development to achieve better organic search results.

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Content Strategists: Use SEO to achieve your content goals #ConfabEU

  1. 1. Making the Most Out of Seo to Achieve Your Content Goals #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  2. 2. hell0 #confabEU #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  3. 3. WHO’S THIS SEO AMONG SO MANY CONTENT SPECIALISTS? Hi, My name is Aleyda Solis Speaker Blogger Sharer @aleyda +aleydasolis #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti Consultant
  4. 4. RAISE YOUR HAND: WHO HAS SEO EXPERIENCE IN THE ROOM? #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  5. 5. who WAS successful and loved it? #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  6. 6. SEO shouldn’t be a pain FOR CONTENT STRATEGISTS #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  7. 7. SEO <> SPAM #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  8. 8. SEO CAN HELP CONTENT TO ACHIEVE ITS GOALS #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  9. 9. SEO CAN HELP CONTENT TO ACHIEVE ITS GOALS #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti to sell to educate to communicate to support to promote
  10. 10. it CONNECTS search audience interest with WEBSITE offer #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  11. 11. WITH BETTER visibility by improving relevance & popularity Relevance popularity #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  12. 12. LET’S SEE HOW… #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  13. 13. FIRST, LET’S identify your SEARCH audience needs #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  14. 14. WHAT ARE YOUR POTENTIAL SEARCH VISITORS LOOKING FOR? #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  15. 15. DO A keyword & topical research relevance & intent search volume, seasonality & competition current rankings & content existence industry keyword suggestions competitors keywords performance current keywords & content performance business goals, volume & profitability your prioritized keywords and topics #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  16. 16. start by getting keywords & PHRASES suggestions #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  17. 17. look for modifiers MATCHING customer journey & personas … + informational review tips guide news or transactional buy reserve purchase register products or brands topics or #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  18. 18. identify their search volume & seasonality #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  19. 19. expand YOUR KEYWORDS with those of your competitors #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  20. 20. see which search vertical gives more traffic #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  21. 21. check your linked content, rankings & organic traffic #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  22. 22. & verify these keywords competition level #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  23. 23. consolidate and prioritize your keywords & TOPICS #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  24. 24. use them to create, OPTIMIZE & REORGANIZE CONTENT INDUSTRY behavior business ! offering current content #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti ! ! Relevance search volume competition seasonality intent ! ! existence format rankings traffic conversions ! VOLUME PROFITABILITY
  26. 26. NOW, LET’S OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT FOR SEARCH #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  27. 27. how to attract the visibility your content deserves? #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  28. 28. ACHIEVING BETTER POSITIONS FOR RELEVANT QUERIES #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  29. 29. but is not just about rankings anymore #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  30. 30. IS ABOUT MAKING the most out of search features FOR VISIBILITY #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  31. 31. OPTIMIZE THE relevance & search-friendliness of YOUR content map keywords with web architecture identify content type & format to target each topic optimize content (pages, images, videos) for targeted keywords use structured markup to give a meaning to your content verify that your content is correctly seen by search engines make sure your content is correctly shown in ALL devices facilitate your content share-ability BETTER SEARCH VISIBILITY #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  32. 32. map your TOPICS & KEYWORDS with your web areas x communi ty product category 2 learning center events home product 1a product 1b product n1 product n2 category a categoRy b blog product category 1 product category n #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  33. 33. AS WELL AS the content type & format #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  34. 34. avoid THE lack of targeted relevance BAD GOOD #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  35. 35. THERE ARE ALWAYS SEO FRIENDLY WAYS TO IMPLEMENT seo-a-collection-of-solutions-and-examples #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  36. 36. use siteliner to check internal content duplication ISSUES #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  37. 37. optimize pages relevance towards their targeted terms #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  38. 38. featurE them in key areas & elements of your pages keywords or topics in title url meta description headings body text images videos #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  39. 39. make the most out of the title, meta description & url title good poor meta description url fair Begin with targeted term ~ 55 characters for desktop & ~ 60 for mobile descriptive and attractive expanding title, inviting users to click ~150 characters for desktop & ~115 characters for mobile short & descriptive targeted terms in url #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  40. 40. use A meta tag CHECKER to preview them #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  41. 41. OPTIMIZE YOUR images relevance optimize with the targeted terms alt description file name surrounding text STRUCTURED MARKUP #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  42. 42. and your videos relevance TOO optimize with the targeted terms title file name caption or surrounding text STRUCTURED MARKUP #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  43. 43. search engines should see the same content than your users #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  44. 44. in all TYPE OF devices #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  45. 45. if you require registration FOR CONTENT, balance your approach #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  46. 46. REMEMBER THAT your content needs a body #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  47. 47. and a meaning, WHICH CAN BE GIVEN BY USING STRUCTURED DATA #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  48. 48. in some cases IT will ALSO give you more visibility #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  49. 49. USE GENERATORS & TESTERS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION richsnippets #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  50. 50. UGH, BUT ALL THIS IS SO MUCH WORK #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  51. 51. but now you’LL HAVE A “perfectly optimized page” AS A RESULT! #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  52. 52. you can ALSO support yourself with an on-page SEO grader #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  53. 53. or USE SEO CRAWLERS TO do large SCALE analysis #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  54. 54. PLUS, REMEMBER THAT OUR WORK IS MULTIDISCIPLINARY #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  55. 55. start WORKING along (your new bFF) the seo #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  57. 57. thanks #confabeu It’s time for your questions! #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti
  58. 58. IMAGES featured UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS #seoforcontent AT #confabEU BY @aleyda FROM @orainti