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Media question 6


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Media question 6

  1. 1. Ravenswood school RWS 012302669177 ink April 4, 2014 Tommy Jackson 32 Maroland Road Bromley , Kent BR2 0PQ Dear Employer, In reply to your question ‘ Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task ) , what do you feel you have learnt in the progression of it to full product.’ I feel that I have learnt a lot since the first task we had for filming. The first thing I learnt was about the steadiness of the shot and if the shot has been taken with wobble it will look bad when transferred onto the computer and viewed on screen. The way I learnt reduce this was just the way of holding the camera with one hand on the side and one had on the bottom and then to also have slow steady breathing. The other technique I learnt completely erases the wobble and this is by using a tripod for the still shots and then a tripod with a dolly for the shot that take either rotation or movement. The next thing I feel that I have learnt over the course of planning in the importance of planning and how If you don’t plan what you are thinking of filming and the people and equipment you will need you may be missing something key that you need for filming for example and accessory like hat , cane , cups… The way I found of sorting this problem is by making a small list of the things that I will be needing when filming. Another thing that I have learnt is how to use final cut pro x I s the process of editing and putting a film together with precision and flow. The way that we learnt about using the software was from watching videos on Youtube and also trial and error. Using this software became allot easier. And my final thing that I learnt from this process of time management. By this I mean the time that is dedicated to filming , organizing and editing. We had slight issues with this to start with but now we have sorted this by making a schedule of times that we were organizing , filming , editing and then also presenting the product that we have made. All these things that have been learnt by this process have been very beneficial. Sincerely, Alex Tannatt-Cook