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Gross, Alex

  1. 1. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 1 of 64039 West Valley Drive, Cedar Rapids, IA 52411319-329-5967alexzg@aol.comPROFESSIONAL SUMMARYTo work in a position of technical responsibility working in a multifunctional team of expertsthat allows me to use and enhance my technical and leadership skills, to use my writing andpresentation talents and to act as a mentor to junior or entry-level engineers.MAJOR STRENGTHS AND SKILLS• Leader and participant in multifunction team that includes software, hardware, network and architectural engineers, Legal services and site acquisition experts• Telecommunications Systems Engineering and Design for government and commercial networks• Integration, Optimization, Test and Troubleshooting of 800 MHz, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz cellular and PCS networks• Systems specification analysis and definition• Strong experience and understanding of DC-to-Daylight propagation theory and analysis.• Trade-off analysis and presentation for optimum performance and capability balanced with cost and schedule. Supported long-term roadmaps.• Systems performance analysis of wireless coverage, network capacity, and infrastructure designs• Mentored junior-level engineers and peer-level team members. Demonstrated ability to explain technical concepts to audiences with no, limited or different technical skills.TECHNOLOGIES• CDMA, GSM, IS-136 and iDEN personal communication systems• XM Satellite Radio Sysem• GPS receivers• UHF, VHF, HF and VLF/LF military Ground and airborne military radios• Familiarity with Radar systems and terrestrial satellite systemsCOMPUTER SKILLS• Microsoft Tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access• RF Tools: CellCAD, ANET, CellPlanner, OptimEYES, CMA, RAPTR, Ericsson Engineering Tool (EET), PlaNET, TEMS, TIREM, PLLM• Configuration Control: DOORS, Subversion• Software development: prepared dedicated software for personal use for PN and neighbor list management, statistical performance analysis, spectrum utilization analysis. Prepared software specifications for special use propagation tools.EDUCATION• Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD• Bachelors of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Minor: Computer Science, SUNY at Stony Brook, NYAdditional Training• Wireless Institute Courses: o Field Measurement Tools o Link Budget Analysis
  2. 2. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 2 of 6 o Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum o CDMA Suite (Introduction to Qualcomm CDMA, CDMA Protocol and Operation, CDMA Design Workshop, CDMA Network Optimization, CDMA2000) o 3G and 2.5G technology and protocol o RF Safety• IITRI Classes: o Propagation Analysis o Frequency Planning o Radar Coverage Analysis o Spread Spectrum Technology (Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping) o Antenna designPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEROCKWELL COLLINS GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS, Cedar Rapids, IA 2004-2010Premiere ISO 9001 DoD Contractor of innovative and advanced technology communicationssystems with a companywide technically consistent process specializing in GPS and radiosystems including Software Defined Radio systems.Title: Senior Systems Engineer• Lead Systems Engineer for UHF Ground-to-Ground and Air-Ground-Air Radio capability in an integrated multifunction SDR Project.• Performed customer and other stake holder requirements decomposition.• Directed systems specifications preparation and requirements flow down.• Defined Link performance and cosite analyses and reviewed analysis results with team.• Reviewed hardware and software design for specification compliance.• Analyzed design decisions for operations applicability, completeness and risk. Led trade-off studies.• Presented designs in customer reviews and technical interchange meetings.• Directed Preparation of verification test plans and procedures. Identified architectural changes.• GPS Systems Engineer involved in proposal preparation, systems analysis, project planning and requirements document preparation.• Project engineer for EW System design and manufacture. Oversaw hardware design and testing with focus on Systems Performance. Coordinated activities with factory leaders.SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVE CORP., Cedar Rapids, IA 2003-2004Software developer and radio integrator of system tracking, monitoring and communicationssystems used by local government transit, police, fire and EMS services.Title: RF Systems Engineer• Systems RF engineer for design and installation services division of public transportation and emergency services tracking systems.• Analyzed metropolitan regions, traffic patterns, and terrain variations.• Performed site planning and link performance planning. Performed as RF expert in proposal preparation.• Prepared cost tradeoff studies.• Participated in vendor selection. Introduced risk reduction by providing realistic designs in transportation systems coverage area.• Performed troubleshooting of existing installations in Cleveland, Honolulu and Vancouver that improved customer satisfaction.
  3. 3. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 3 of 6• Improved Chicago Transit coverage.• Guided program management in technical issues associated with radio and communications portion of implementation which improved efficiency and cost effectiveness of execution.LCC INTERNATIONAL, INC., McLean, VA 1991 - 2002LCC, the largest independent wireless engineering company in the world, provides the wirelessindustry with over 27 years of wireless expertise is a recognized leader in providing wirelessvoice and data turn-key services to the telecommunications industry. Our service offeringincludes network services, business consulting and training.Titles: Project Engineer, Senior Engineer, Principal Engineer, Manager, Senior PrincipalEngineerCustomers and Projects:• CDMA Design , Implementation and Optimization, Boise, ID, Client: Ubiquitel. Vendor: Lucent o Manager, design, implementation and optimization of CDMA network for Boise, Southern Idaho, and Utah: o Managed up to 5 engineers. Coordinated with program management (site acquisition, construction management, zoning). o Project successfully completed within aggressive timeline with two phase launch over large geographic area. o Performed and directed Cell site design and site design optimization. o Supervised and conducted Candidate evaluation and selected collocation interference analysis. o Prepared PN and neighbor list planning o Managed Pre- and post-launch network optimization and network improvement. o Performed Capacity analysis o Prepared Expansion plan o Conducted site visits for installation quality approvals.• GSM Design and Management, Rome, Italy Client: Blu. Vendors: Nortel, Nokia o Interim RF Manager for Blu while client completes staffing. Managed 6 engineers and oversaw vendor turnkey process for design and installation of country-wide GSM network.• CDMA Optimization, Sydney, Australia Client: Nortel/Telstra. Vendor: Nortel o CDMA Optimization team leader for Telstra post-launch efforts. Network is AMPS replacement and overlay on existing GSM network. o Performed drive test supervision and analysis of new CDMA network o Evaluated switch reports and managed network improvement o Coordinated with operations manager and vendor engineers o Supported Telstra Olympics preparation efforts.• TACS/GSM Optimization and Migration, Client: First Pacific/Smart Communications. Vendor: TACS: Ericcson, GSM: Nokia o Support operator’s TACS network improvement project and the TACS-to-GSM conversion project. Supervised two LCC engineers and up to 10 client engineers support their efforts. o Acted as project manager. o Provided technical guidance, technical review and technical instruction to client staff.
  4. 4. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 4 of 6 o Prepared technical reports to assist in strategic planning of TACS-to-GSM migration. o Performed capacity analysis for TACS network, new dual-band GSM network and migration plans. o Analyzed Ericcson switch data reports for TACS network and recommended improvement changes. o Obtained working trust with client and client engineers.• AMPS/CDMA Audit and Network Improvement, Client: First Pacific/Piltel Corporation. Vendor: AMPS/NAMPS: Motorola; CDMA: Motorola & Lucent o Initially, prepared technical audit of newly acquired wireless company for parent company (Dec 1998-Feb 1999). Began the implementation of the recommendations in audit as part of AMPS/CDMA network improvement plan. o Was project manager on four-person multidisciplinary team (RF and FNE) in PilTel network audit. Audit included RF AMPS/CDMA network throughout Philippines, backbone and interconnect design, and CDMA WLL system on island of Mindanao. o Presented results of audit in report and presentation format. PilTel and First Pacific were satisfied with detailed results and recommendations, and cooperative nature of audit. o Led four-person team to implement recommendations in all parts of PilTels efforts. o Performed six-sector AMPS/NAMPS frequency retune design in Metro Manila and monitored change. o Assisted in technical evaluation of future 3G technologies for strategic planning purposes. o Obtained working trust with client and client engineers. o Additional Activity: • Prepared cellular basics class for Smart and PilTel • Acted as visiting instructor to De Le Salle University, Manila, Philippines• Satellite Based Terrestrial Distribution System: New Projects Development, Based in Washington, DC Client: XM Radio, Vendor: Undetermined. This was a development project for the initiation of a worldwide satellite and terrestrial based network to provide high quality audio signals to vehicles. At this stage of the XM effort, equipment evaluation and development and technology analysis was akey component, along with procedure development for RF design and optimization. Initial tests were performed and analyzed. Vendor coordination and technical discussion was involved.• Satellite Based Voice and Data network: RFP Response Proposal Client: Comsat Corporation. Vendors: various undetermined. Among the projects included a joint proposal development for the ICO mobile satellite network with Comsat Corporation.• Internal orporate Projects for Wireless Institute• CDMA Optimization Management, Detroit, Milwaukee, Client: Lucent Corporation for Sprint. Vendor: Lucent o Led large-scale design optimization effort as part of Lucent Technology CDMA implementation of PCS networks. o Effort involved teams of engineers performing design, candidate evaluation, site design, PN planning, optimization drive tests, adjusting switch parameters, analyzing switch results and refining parameters for optimal operation.
  5. 5. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 5 of 6• CDMA Optimization Management, North East Corridor (Boston to Washington DC), Client: Lucent Coproration for Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems, Vendor: Lucent o Led large-scale optimization effort as part of Lucent Technology CDMA overlay onto AMPS networks. o Effort involved teams of engineers performing optimization drive tests, adjusting switch parameters, analyzing switch results and refining parameters for optimal operation.• CDMA development projects for small C/F-Band operators, Client: NAWI. Vendor: various, mostly Lucent o Involved technical discussions with potential CDMA operators under the unbrella of North American Wireless, Inc (NAWI).• CDMA Network Design– South Korea, Client: DACOM. Vendor: undetermined Detailed analysis and design to support client in its attempt to obtain a Korean nationwide PCS licents, using CDMA technology.• AMPS/NAMPS to CDMA Migration– Seoul, ROK, Client: Korean Mobile Telephone Co., Vendors: AMPS/NAMPS: Motorola, CDMA: Lucent Support for field teams in Seoul performing AMPS/NAMPS network improvement, and migration to CDMA. Major cities: Seoul, Inchon, Pusan.• IDEN Design, Development, Analysis, and Optimization, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Client: Southern Company. Vendor: Motorola-Nortel cooperative Southern Company is a energy service provider who was in the process of upgrading its emergency response telecommunications equipment and provide a dedicated network for employees and outside clients. Analyzed vendor proposal for dimensioning network and recommended changes based on the analysis, which were implemented. Developed project and supervised field team that designed and implemented an iDEN (formerly MIRS) system in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Northern Florida.• North East US Boston to Washington DC, Client: Nextel Corp. Vendor: Motorola- Nortel cooperative o Responsible for the design, implementation and optimization of iDEN networks in Baltimore/Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. o Frequency analysis o Site planning o Capacity planning o Tutorial preparation o Acquisition planning o Other small scale and quick reaction analysis• Vehicle Location Technology Development and Design using CDMA – Chicago, Client: MobileVision, Inc., subsidiary of Ameritech. Vendor: Custom-built CDMA This effort involved technology assessment, design, and technical advise on deveopling the service. The technology was being developed and constructed in-house.• Pioneer’s Preference Project, Associated PCN —LA, Vendor: Custom-Built CDMA APCN, a cooperative venture between Associated Communications Corp and LCC Inc., prepared a pioneer’s preference proposal for submission to the FCC. Project involved developing 1850-2990 MHz propagation tools, test equipment and procedures, along with constructing and preparing the report for the FCC. APCN was in the top-10 of finalists for the pioneer’s preference license.
  6. 6. ALEXANDER GROSS Page 6 of 6• CALA Project Management Vendors: Various (AMPS) Led team of six engineers that were performing design, network evaluation and optimization of mature AMPS networks in Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and Columbia.• RSA Project Management – Nationwide, Customers: Various, Vendors: Various (AMPS) Led team of two to four engineers in design and testing of small RSA networks throughout the US.IIT RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Annapolis, MD 1981 – 1991Primary Contractor for the DoD Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center providingspectrum management data base services and spectrum analysis services.Titles: Assistant Engineer (entry-level), Associate Engineer, Research Engineer• Responsible for managing RF projects for DOD, Army mobile radio systems, Air Force and Navy spread spectrum communications systems.• Performed electromagnetic hazard analyses for FAA air safety division on new fly-by-wire aircraft.• Member of team involved with analysis of radar systems, military units, Naval platforms, satellite ground terminals, Space Shuttle, and aircraft.PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers • National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers