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SMART Goals Setting


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SMART Goals Setting

  1. 1. SMART GOALS | Why SMART Goals Setting Doesn’t Work>> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course.SMART goals setting seem to be the predominant form of goal setting these days. It’s “in style” as somewould say. Others might call it the “bee’s knees.” Some might even call it “all that and a bag of chips.”Phooey.SMART goals are a fraud. A sham. A bunch of repetitive baloney.Okay, let me back up for a minute here. For the un-initiated, let me quickly clarify what SMART goalsare. According to the collective wisdom of Wikipedia, SMART has been around since the early 1980’s,where it was first mentioned in Management Review by George T. Doran.Since then it has infiltrated countless classrooms and company handbooks to the point that SMARTgoals has been the generally accepted form of goal setting. There are various interpertations of what theacronym stands for, but the common definition is as follows:S – SpecificM – MeasurableA – AttainableR – RelevantT – Time-boundIf you are serious about achieving great things, extraordinary things, than you need to look beyondSMART goals. While they provide a very basic introduction to goal setting, SMART goals fall far short ofwhat it is going to achieve greatness.Here are four major flaws with SMART goals:4 REASONS WHY SMART GOALS STINK1. SMART goals don’t deal with the biggest problem most people have with their goals – Failure.There is no mention of setbacks, roadblocks, distractions or outright failure when it comes to SMARTgoals. No indication that at some point, there will be struggles. Why is it necessary to talk about the“ugly side” of goal setting?Because inevitably, no matter how well we plan our goals, no matter how well intentioned our goal planis, no matter how hard we try, life will find a way to throw a smelly monkey wrench into the midst of ourplans.And for most people, this is enough of a reason to throw their entire goal plan straight out the window.Which is a complete and utter shame.Goals that are intelligent (see what I did there? They aren’t SMART, they’re intelligent!) require anadvanced knowledge and acceptance of the fact that there will be failures on the road to our success.
  2. 2. Most people set goals according to the SMART principles and whammy, think they have bullet-proofgoals.>> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course.2. SMART Goals Don’t Push You Beyond Your Comfort Zone.Achieving easy goals is no fun. There is no internal reward for accomplishing goals such as “wake up” or“eat food.” You get a serious case of the warm and fuzzies from blasting away goals that are challengingand difficult.Many people when setting goals according to the SMART goals principles will do so cautiously. In otherwords, they are actually impeding their own development and limiting their capability to achieveawesome stuff by playing it too safe.Ever heard of positive stress? It’s that little adrenaline rush you get when you are put in a challengingsituation in which you believe that you can handle. It’s studying your butt off for that exam, workinghard at the gym, or taking on a difficult project in the workplace. Life without this type of pressure isindeed a boring one. It’s essential to push beyond “attainable.”3. SMART Goals Don’t Talk About Purpose.Perhaps you have sensed it before. That overwhelming sense of drive and purpose when your goals (andachieving them) not only greatly benefits yourself, but also greatly benefits those around you. When ourgoals are about more than just ourselves, about giving back or inspiring others, then our goals becomesignificantly more powerful.Achieving your personal goals will greatly benefit yourself. This is a given. But to give yourself that extralittle kick in the butt make your goals even bigger than yourself. How can we do this? Start by looking atthe ways your goals will benefit the people around you. Will achieving your goals provide a tangiblebenefit for your loved ones or the community? (I talk about this extensively in Ultimate Goal Setting. It’sa FREE 5-Day e-Course that I email straight to your inbox. Sign up on the right.)4. SMART Goals Don’t Talk About How We Feel About Our Goals.A massive indication of whether we accomplish our goals or not lies in how we feel about our goals.Huh?Let me explain…Close your eyes and visualize your goal. Where you are when you achieve it. What it smells like. Notewho is there. The elation that you feel when you achieve it. Feels pretty good, right?According to a neat little study done by LeadershipIQ, this is the dominant factor in whether or not youare going to achieve your goals. Simply picturing how awesome you are going to feel when you achieveit. Crazy, right?>> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course.
  3. 3. But it makes sense, when we think about it. If the goal is going to make us feel great, then that means itgives us purpose, and gives us the opportunity to grow and become better by challenging ourselves toovercome setbacks.Boom.Ready to go beyond SMART goals Setting?>> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course.