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Android apps for business with


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This small doc is intended to explain how to create an Android app with

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Android apps for business with

  1. 1. Hello, I would like to explain with this tutorial how to create Android applications withAndroidCreator.comFirst of all I want to comment that is specialized in creating Android apps for smallbusinesses and companies. With this service, any business can create their application in a few minuteswithout programming skills.In the application the user can put all business information including their list of products, differentpages of information about the company, contact info, links to website, etc..Its important to note that, after creating the application, its only necessary to install once in the usersdevice and then, any changes made from the administration area will be reflected immediately in theapp.Well, here we go. First we access to AndroidCreator home and click on "Sign up":
  2. 2. A small form appears to introduce our client information (This data wont be shown in the application).The name to put here is the name of our company or our name if we arent a business.After entering this data, we can access our management area where, just get in we are asked for thebasic info of our application:
  3. 3. In this first step we put the name of the app and the icon.You can select an icon from predesigned icons or we can upload our own.After entering the basic data, in the second step we are asked for the color scheme to apply to ourapplication:
  4. 4. The design and any other data that we put in this wizard will can be modified later from theadministration area.In the third step, we are asked for our office data. (Later, in the administration areawe will can put more offices):In the next step you can choose to have a product finder in the app, show a search engine from awebsite or dont have any products section:
  5. 5. Finally in the last step we indicate the web address of our company if we want to have a direct link toour web:
  6. 6. After this step our application is ready to be downloaded and installed, but we have our managementarea where you can modify and extend the application as you want.For example, we can enter the products of our company, we can add more offices, modify the design,add sections, etc..Sections can be of several types: a Web address from which to display the content, an HTML page thatwe can design it directly from our manager, a section purely Android that you can make with thedesigner that Android Creator includes, an offices section, a products section, etc.:From the management area there is also a link that takes you to the page to download the application.This page can be sent to your customers and friends, and also you can include it in your website so thatyour users have quick access to your new app.I hope this little tutorial has been satisfactory for you.Greetings and thank you very much for your attention.Alex Vilainfo@androidcreator.com