Dialogfeed for Media companies


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Dialogfeed for Media companies

  1. 1. LOGO DIALOGFEED Drive & leverage social engagement, real timeFor TV broadcasters, publishers, sport & entertainment By Dialog Solutions
  2. 2. Medias need to redefine themselves “ Is your business about news publishing, TV broadcast ? No. Your are in the business of bringing information & emotions to life, collectively & individually ”2
  3. 3. As such, SOCIAL is becoming a part of any media’s DNA, just like it’s in human life3
  4. 4. But SOCIAL often means social media…how to close the loop?Your social channels Your Website(s) Social Content Optimization
  5. 5. Amplifying social engagement creates aviral effect for your media On & off site social engagement Increase Amplify & reach & Resonate engage- ment 5
  6. 6. Reach your objectives through socialmedia & our platform 1. More audience by bridging traditional vs 1 new media (all references to one place) 2. More fans and followers – social map 2 with 1-click opt-ins 3. More virality (Bridges site/ 3 Facebook/Twitter) 4. Better content curation, back to your 4 site (Real-time comments, Top News,…) 5 5. Higher frequency of visits (Social curation, ) 6 6. More time on site 6
  7. 7. 1 Boost audiences by bridging social & your site • Unique site refered to on radio, TV, Web • Collect all buzz generated on Twitter, Facebook, & other social media • Integrate real time on-site fully social chat (integrated with Twitter & Facebook) • ‘Highlight’ key messages to resonate with audience live.solarimpulse.com 7
  8. 8. 2 Get people to suscribe to you on social media through a clear social map & feed • A map of social channels by theme with 1-click subscribe buttons, to enable people to like/follow one or more social channels without leaving the site • A clear, filtered feed of messages gives a preview of the content of the specific social channel before they register • Map & Feed are managed from the back-end of Dialogfeed and can be put anywhere in seconds (here: Facebook) 8
  9. 9. 3 Get social..200%....By resonance • Display in ‘live’ shows or events most important (‘highlight’) social messages: questions, comments • Show that you care & give credit to the community – this is called ‘resonance’ • This will further encourage people to engage socially & boost virality 9
  10. 10. 3 Get social..200% (2) • Get engagement by enabling comments on fed messages (even social ones), new messages with social login • Get it on site, in mobile, app, & social media • Leverage engagement: • Get tweets shared on Facebook! • Get Facebook posts easily tweeted • Use our ‘highlight’ feature to put your most viral messages on top of the widget 10
  11. 11. 4, 5,6 Content curation, back to your site • Combine multiple Twitter accounts, hashtags, Facebook pages, on site comments and more (RSS, Youtube,…) into a single feed • You can have a ‘latest social buzz’ section by theme ‘politics’, ‘news’, etc… • You can ‘highlight’ specific content to specific widgets/pages, hide others • An automated « Top News » (à la Edgerank) view is also in the pipeline, based on (1) buzz (2) visit frequency (3) recency 11
  12. 12. Our ‘commenting’ stream captures social 4, 5,6 commenting activity per article Your site hosts a widget per product/article, republishing the comments made on social media: comments on the article post onyour facebook wall, replies to yourarticle tweet, or anybody tweeting, also mentioning your article: 12
  13. 13. 6 Real time notifications • Real time is increasingly important to visitors • Our solutions natively includes notification to end users so that they can read for more • Tweets & Facebook messages are pulled in real time, and coming straight to the widget 13
  14. 14. In a nutshell, Dialogfeed is the tool to boost thesocial virality & engagement with your media ENGAGE & REACH AMPLIFY & CONVINCE, OPTIMIZE GET OPT-INOfflineactivities(magazine,TV show,…)
  15. 15. Features of Dialogfeed ■ Many social channels, Twitter accounts, hashtags & @replies ■ On-site messages & commenting with social sign-in ■ Real time ■ Many widget types, including real time updates ■ Advanced controls: ₋ Highlight/Hide, for all or specific widgets only ₋ Keywords-based automoderation ₋ Language detect ₋ Storage & search ■ Easy set-up & integration ■ API available for native CMS integration ■ Multi-language ... ■ Full look & feel customization ■ Multi-users 15 ■ More coming ! 15
  16. 16. Dialogfeed is used across all media industries • Bring social to the main screen & the Social TV second screen, through our real time platform for republishing, and by givine appropriate resonance • Leverage the social media buzz to further engage with your audience, smartly Social News • Make sure they opt-in to your content while on site • Sport audiences need fun & recognition – by enabling real time engagement & Social Sports republishing smartly conversations & creating hashtag campaigns, social sports are brought to social life • Celebrities want to showcase their fans. Social Celebs Our platforms give the right mix of control & automation to leverage their voice: on stage or on the Website
  17. 17. How ? Setup and manage your account through a simple and intuitive backend1. Set-up 2. Setup widgets/stream channels 3. Manage & optimize feed
  18. 18. Leading companies are using Dialogfeedto boost social virality And 100+ other brands
  19. 19. Go to www.dialogfeed.com and registerfor a FREE version or trial
  20. 20. Agency or brand ? Contact usDialogfeed is a product of Dialog Solutions • Alexandre Vandermeersch • +32491/08 80 09 • Alexandre@dialogsolutions.com • Twitter: @alexvdm • LinkedIn: /in/alexvdm • Nicolas Kint • +32498/31 03 14 • Nicolas@dialogsolutions.com • Twitter: @nicolaskint • LinkedIn: /in/nicolaskint • Patrick Willemarck • +32475/23.34.34 • Patrick@dialogsolutions.com • Twitter: @dialogsol • LinkedIn: /in/pwillemarck www.dialogsolutions.com