South Orange Marriage Equality Resolution #2012 047 001


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South Orange Marriage Equality Resolution #2012 047 001

  1. 1. Resolution #2012 047 2012 15 02 TOWNSHIP OF SOUTH ORANGE VILLAGE RESOLUTION SUPPORTING MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR SAME SEX COUPLES IN NEW JERSEY for WHEREA S the Townshi p of South Orange Village supports equal rights same and Civil Union legislation andsex couples b y advocatin g Domestic Partnership WHEREAS in 2004 New Jerse Y became the fifth state in the nation to recognizedomestic partnerships and Jul Y 10 2004 South Orange held a Domestic WHEREAS at 12 01 m a onPartners hi p Celebration at which 38 couples registered their partnerships and civil unions for WHEREAS December 2006 the New Jersey Legislature approved in Februa rY 2007 under the Civil Union Act South Orange wassame sex cou p les and in first New Jerse Y municipalities to issue civil union licenses andamong one o f the states Jerseys Civil Union Act many more WHEREA S since the ado p tion of Newhave followed suit and believes WHEREAS the Board of Trustees of the Township of South Orange Village State Supreme Court opinion inthat to meet the re q uirements set forth by the New Jersey full marria g a equality must be enacted in New Jersey andLewis v Ha rris 2006 of South Orange Village believes WHEREAS the Board of Trustees of the Township benefits of marriage forthat in addition to the broad p o p ular su pport for and economic is not met untilthe State of New Je rse y that p rotection under the U Constitution a q ual S treated equally under the eyes of the law andall cou p les are does WHEREA S the Board of Trustees of the Township of South Orange Village but rathernot believe that civil ri g hts issues should be put on a public referendumenacted by the courage by our elected representatives now Trustees of the Township of South THEREFOR E BE IT RESOLVED b Y the Board of state its support for the New Jersey Senates Orange Ve that it does hereb Y p ublicly Ilag calls upon the New Jersey most recent affirmative vote on marriage equality and New same sex marriages legal in the State of Assembly toe nact this le g islation makin 9 once passed and and on Governor Chris Christie to sign such legislation Jersey up shall be forwarded to BE IT FU RTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution State Assembly and Senate Governor South Ora n g e re p resentatives in the New Jersey s the New Jersey Conference of Christie the New Je rse y Lea g ue of Munici p alities and Mayors # # # Abstain Absent Motion Second Ayes Nays T rustee Member X B auer X D av i s F ord X Go ldb g e r X X Gou ld X l ev so n i X X Rosner CERTIFICATION of South Orange Village County of Essex State of I Robin R Klin e Villa g e Clerk of the Township of the Resolution adopted by the New Jersey do hereb y certi fY that this is a true and correct copy Board of Trustees at their Meeting held on February 15 201 n Robin R Kline MAS RMC Village Clerk