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  1. 1. Alexandra Tomasulo
  2. 2.  In 2004 the platform for Ning began to develop Officially launched the ning platform in october of 2005 with 20 simple applications Linked Ning networks in 2007
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  4. 4.  90,000+ customers worldwide as of July 2011 65 million unique monthly visitors globally 100 million registered user social profiles 233 countries and territories worldwide are using Ning Every 10 min. a new Ning community is created Nearly 50% of Ning sites integrate with external social applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Top 5 features on Ning Networks: Inbox/Forum, Photos, Member Profiles, Blog, Video Top 5 categories of Ning Networks: Education, Business/Brand, Entertainment, Music, Non- Profit “Ning: 4 letters, ∞ possibilities”
  5. 5.  You are the network creator and it will open up to your dashboard- Start by writing a tagline and description of your network As the creator of the network you also have the option of importing pictures from twitter, uploading Ning features to facebook, including JavaScript that allows external tools to track network usage statistics. The various features allows viewers to read news or learn about events.
  6. 6.  users have the freedom to channel this creative energy by designing and building a social network they can create entirely new tools and features to respond to the changing needs and demands of the network members.
  7. 7.  Largest platform for creating social network websites It makes it easy for brands to build custom and powerful social websites Used to create online destination that weaves social conversations in content and inspire action Ning offers a blogging feature along with a chat, these apps are currently available for the iphone as well as android
  8. 8.  Ning offers a blogging feature along with a chat, these apps are currently available for the iphone as well as android Same features as facebook, you can chat with people of other networks
  9. 9.  Ning started a way to blend different services together to create a “social application” Glam Media specializes in niche websites, with brand advertising the business model. Ning will add 40 million global unique visitors to Glams 200 million This seemed like a great idea for both parties:Glam’s vast network of niche vertical websites with Ning’s 100,000 niche social networks It evolved well over the years however, ate up a lot of funding for Ning
  10. 10.  To its credit, Ning has stayed true to its original mission and indeed expanded on it. Ning became not just a service to create social apps, but social networks. Its biggest challenge has undoubtedly been adjusting to the mammoth success of Facebook, which considerably reduced the demand for DIY social networks.
  11. 11. • Over 800Facebook million active users • Over 300 Twitter million users • 100 millionLinkedin members and counting
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