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Best Activities In Jamaica For The Vacationers


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Jamaica, with its renowned past and hypnotic present,footprint free beaches, private coves,lush tropical rainforests andsparkling waterfalls make it the most desired island to spend your vacation.

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Best Activities In Jamaica For The Vacationers

  1. 1. Best Activities In Jamaica For The Vacationers Jamaica, a small tropical island, has a wide variety of activities to get involved in. The vast diversity of flora and fauna of the sapphire blue water, makes it a dream destination of every vacationer. Jamaica, third largest Caribbean island, is best tropical island to relax from the humdrum of daily life. Apart from the numerous activities in Jamaica, this tropical island itself would occupy thevacationers and give them a lifetime memory of one of the best vacations. The wide range of Jamaica package deals, gives the opportunity to get the maximum out of a holiday. Some of the interesting Jamaica activities to get engaged in are below: Rose Hall Tour – It is an one hour guided tour, where one would see the Georgian architecture used in the historic house of Annie Palmer, who is famously known as the ‘White Witch of Jamaica’. One would see her bedroom and the dungeon where she committed her inexplicable crimes. From here, one would be taken to the Whitter Shopping Center, where one can buy loads of fancy stuff. Ochi Tour – On this bus tour travelone would travel not only through the dense tropical rain forests, but also to the beautiful Coyaba gardens and Shaw Park gardens, the bay
  2. 2. of Ocho Rios, the Dunn’s river falls, and the small shops and crafts market. In the end enjoy climbing up the sparkling waterfall of the Dunns River fall. Martha Brae Rafting – On this tour one would take a short ride to the Falmouth region. After which, one would get entertained by the lively Village mento band. There is a famous herb garden at Martha Brae, which has a huge collection of tropical herbs. After this one would get indulged in the thrilling 3 mile river ride on a bamboo raft. These rides are very safe and areconducted by professionally trained guides. Bob Marley Tour –The tour starts with aperfect and an enjoyable ride along the north coast. The tourists would be taken to the home of Bob Marley, which has been converted into a museum of Bob Marley. Here one can enjoy listening to his childhood tales and thestriving journey from a child to the famous reggae artist.
  3. 3. Dolphin Encounter in Ocho Rios –This tour will let you spend the entire day at Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef swimming and interacting with Dolphins and stingrays, snorkeling, glass bottom kayaking, watching the famous Shark Show. Also, one would visit the Little port Royale andenjoy sipping the world famous blue mountain coffee at the Star Buccaneer's Coffee Shop. Chukka Horse Riding Tour in Ocho Rios – This tour is promised to leave one with some thrilling lifetime memories. Here one would ride along the Papillion Cove and reach the amazing Chukka beach. On the way, the experienced guides will tell all about this mesmerizing island – history, culture, flora and fauna and many more things. Negril Tour – Negril is famous for its seven mile beach, which is located 90 mins west of Montego Bay. Here one can enjoy swimming, numerous beach games, and other water sports activities. Or one can simply lie down and enjoy basking in the sun on the neat sand beach. After this one would be taken to the Towns Crafts market, where one can buy custom made clothing and jewelry. From here the tour will head towards the famous Rick’s café. Here the holidayers can view the most beautiful sunset and capture it in their camera. Jamaica’s South Coast Tour – One wouldexplore the Jamaica’s longest river,Black river and watch the native crocodiles, local fishermen, birds, etc. Vacationers enjoy visiting the ‘Shrimp Capital of Jamaica’ and the famous Appleton Factory plantation, where, rum is made. One can also watch how rum is made, taste the exotic rum and also buy from the huge variety of rum available. Mobay Tour – On this tour one would be taken to the famousTown’s Square, where one can visit the Old Court Building, The Cage, Parish Church of St. James, Burchell Memorial Church, and the Dome. Tourists can enjoy duty free shopping at the Town
  4. 4. City Centre and also some tropical stuff shopping at the local markets in Harbour street and Fort street. Mountain TranopyTour – This tour would take one to the occult dense rainforests in the mystic mountains, which comprises of beautiful natural springs, native trees and birds, typical tropical foliage. In all, one can view the natural and uncorrupted beauty of Jamaican forest. The tours includes, a chairlift canopy, tour on Bobsled track, zip-line tour, railway station, and in the end ascrumptious Jamaican lunch. Best deals on Packages @ **************************************************