Dracula presentation with answers ok


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Dracula presentation with answers ok

  1. 1. Day 1 – (1875) Jonathan Harker buys and sells… houses for other people TRANSYLVANIA At the hotel, a lady gives him… a gold cross Why ?? Jonathan has to take all the papers for the house to the Count CASTLE DRACULA He hears a word for the first time… vampire Count Dracula dressed in… black from head to foot and his hair was white. Ears like a cat, teeth strong, hair on his hands and fingers very long. Jonathan can go anywhere in the castle, but… he can’t into go into the locked rooms Jonathan falls asleep and the face of the Count looks like… the face of a wolf. Describe the country! There are trees, mountains and rivers everywhere S T A R T E N D Girlfriend’s name?Mina
  2. 2. Day 2 – (1875) Jonathan always sees the Count… during the night Dracula wants to go to England and Jonathan tells him about… ships and Mina. Why? Mina’s friend and her mother live by the sea What happens in front of the mirror? 1) Can’t see Dracula in the mirror 2) Dracula feels hungry when he watches blood 3) Dracula does not like crosses Doors are locked; Jonathan is a… prisoner S T A R T E N D Mina has a Friend named Lucy He’s asked to stay another month. Why? Dracula asks him; work The Count warns Jonathan about… He can only sleep in his bedroom BUT!!! Jonathan visits the castle and finds a warm room. He sleeps there. Who appears in the moonlight…? Three beautiful young women Three vamp girls try to… kiss Jonathan. But Count Dracula appears and… he pulls the women away from Jonathan.
  3. 3. Day 3 – (1875) Count Dracula asks Jonathan to write a… letter to Mina. Jonathan thinks the Count… wants to kill him The Count leaves the castle on June 29th and Jonathan goes to the Count’s room Why? Date and place of the letter What does Jonathan find? Fifty coffins in a room, and the Count in one of them That night Jonathan hears voices saying… the women will kiss Jonathan tomorrow Jonathan realizes he must… escape and get the keys Jonathan goes back to the coffins’ room and… sees Dracula with blood in his mouth. He thinks of killing the count. What are the workmen doing with the coffins? Getting the coffins ready fora a journey S T A R T E N D Jonathan tries to find an open door but… the wind closes the door. He knows he must try to escape.
  4. 4. Day 4 – (1875) Mina is unhappy because… Jonathan is away and he does not write to her. Mina’s friend, Lucy, is at Whitby and she’s going to get married. MINA AND LUCY MEET AND STAY BY THE SEA A ship arrives with… coffins full of earth. S T A R T E N D Lucy sleeps in a room with the door… locked That night Lucy leaves her room but Mina finds her in the churchyard. Describe what’s happening to Lucy Her face turns white and she has two wounds on her neck. Mina gets a letter from Jonathan saying he’s ill in a hospital in Budapest BUDAPEST Mina and Jonathan get… married. LONDON Who do Jonathan and Mina see? Where? Count Dracula in London. Mina receives a letter from Arthur saying Lucy is dead.
  5. 5. Day 5 – (1875) S T A R T E N D Jack Seward, a doctor, visits Lucy. She was… losing blood. Jack calls her friend Van Helsing, from Holland. Van Helsing treats Lucy with two procedures: 1) Give her blood 2) Garlic flowers Lucy must be watched every night. Who watches her? Jack Seward But one night Lucy is not watched. What happens? 1) Servants are asleep 2) Her mother dies 3) Lucy’s face is whiter, but she’s not dead Lucy shows some life. But something happens to the wounds of her neck. What? The wounds have gone. Lucy tries to kiss Arthur, but Van Helsing… pulls her back. What do her teeth look like? Very long and sharp. Lucy dies. But “this is only the beginning”.
  6. 6. Day 6 – (1875) Newspapers talk about children who… 1) Disappear 2) Talk about a lady 3) Have wounds on the neck S T A R T E N D Van Helsing says Lucy is taking blood from children Van Helsing takes Arthur to her tomb. What happens there? 1) Her coffin is empty 2) She is in the coffin, with blood in her mouth Lucy is now one of the “un-dead”. They must stop her. The third night, they wait for Lucy. When she appears, Lucy tells Arthur to come to her Van Helsing shows a cross to Lucy, and she stops and stands back. Van Helsing asks Arthur to do something. What? How? Kill the vampire, driving a piece of wood through Lucy’s heart. After Arthur kills the vampire, Lucy’s face looks… quiet and restful. Arthur, Van Helsing and Jack must find the vampire who killed Lucy.
  7. 7. Day 7 – (1875) Mina receives a letter from Van Helsing What does the letter say? He wants to talk with her Van Helsing visits Mina & Jonathan and discovers that Count Dracula was the vampire that killed Lucy Mina goes to Jack’s house and Jonathan to Whitby. He wants to find out about the coffins. Jonathan meets with Jack and Van Helsing. What is the plan to kill Dracula? Go to his house, put holy bread in the coffin and kill him in the daylight. The group goes to Dracula’s house. But Mina stays alone at home. Dracula finds the group while they are putting the holy bread in the coffins. They run away. At Mina’s house, Dracula is drinking her blood. Dracula escapes, but Mina has two wounds and Jonathan holds her until day comes. S T A R T E N D
  8. 8. Day 8 – (1875) They must kill Dracula because, if they don’t, Mina will become a vampire How do they find Dracula? Mina is half-vampire and can see what Dracula is doing. Dracula leaves by ship, but the group takes a train to arrive faster. They arrive at Varna, but Count Dracula’s ship is at Galatz, and the Count is going to his castle. Mina asks Jonathan to kill her. Why? She’s becoming a vampire and she wants to rest. Jonathan, Arthur and Jack follow Dracula… 1) First by boat 2) Then by horse They find Dracula’s cart. And Jonathan kills the count using a knive. Mina’s face turns bright and happy again. And love always wins. S T A R T E N D