Day 3


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Contents Day 3 (Banksy, comparing artists)

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Day 3

  1. 1. Exercise 5 Page 63 The Sagrada Familia wasn’t designed by… The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo The oldest paintings were found in caves Photography wasn’t invented in 1939 Before the Renaissance, paints were made… The Alhambra wasn’t built by the British Dalí and the Surrealists were inspired by dreams The world’s most expensive painting was sold for…
  2. 2. Her paintings will be sold for millions of dollars She won’t be ignored by art critics Articles will be written about her Her paintings will be shown in museums all… Her work will be admired by millions of people She won’t be forgotten by future generations Exercise 6 Page 63
  3. 3. Haring’s mural was demolished by the local council The wall about AIDS wasn’t made using spray paint Haring’s badges were stolen by three little kids Haring’s wall was painted again near the MACBA Haring’s drawings are known all around the world Haring is considered one of the best street artists Haring’s artwork will be admired for many years
  4. 4. Day 4 – (1875) Mina is unhappy because… Mina’s friend, Lucy, is at… and she’s going to... MINA AND LUCY MEET AND STAY BY THE SEA A ship arrives with… E N D Lucy sleeps in a room with the door… That night Lucy… but Mina finds her in… Describe what’s happening to Lucy Mina gets a letter from Jonathan saying… BUDAPEST Mina and Jonathan get… LONDON Who do Jonathan and Mina see? Where? Mina receives a letter. What does it say? S T A R T
  5. 5. Day 4 – (1875) Mina is unhappy because… Jonathan is away and he does not write to her. Mina’s friend, Lucy, is at Whitby and she’s going to get married. MINA AND LUCY MEET AND STAY BY THE SEA A ship arrives with… coffins full of earth. S T A R T E N D Lucy sleeps in a room with the door… locked That night Lucy leaves her room but Mina finds her in the churchyard. Describe what’s happening to Lucy Her face turns white and she has two wounds on her neck. Mina gets a letter from Jonathan saying he’s ill in a hospital in Budapest BUDAPEST Mina and Jonathan get… married. LONDON Who do Jonathan and Mina see? Where? Count Dracula in London. Mina receives a letter from Arthur saying Lucy is dead.
  6. 6. So, Banksy… • He’s probably the most famous street artist today • He does graffiti, but also sculptures, paintings and performances • He usually uses spray paint when he works • His style is realistic but also original and unique • Nobody knows about his identity. He lives in complete secrecy. • His artwork has a strong political and satirical references.
  7. 7. Let’s compare Haring & Banksy • Both artists are similar because……… • It looks like both artists……… • Their styles are different, because Haring………. but Banksy……….. • In Haring’s drawings, you can ……………., but in Banksy’s paintings you can ………………. • Haring’s wall looks ……………., but Banksy’s graffiti ………………
  8. 8. HOMEWORK -Write FIVE sentences comparing Bansky and Haring. You can compare the artists or their works of art. - Exercises about the passive. TEXTBOOK page 62 exercise 2 and page 63 exercises 8 & 12. -Choose one work of art that you like. It must be visual (painting, graffiti, sculpture, comic, record cover…). You can choose the one you like or look for inspiration here: -Next Monday, please bring your laptop. Bring also a picture of the work of art you have chosen and look for info about it. - OPTIONAL. Composition about AIDS.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. • 25 million have died of AIDS. 65 million infected. • Spain, 130.000 infected. Estimated, about 200.000, because 1/3 don’t know they have the virus. • Each year, 5.000 new infected in Spain. Most of them under 20 years old. • No vaccine yet.
  11. 11. Tips for your OPTIONAL composition • First, write about how/when the virus was discovered and how the virus is transmitted • Then, you can talk about people who died of AIDS (including famous people) • AIDS is still a dangerous disease. Many people die every year because of it. Talk about the current situation. • Talk about how to prevent it and the latest treatments.
  12. 12. AND USE THE PASSIVE!! Examples: - The virus was discovered… - The immune system is attacked… - Today AIDS is treated using… - In 1990, nobody thought that a treatment for AIDS will be discovered… 150 words aprox.