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Agile meetup Appweevr


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My presentation from the 6th Agile meetup @ the Cube Athens

Published in: Software
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Agile meetup Appweevr

  1. 1. THE DISCUSSION ANALYTICSYOU ALWAYS WANTED agile failures in small multi-disciplinary product team alex tamvakis CTO@appweevr
  2. 2. the good news
  3. 3. starting out "yeah you know were a LEAN, UX focused, big data centric team with highly scalable product , built with the latest technology, of course with Agile methods.... famous last words alex tamvakis CTO@appweevr
  4. 4. the reality UX code science IT
  5. 5. no teams, just people ! who goes first trust me we tried everything - thanks agile
  6. 6. so we finally decide to do the unthinkable UX code science IT BTW, right there in the damn manifesto listen to the customer separation of concerns, agile driver was the feature, order and responsibilities were dictated for us, so nice!!!!
  7. 7. the even BETTER news “we learned how to develop better product with Agile”