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Institute of educational engineering and pedagogical technologies

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Institute of educational engineering and pedagogical technologies

  1. 1. Institute of EducationalEngineering and PedagogicalTechnologies is one of the leadinginstitutes of Berdyansk StatePedagogical University. Activity of the Institute isdirected on realization of socialdemand of society in relation topreparation of engineering andpedagogical staff, highly qualifiedspecialists of the Europeanorientation, competitive andadapted to market transformationsspecialists.
  2. 2. The director of theinstitute of Educationalengineering andpedagogical technologiesis Khomenko V.G.,candidate of technicalsciences, professor.
  3. 3. Educational process in the Institute is provided byprofessional departments:• Department of Economy of Enterprises• Department of Management of Organizations• Department of Professional Pedagogics and Methods ofProfessional Studies• Department of Computer Technologies in Managementand Studies• Department of Computer Systems and Networks• Department of Fundamental and Engineering Disciplines
  4. 4. The preparation of specialists at the institute is carried out on fulltime and part-time department according to educational and qualifying levels: bachelor, specialists, and master’s degree.Students are mastering standardization and technique of measuring The base of economical theories (Seminary)
  5. 5. Professional education. Computer technologies.- Computer technologies in management and teaching;- Computer systems and nets;- Processing and protection information in computersystems and nets;Professional education. Economics.- Economics if enterprises, marketing and management.Economics and entrepreneurship.- Economics of enterprises.
  6. 6. The institute is provided with necessary material and technical basewhich create all terms for realization of valuable educational processon due levels.
  7. 7. The students of the Institute are actively engaged in research work inproblem groups and scientific groups, take part in student internationaland all-Ukrainian scientific and research conferences and Olympiads.
  8. 8. In the Institute all necessary terms for physical and spiritualdevelopment of students are created, the student self-governmentworks