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Getting started


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Getting started

  1. 1. Learn more about Keynote
  2. 2. Learn more about Keynote Scroll through the slides. Touch the images and text. And experiencethe most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. 
  3. 3. Part 1: Get to Know KeynoteExplore the toolbar.Presentations Toolbar buttonsCreate new presentations and findthe ones you’ve worked on before. Format: Change object or text properties.Your progress is savedautomatically as you work. Insert: Add a photo, table, chart, or shape. Tools: Sharing, Presenter Notes, and more.UndoAnything you do can be undone Play: Play your presentation.with just one tap. Touch and holdto redo.
  4. 4. Part 1: Get to Know KeynoteNavigate, manage, and add slides.Navigator Add slideThe Navigator is where you’ll find Tap the Add (+) button to addevery slide in your presentation. slides to your presentation.From here you can add, delete,duplicate, and group slides. Andarrange them any way you like.
  5. 5. Part 1: Get to Know KeynoteRearrange and duplicate slides.Arrange slides Duplicate slidesTo reposition a slide, touch and hold Select a slide, then tap it again to seeit, then drag it up or down to a new the menu. Choose Copy. Tap andlocation. To select multiple slides, choose Paste.touch and hold one, then tap moreslides with another finger.
  6. 6. Part 2: Working with ObjectsCustomize your presentation with text and images. Hi HelloEdit text Copy and pasteDouble-tap to select the text. Tap an object to select it, then tap Copy.Then begin typing. Tap anywhere to deselect the object, then tap the background and choose Paste. Then move the new object wherever you like. Guides appear when the object is aligned with other objects.
  7. 7. Part 2: Working with ObjectsManipulate objects on the slide.Move, scale, and rotate Try it yourselfTouch and hold the object, then drag Touch and hold the butterfly. Move itit to a new position. To resize it, drag around. Change the angle. And make itthe selection handles. To rotate, bigger or smaller.touch and hold the object with twofingers, then turn.
  8. 8. Part 2: Working with ObjectsGroup and ungroup objects on the slide.Grouping objects Try it yourselfTouch and hold an object to select it, Select the marbles above, then tap anythen add more objects to the of the selected marbles and chooseselection by tapping them with Group. You can now move, resize oranother finger. To group, tap any of rotate the grouped marbles together.the selected objects and chooseGroup. To ungroup, tap on a groupand choose Ungroup.
  9. 9. Part 2: Working with ObjectsAdd text or objects.Add objects to this slideTap the Insert button. Chooseshapes, text, charts, tables, oryour own photos.
  10. 10. Part 2: Working with ObjectsAdd style to your presentation. Hello. Styling objects Select an object to the left. Tap the Format button. Then choose an available style.
  11. 11. Part 2: Working with ObjectsVisualize data with charts.Edit the chartTap the chart to select it. 50Then choose Edit Data toreveal the Chart DataEditor. From here, youcan edit your data usingthe onscreen keyboard. 37.53D chartsTo rotate a 3D chart, tapto select it, then drag 25your finger over theRotate Zone thatappears. 12.5 0 2011
  12. 12. Part 3: Adding Animations It’s easy to make your work more entertaining.Enter animation view Add an animated slide transitionTap the Tools button, and then tap Transitions Tap the transitions flag next to theand Builds. slide in the Navigator. In the Transitions window, scroll to browse all transitions. Tap to apply the one you like to the slide. Tap Done to exit animation view.
  13. 13. Part 4: Presenting Your SlidesTime to play your new presentation!Play your presentation Navigate the presentation as it playsTap the Play button in the toolbar. The Tap once or swipe left to advance to thepresentation will play in full screen. next slide. Swipe right to return to the previous slide. Try it now to see some of the dramatic transitions in Keynote.
  14. 14. Twist
  15. 15. Cube
  16. 16. Page Flip
  17. 17. Magic Move
  18. 18. Magic MoveCreate sophisticatedanimations using thesame objects on twoslides. Change theposition, size, rotation,or opacity of theobjects, and Keynoteautomatically animatesthem from one slide tothe next.
  19. 19. Object BuildsYou can animate any object on your slide usingbuild animations. Tap anywhere on the slide to viewexamples below. Pop Twirl Drop
  20. 20. Object BuildsYou can animate any object on your slide usingbuild animations. Tap anywhere on the slide to viewexamples below. Pop Twirl Drop
  21. 21. Object BuildsYou can animate any object on your slide usingbuild animations. Tap anywhere on the slide to viewexamples below. Pop Twirl Drop
  22. 22. Object BuildsYou can animate any object on your slide usingbuild animations. Tap anywhere on the slide to viewexamples below. Pop Twirl Drop
  23. 23. Part 5: Wrapping UpThe perfect finish for your presentation.Exit play modeWhen you’re finishedpresenting, simply pinchanywhere on the slide.
  24. 24. Part 6: Sharing Your WorkShare your presentations with others, or just yourself.Sharing presentationsTo share your presentation withothers, tap the Tools button andchoose Share and Print. Youll beable to email your presentation,or copy it to iTunes on your Macor PC — in Keynote, PDF orPowerPoint format. Share public beta to inviteanyone to view, comment on,or download your presentationfrom the web.
  25. 25. Part 7: Organizing Your PresentationsKeep presentations together in folders.Staying organized Creating foldersThe Presentations view helps you find To organize your presentations into folders,and share your presentations. Tap a touch and hold any presentation, then dragpresentation to open it. To share, it on top of another.duplicate, or delete a presentation, tapthe Edit button, then tap a presentationto select it. The toolbar displays optionsfor sharing, duplicating and deletingyour selection.
  26. 26. Part 8: iCloudKeep your presentations up to date between devices.Your presentations, youredits, everywhereUse iCloud to store yourpresentations and keep them upto date across your iPad,iPhone, or iPod touch. Any newpresentations or changes youmake will automatically appearon your other iOS devices.
  27. 27. Now try Keynote for yourself. Now that you know the basics, start exploring Keynote by creating your own presentation. Or visit For additional help, tap the Tools button, then tap “Help.”
  28. 28. Complete the SuiteCreate more with the full set of amazing iWork apps, available from the App Store. Pages Numbers Pages combines robust writing Numbers is the most innovativeand layout tools with the simplicity spreadsheet app for your iPhone, iPodof Multi-Touch. So you can create touch or iPad. Just a few taps let you beautiful documents using just create tables and charts, add photos and your fingers. graphics, and enter data.