Collaboration, Entrepreneurs and Cleantech in China


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This is a talk that I gave at Green Day Out for the grand opening of Eco & More an environmentally friendly retail store from Australia that opened a branch in Shanghai, China.

I spoke about whats driving positive change in China and what my organization e8 Resources is doing about it.

I really believe that collaborative consumption and community building are two of the most important factors in affecting the change of attitude and behavior that is necessary for progress. I hope that you enjoy.

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Collaboration, Entrepreneurs and Cleantech in China

  1. 1. Green Day Out China’s Potential to Lead theGlobal Green Revolution 16th June, 2012 Alex Shoer Co-Founder: e8 Resources
  2. 2. » 1) China Speed & Size» 2) Youth & Entrepreneurs» 3) Collaboration & Sustainability» 4) Technology
  3. 3. •  Global Visibility•  Constant Technology Demand
  4. 4. •  Urgency•  Culture of rapid prototyping
  5. 5. •  No place in the world craves more for cool technology with such a fast growing, critical but yet constructive web generation
  6. 6. •  No place in the world has this many young, entrepreneurial people longing for the better
  7. 7. Reduce your consumption •  Buy used •  Borrow from others •  Make or grow your own •  Be happier with less
  8. 8. •  Car sharing •  1Toy Rental –  Dim Dom, BabyPlays, Rent-a-toy, ToyLib, –  Zipcar, Streetcar, GoGet, WhizzCar, Autoshare, Speelotheken, Brinquedoteca, Smarty Rents Stattauto, Autolibre, Denzeldrive •  Textbook Rental•  Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing –  Chegg, CampusBookRentals, Zookal, BookRenter –  Whipcar, RelayRides, Drivemycar Rentals, Getaround, Tamyca, Buzzcar •  Art Rental –, Artsicle, TurningArt•  Bike sharing –  Velib, Bixi, Barclays Cycle Hire, B-Cycle, •  Fashion Rental Ecobici, Call-A-Bike, CyclOcity, Niceride –  Bag Borrow & Steal, Fashionhire, From Bags To Riches, i-Ella, Dress Vault•  Ride sharing •  Movies –  Zimride, Nuride, Liftshare, Jayride, goCarShare, GoLoco, Carpooling, Caronetas, –  Netflix, Quickflix, LoveFilm•  Solar Power •  General Online Rental –  Rentcycle, AnyHire –  Solar City, Solar Century, PretaSol, One Block Off The Grid, CitizenRe •  Peer Rental•  Neighborhood Rental –  Sharesomesugar, Neighborrow, Neighborgoods, The Sharehood, Frents
  9. 9. •  Don’t follow the US Consumerism – Buy for the long-term – Share with others – Always think through why you are buying something
  10. 10. •  Only one Earth•  Spurring a new kind of economy•  Collaboration can eliminate poverty•  “Happiness is not real unless share”
  11. 11. •  China emits more CO2 than the US and Canada put together – Up by 171% since the year 2000 – Per-Capita C02 Emissions are almost 10x higher in U.S. (If China increases CO2 output by 10x times the world will have some problems) Source: International Energy Statistics
  12. 12. Environmental Solutions andTechnologies of all kinds:01 Developing a platform to promote and support Green Tech in China 02 Online tool ties everyone together and creates shared value
  13. 13. 03Plan to Reverse model to take Chinese technologies to the West 04 Engage the community and spur innovative thinking…
  14. 14. Venue: Bamboo Hills,Yu Chi Country Club,AnjiGuests: USConsulate, DutchConsulate, RaeferWallis, Patrick Berbon,Louie Cheng, etcTopics: Aquaponics,Air Quality, Innovation,SustainableLandscaping, WaterManagement, etc
  15. 15. » 1) China Speed & Size» 2) Youth & Entrepreneurs» 3) Collaboration & Sustainability» 4) Technology
  16. 16. “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” -SenecaFor any questions, comments or otherinformation, please contact me: @alexshoer