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Innovation Programmes at bwcon


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Overview of bwcon services provided by the team innovation programmes.

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Innovation Programmes at bwcon

  1. 1. Innovation Programmes at bwcon • Technology Scouting • Talent Promotion • Knowledge Transfer • Innovation Labs • Investment Forums
  2. 2. Mission Statement We recognise the potential of new technological developments in an early stage and provide systematic cooperation projects between science and industry. Cooperative research, the transfer of inventions into marketable products and the training of talents are at the center of all our activities, e.g. via contests, interactive workshops and matchmaking events. We provide talents the opportunity to work together across disciplines along the value chain – under one umbrella. Companies are connected to (prospective) founders and students. Alexandra Rudl Head of Innovation Programmes & Effectuation Coach Corinna Voß Innovation Programme Manager & Design Thinking Coach Simona Pede Innovation Programme Manager & Lean Startup Coach Valentina Grillea Innovation Programme Manager Lukas Vonnahme Project Assistant
  3. 3. Ideas Workshop Target group: Students interested in business creation Content: A one week workshop where students get familiarised with business development topics. Participants learn about all established methods within the context of entrepreneurship – from Design Thinking and Effectuation to Lean Startup. Participants will use the methods for their own ideas which they develop during the workshop. Reference: Ideas Workshop at University of Applied Sciences Esslingen
  4. 4. Business Recognition Workshop Target group: Reseachers and PhD students Content: Researchers get familiarised with instruments that support them in identifying the commercialization potential of their research as well as to present their research results in front of various stakeholders. During the two-day workshop, the concepts and methods are tested together via a peer review procedure. Reference: Business Recognition Workshop as part of Entrepreneurship Academy at University of Tübingen
  5. 5. One-day seminar „Promotion of Entrepreneurial Thinking with Effectuation“ Target group: Representatives of SMEs and large companies as well as prospective founders Content: If the future is not predictable, common management methods (set goals – plan – implement) reach their limits. In this workshop participants learn about a method which accepts the unpredictable and supports the participants to act without fixed plans. This method is called Effectuation and is based on thought and behavior patterns of experienced entrepreneurs. In addition to imparting knowledge of methods, creative techniques are used to promote entrepreneurship in the workshop. Reference: Effectuation workshop at Black Forest Accelerator Effectuation workshop at Creative Camp 2014, Lake Constance
  6. 6. Target group: Researchers, students, founders, start-ups, SMEs Content: Design Thinking is a method to generate creative solutions for complex problems. The process works best with so called wicked (meaning ill-defined or tricky) problems. Design Thinking is both a process and a way of addressing difficult situations: Trial and error, discovering new things, experimenting team work and remaining curious are important components of this method. Participants learn to develop disruptive solutions for complex situations in a positive and collaborative manner. The method can be used for various topics and stakeholders. Reference: Workshop at University of Applied Sciences Esslingen One-day seminar „Design Thinking: Creative Solutions to Wicked Problems“
  7. 7. One-day seminar „Presentation and Pitching Training“ Target group: Researchers with a business idea, entrepreneurs in early innovation phases, start-ups Content: In this communication and presentation training participants learn how to pitch effectively in front of investors, market players and other stakeholders. Different styles of pitches such as elevator pitches are tackled. Elaborating presentation strategies, finding the right structure, communicating complex topics effectively and practising the presentation in teams are important aspects of this workshop. Reference: Pitch Training at Netfutures Conference in Brussels
  8. 8. InnovateBW – Boosting innovation in established companies Target group: SMEs and large companies Content: InnovateBW is a new programme giving SMEs and large companies the possibility to open up their innovation processes as well as to scout skilled personnel of technology oriented study programmes. In a six-month process, students and (prospective) founders work on relevant problems of the participating companies. The best teams are awarded at the final award ceremony. bwcon organises the whole innovation process and supports the participants with entrepreneurial trainings. The process is conducted individually for each company and will be promoted with its individual branding.
  9. 9. Heidelberg Innovation Forum Target group: Researchers with a business idea and early stage founders Content: Researchers and founders present their business ideas in a 6-minutes pitch infront of investors and stakeholders. A preceding choaching day gives participants the possibility to learn about buisness modeling, funding and pitching. Link:
  10. 10. Green Innovation and Investment Forum - GIIF Target groups: Academics with a business idea and early stage founders Content: Selected international participants from the Green Industry sectors are invited to present their business ideas to investors, business angels, VCs and industries. At the Green Training Day experts help start- ups and entrepreneurs to get investor-ready for the pitching event. Reference: Green Innovation and Investment Forum 2015
  11. 11. Contact Alexandra Rudl Head of Innovation Programmes bwcon GmbH – Turning Ideas into Business 0711-18421-641