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Effectuation - Ergänzung zu Business Model Canvas und Lean Startup?

Einführung in Effectuation und Vergleich mit gängigen Business Model Design Tools.

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Effectuation - Ergänzung zu Business Model Canvas und Lean Startup?

  1. 1. EFFECTUATION – ERGÄNZUNG ZU BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS UND LEAN STARTUP? Alexandra Rudl Im Rahmen der bwcon Reihe „Impulse Tech Management“ September 2014
  3. 3. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS (ALEX OSTERWALDER) Customer + Value Delivery Value Creation + Ressources
  4. 4. RESEARCH CANVAS (ANGEWENDUNG IM OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION WORKSHOP) Collaborative Design by Alexandra Rudl, Dr. Christian Förster, Valentina Grillea Inspired by iminds
  5. 5. LEAN STARTUP / MVP (ERIC RIES) Minimum Viable Product • Geschäftsidee schnell und kostengünstig am Markt testen • Feedback zu einem sehr frühen Zeitpunkt einholen • Zahlungsbereitschaft von Kunden prüfen
  6. 6. BEISPIEL
  7. 7. ERIC RIES‘ STARTUP DEFINITION „A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new service or product under conditions of extreme uncertainty [in terms of product, customer, market].“ Biggest waste is not building things inefficiently but building things efficiently nobody wants. Stop wasting people‘s time by producing products nobody is using. Software companies can build anything but the question is: should it be built and how can we build a sustainable business model around it?
  8. 8. EFFECTUATION A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new service or product under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
  9. 9. EFFECTUATION Prof. Saras Sarasvathy University of Virgina Michael Faschingbauer Effectuation Intelligence
  10. 10. EFFECTUAL REASONINGVS CAUSAL REASONING vs. "If I had a budget, I could ask a specialist in the field of education to go through data and give me ideas of how many universities, how many media, how many large companies I will have to contact to have an idea of the work that has to be done." "I'd just go sell it. I don't believe in market research. Somebody once told me the only thing you need is a customer. Instead of asking all the questions, I'd try and make some sales. I'd learn a lot […] . So my market research would actually be hands-on actual selling."
  12. 12. PRINZIP DER MITTELORIENTIERUNG © Faschingbauer, Mauer (2014)
  13. 13. MITTEL Wer bin ich?  Werte und Normen  Kultur  Vorlieben und Abneigungen  Prinzipien und Charakter Was weiss ich? • Fähigkeiten • Erfahrungen • Fertigkeiten • Bildung (Uni, Schule, Ausbildung) • Bücher und Zeitungen Wen kenne ich? • Kollegen • Professionelles Netzwerk • Familie und Freunde • Kunden und Dienstleister • Vereine und Verbände • Soziale Netzwerke
  14. 14. PRINZIP DES LEISTBARENVERLUSTS © Faschingbauer, Mauer (2014)
  15. 15. MÖGLICHER EINSATZ  Zeit  Kapital  Kontakte  Selbstwert  Name / Ruf
  16. 16. PRINZIP DER UMSTÄNDE UND ZUFÄLLE © Faschingbauer, Mauer (2014)
  19. 19. “So people often say to me, ‘When you built the system, you must have known that making it self-sustainable was the only way eBay could grow to serve 40 million users a day’. Well...nope. I made the system self-sustaining for one reason: Back when I launched eBay […], eBay wasn’t my business - it was my hobby. I had to build a system that was self-sustaining... Because I had a real job to go to every morning. I was working as a software engineer from 10 to 7, and I wanted to have a life on the weekends. So I built a system that could keep working catching complaints and capturing feedback even when Pam and I were out mountain-biking, and the only one home was our cat.” BEISPIELE Pierre Omidyar, eBay Founder
  21. 21. EFFECTUATION GRID IM EINSATZ Gründerteams erhalten wertvolle Impulse zu: • Ungewissheit in Geschäftsideen • Unterschiedlichen Wahrnehmungen im Team (v.a. zu leistbaremVerlust) • Stärken (=Mittel) der Teammitglieder • Bewusstsein über das eigene Netzwerk