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Market research


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Market research

  1. 1. Market researchFront coverreview.
  2. 2. Q. The banner across the top indicates that it is the biggest music magazine The well recognised and in the UK, this tells us that the established Q logo is magazi9ne covers a wide range of used on the front cover genres appealing to a bigger of the magazine letting audience. the target audience know it’s a Q magazine. We can see this by the anchorage because even though Cheryl Cole is the dominant Also the use of image, ‘U2’ is also anchorage will include on the front encourage the readers and both artist cover to read on and want to two different types buy the magazine as it of genre. may include something they find interesting or appeals to them. Dominant image of a well known artist attracts viewers and other audiences that would be interested in reading Q doesn’t really have a specific about the chosen artist. genre it just includes the big artist who have the power to stay around such as Cherly Cole, Adele or lady gaga. This appeals to a wide range The magazine as whole covers a range of the market audience, For of genres which means that it appeals example teenagers who listen to the to a wider audience. charts or adults aged 18-25 who like a pacific modern day or even a retro artist.
  3. 3. NME. The name of the magazine is bold and stands out allowing fans/followers to know that it is their magazine.NME sticks to a specific genre The magazine like all otherand only appeals to a niche magazines have a dominantaudience which is image of a featured artist,alternative/indie, we can see this which is the lead singer fromby the artist included on the front the band ‘Muse’ which is ancover. alternative styled band.The word ‘last’ is highlightedin a different colourcompared which instantlydraws to the readers to it,overall making them want to The magazine also stick the aread on and buy the certain house style of 2 mainmagazine. colours, white and red but also contains some text in black, this catches the eyes of potential readers because it is The magazine front cover easy to read and established doesn’t contain any current and between two colours. Barcode is in the right bottom now artist like lady gaga etc, hand corner, typical of a magazine telling us that it doesn’t expect front cover as we read top left to to appeal to that audience and bottom right. only appeals to their niche audience.
  4. 4. Runner across the top of theKerrang. magazine shows what ‘freebees’ the Dominant image overlaps the magazine magazine contains for example 5 title, showing us its ‘awesome’ posters, this persuade importance on the buyers to want the magazine even cover. more. This magazine only specifies in a particular The magazine front cover genre which is contains more images than text heavy/alternative rock. for its anchorage this makes it Giving the magazine a easier on the viewers eyes. niche audience. Giving the readers chance to win tickets to a gig is another way of encouraging them to buy the magazine. You can see the genre Has a dominant text page that is of the magazine is larger than the other anchorage rock/ indie by the instantly catching the audiences choice of words that eye. A technique used to grab the have been used and attention of potential viewers the artist featured on the front cover.
  5. 5. Conclusion.In conclusion you can see that all 3 magazine front covers are different but all use typicalconventions to establish their genre for example ‘Q’magazine doesn’t have a specific genre but uses well known artists and the namedartists to grab their audiences attention.This is totally different to say ‘Kerrang’ which does in fact have a specific genre. Thegenre of the magazine ‘Kerrang’ is rock/indie the magazine uses the colours black, whiteand yellow for its house style this is because black and white are colours we link with therock and indie genre allowing the audience to instantly get an idea of the genre itspecialises in.‘NME’ specialises in the alternative genre and uses a number of conventions to put thisacross for example having the main or dominant image has someone who is analternative artist also the dress sense of the artist allows us to see they are an indie artistsby including this within their main image ‘NME’ make it easier for potential readers to seethat it is an alternative genre style magazine.
  6. 6. Contents page review.
  7. 7. Q. The banner across the top of the page contains the logo, title of this page and the issue number of this magazine. This is useful as otherwise the information would have no meaning and the readers may not understand it.The cover lines givethe reader some The use of images withextra direction on page numbers instead ofthe articles that they all text makes it easy onmay want to read. the readers eyes and alsoArticles that don’t gives the contents pagehave an image gives some life , making it lessus the idea that they boring.are not as importanteven though theystill have cover lines. The colours of the contents pageDominate image is a stick to thewell recognized original housecharacter from the style of the logoband ‘gorillaz’ which is red andmaking it easier for white, allowing thefans of the band to audience to makenotice him. Also it that connectionhas the page The bar at the top of the right hand side labelled ‘regulars’ indicates that they with the ‘Q’number leading fans are popular and frequent articles to the magazine, just between issues the an article on the articles will change differing in acts or topics. having this bar down the pageband. presents as some sort of menu to allow the reader to find they favourite articles whether it’s a quiz, review or new music.
  8. 8. NME.The title of the magazine is Main cover linesincluded on the contents page used toalso, reminding the audience categorise thewhich magazine they are different articlesreading. Also it gives the date making it easierand year allowing the audience to follow the issues with ease. the contents also has a ‘band index’ which links into the music genre of the magazine. Graphic features are The list gives the names of used which also appeals bands that are included in this to the audience as it issue. gives the magazine a The band names are in red more modern and useful which sticks to NME feel to it. housestyle telling us that this is what the magazine is all about. Advertising is used which appeals to the readers asThe dominant image of the members they may want tofrom the band doesn’t look like it was purchase what ever isprepared for or set in a studio, this being advertised. Alsogives the idea that the magazine was they may want toat the gig and contents the latest news purchase the next issue ifand gossip which we wouldn’t find out if they enjoyed this issuewe didn’t read the magazine. Making which the advertisementthe audience buy and read the allows them to if theymagazine. wish to.
  9. 9. Kerrang.