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Key Marketing Lessons from charity: water


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Alex Rascanu's "Key Marketing Lessons from charity: water" presentation at the #MarketersUnbound event organized by Marketers Without Borders at the Capital C office on June 3, 2014. More info. about Alex: More info. about Marketers Without Borders:

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Key Marketing Lessons from charity: water

  1. 1. Key marketing lessons from charity: water Alex Rascanu @alexrascanu #MarketersUnbound
  2. 2. Be bold
  3. 3. Be different (in a good way)
  4. 4. “To get people involved around the world, we’d have to use whatever technology was available at the time and become early adopters of innovation,” Harrison told Forbes journalist Steven Bertoni. “I didn’t know how to do that.” For advice, he cold-emailed Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, MySpace’s Tom Anderson and Bebo’s Michael Birch. Birch wrote back. Fast forward six-months and Birch had coded Charity: Water’s website, donated $1 million and, most importantly, introduced Harrison to his fellow tech entrepreneurs. “He gave an interesting mix of time, talent and treasure,” says Harrison. Ask for help
  5. 5. Surround yourself with experts
  6. 6. Invest in design and copywriting
  7. 7. Be clear and to the point
  8. 8. Create engaging content
  9. 9. Have a smooth donation process
  10. 10. Be creative in your fundraising
  11. 11. Secure multiple sources of funding
  12. 12. Turn influencers into brand ambassadors
  13. 13. Tell stories about your social impact
  14. 14. Prove the impact you’re making
  15. 15. Partner with top quality brands
  16. 16. Create resources for brand ambassadors
  17. 17. Be transparent and accountable
  18. 18. Make a difference.
  19. 19. Alex Rascanu Director of marketing and operations, Conversion Founder, Marketers Without Borders @alexrascanu