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This is a group presentation about Diversity in Sports for COM 346: Race, Gender and the Media at Syracuse University. We focused on Syracuse University athletics, but added some contemporary examples as well.

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  • Diversityin sports

    1. 1. Diversity in Sports #CuseDiversity
    2. 2. Overview• We decided to focus on diversity within sports, specifically using interview subjects from Syracuse University athletics• We made a blog to highlight some of our individual stories and raise awareness about diversity issues in sports• We also incorporated social media with a blog and hashtag#CuseDiversity
    3. 3. Goals• Raise awareness about diversity in sports• Acknowledge issues athletes face on their sports teams and how they are perceived through the media• Look into stereotypes of college athletes and why they have formed• Put an end to diversity issues in sports
    4. 4. Issues• Finding participants- privacy issues with collegiate athletes/public figures• Making sure we covered a wide range of issues & types of athletes (gender, racial, class)• Bringing about awareness of our blog & Twitter pages (getting followers)
    5. 5. #37 Drew Jenkins Syracuse Lacrosse Midfielder What makes him diverse? • African American • Middle class from New Jersey • Sport has a history of primarily white, upper class players“ Sometimes on my club team kids would make ” comments like ‘oh, you must be fast’ and things like that. I knew they were just ignorant.
    6. 6. @Bushido_Brown37
    7. 7. #75 Zack Chibane Syracuse Football Offensive Guard What makes him diverse? • Father is originally from Algeria • Extended family (father’s side) lives in Algeria • Father is Muslim • Zack shares the same faith“ ” If you look at me you think I’m just a regular, white, Christian kid who’s Irish or German or something.
    8. 8. @Bane_75
    9. 9. International athletes at SyracuseSyracuse volleyball • Where are they from? - Canada, Uzbekistan, Poland, Lithuania and Russia - Plus a history of Chinese athletesSyracuse soccer • Where are they from? - Canada, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland
    10. 10. Why is this?
    11. 11. Contemporary Media Examples#NinjaPlease racial hashtag by Warrior Lacrosse
    12. 12. VCU women’s volleyball coach believes he was fired because he is ‘gay’
    13. 13. Colorado football coach believes race could play a part in the reason for his dismissal
    14. 14. How We Can Help• Raise awareness• Get others talking• Form an outlet for athletes to discuss issues• What we did: • Diversity in sports blog • Diversity in SU athletics Twitter account/hashtag
    15. 15. Diversity in Sports Blog• http://diversityinsports.wordpress.com/ – Profiles on athletes (specifically at SU) – Post about contemporary media examples – Allows users to comment on our posts/engage with us – Linked to our Twitter
    16. 16. Cuse Diversity Twitter Page• https://twitter.com/CuseDiversity – Updates our followers on blog/links to blog – Allows followers to discuss our topics via the hashtag #cusediversity – Allows Cuse Diversity to interact with other diversity in sports organizations
    17. 17. Any Questions??