User generated content marketing


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User generated content marketing

  1. 1. User-Generated Content Marketing Alex J Pattara
  2. 2. User-Generated Content (UGC) ? Also known as consumer generated media• Any material created and uploaded to the Internet by non-media professionals.• It can be review left on any website by a user video uploaded to YouTube blogs It is currently one of the fastest growing forms of content on the Internet
  3. 3. UGC & Social network• Social network allow networking on a grand scale, where individuals can connect with others.• Social networks allow users to place comments, photos, videos and Web links on each others’ pages, thereby sharing information and interests
  4. 4. UGC Marketing• As the volume and importance of user-generated media grow, marketers are looking for effective ways to influence and leverage customers
  5. 5. How Marketer can use UGCIn order to get started with UGC marketing, it’s your users that need to get started Make reviews easy to give on your website Take control over your online reputation Solicit reviews from your best customers Encourage social discussion
  6. 6. • By allowing customers to rate and review your products, you are letting them become third party endorsements for your brand.• By creating a community forum on your site, you are encouraging your customers to connect, not only with you, but with each other as well.• If someone shows your brand some love on a social networking site, take the time to thank them and then share it to your network• If one of your customers found a new use for your product, write a blog post sharing their story
  7. 7. Example University of Oregon athletic department“As marketers, we try to convince customers and prospects to generate content about our brands. In other words, to talk about us.” Sports teams take advantage of the opportunity to use fan-generated content to help conversion around their teams
  8. 8. University of Oregon – The Quack Cave University of Oregon- Football team launched collegiate athletics’ first social media command center - Quack CaveQuack Cave aggregates and displays content from Official university social media channels RSS feeds from the major sports news outlets Player tweets and fan social media posts
  9. 9. Quack Cave team monitors the fan-generatedcontent during the games and then pushesthe best of that content back out to fans viatheir own dedicated Twitter channel