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Research& Analysing magazines.


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Research& Analysing magazines.

  1. 1. Research& Analysing Magazines: NME 25th August 2012Consider the title of the magazine:The magazine I have chosen to analyse is called NME or ‘New musical express’it is called this because the magazine is all about offering music lovers newinformation about their favourite bands and artists. The words ‘new’ and‘express’ give the impression that the magazine will contain the latest musicinformation as soon as it happens.The publishing of the magazine:NME is a music publication in the United Kingdom, which has been publishedweekly since March 1952. The magazine costs £2.40 and also has a NME is stocked in the UK by any good music shop, newsagents or supermarket; the magazine can be ordered from the US costing$7.99.Target audience for the magazine:
  2. 2. The target audience for NME magazine are probably teenagers – 30 year oldindie/rock music enthusiasts. However in recent times more and more hip/hopkind of music has been featuring in the magazine, for example; OFWGKTA whoplayed the main stage at Reading& Leeds festival 2012. It is evident that thetarget reader is of such simply by looking at the front cover, where thevaccines and kasabian feature. They are two bands at the head of British indierock music at the moment. Also there are huge articles on Reading& Leedsfestival, which are traditionally the forefront indie rock music festivals.The cover of the magazine:The main colours on the cover of the magazine are white, black, yellow andred. The black and white are trademark of the way NME is set out, bold andclear, and the red and yellow are used to catch the eye of the reader. Red andyellow are also two of the main colours used in the advertisement of theReading and Leeds festival, which is the main feature of this week’s magazine.The main cover also shows the reader little previews of what is going tofeature in the magazine, for example; ‘Exclusive interview with The Cure’. Themain feature of the magazine is the Reading& Leeds festivals, this is because itis the biggest festival of summer 2012 and the mainly indie rock genre of thefestival and the NME magazine are perfectly matched.The ‘style’ of presentation of the magazine:NME magazine uses bold and simple fonts that stand out and catch the eye ofthe reader. The pages are thin and give you a kind of newspaper feel whilstflicking through them. This gives the magazine a cheap kind of feel, but theyuse tastefully colourful poster pages and pictures too add a slightly less tackyfeel too. A similar magazine to NME is Q magazine; however Q magazine isreleased monthly and costs £2.99 whereas NME is a weekly released magazinethat costs £2.40.The NME magazine tends to advertise a lot of gigs and festivals towards theback of the magazine, along with band merchandise. The prices are not usuallylisted but there are numbers you can ring and websites you can visit in order tofind out. These products are featured due to the fact that the target audienceof the magazine will be interested in music and finding that gem of a band theycan tell all of their mates about. The models in the advertisement relate to the
  3. 3. audience as they dress in a rocky/indie way, offering the audience an insighton NME fashion.The majority of the people featured in the magazine are male, but that isunderstandable as there are a lot more male than female bands& artists of thegenre that NME portrays in its magazine. There are certain groups of peoplethat don’t feature in NME, for example boys bands. Imagine Dave Grohl goingto read an NME magazine and seeing One Direction on the front cover, theywould not fit in to the indie/rock genre NME are trying to portray in theirmagazine. As everyone knows the Olympics was a huge part of the Britishsummer of 2012 and due to this even Usain bolt and Mo farrah were featuredin this issue of NME magazine. They have been chosen to feature in an articlethat raises the question ‘Are sports stars the new rock stars?’The reason NME magazine is so popular is because of the reputation it hasgained from being published for so many year. It has become a part of Britishmusic culture, and its trendy articles on the latest bands and trends are simplyunbeatable.