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Sm policy proposal


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Sm policy proposal

  1. 1. Social Media Policy ProposalTuesday, 4th June 2013Tuesday, 4 June 13
  2. 2. BackgroundSocial media has become ever moreimportant in radio, especially onlineListener LocationDemographicsValue AddedRadio Dacorum uses Twitter andFacebook. But with mixed resultsIt’s time to create a policy that aims to:Retain/BuildEnhancePromoteSocial Media Forum Group met todevelop ideas and discuss existingissuesTuesday, 4 June 13
  3. 3. Disclaimer: this is a forward lookingpolicy, not a criticism of the past.Tuesday, 4 June 13
  4. 4. Design of Pages- FacebookProfile Picture:Radio Dacorum Logo.Slight variation, rarely.Cover Photo:Used to promote competitionsThemed for some eventsPromote local eventsPromote extra-special showsWeekly to Bi-Weekly changesTuesday, 4 June 13
  5. 5. Design of Pages- TwitterProfile Picture:Logo (same as Facebook)UnchangingCover Photo:Brand building photoSeasonal photoBackground neutral simpleTuesday, 4 June 13
  7. 7. Point 1: Profile DesignPass or Reject?Tuesday, 4 June 13
  8. 8. On Air Posts - FacebookFacebook wall posts during ashow limited to 2-3 per 2 hourslotNo wall posts by show within thefinal 30 minutes of a showDiscussion carried out in thecomment section of a wall postReply to commentsFacebook posts good quality,with decent content (questions,photos, FB polls (for request)etc.) Longer than 140 charactersPosts are more what’s coming upnot what just happenedAvoid isolating non-listenerTuesday, 4 June 13
  9. 9. On Air Posts - TwitterPost regularly, almost no limitsRT relevant listener postsContent- questions, discussions,pictures, news stories + othershow enhancementsReply if necessary to mentionsMuch shorter posts thanFacebook but can be similar incontent to the Facebook postsTuesday, 4 June 13
  10. 10. ReasoningFacebook posts lose visibility if too frequent (anti spam).Ensures higher quality posts and interactions which increases reachDoesn’t annoy non-listenersFacebook is not built for conversationsTwitter is good for conversations and real timeTalking about the past serves no purpose, talk about upcoming features can bring inlisteners not tuned in but on Social MediaSometimes it is impossible for someone on social media to tune inTuesday, 4 June 13
  11. 11. Implementation IdeasTo keep Facebook in context start with something like “On the SundayService we’re wondering: what is your favourite weekend beverage? Letus know and join the discussion by tuning in”Photos are good discussion starters and are more visibleFor requests, I would rather or face offs use Facebook Questions (leaveanswers open)- you can always look at the results over the day in thenext showPlan Social Media posting rough ideas when scheduling showTuesday, 4 June 13
  12. 12. As a result:In the 15 minutes before your show you can now plug that your show iscoming up by using Hootsuite on the Edit PC without visibility beingaffected or Show flow being harmed. Drawing in new listeners (hopefully)Competitions, promos, events, special shows, recorded content can beplugged at designated peak promo slots which do not harm shows(planned in advance and requests for promotion go through stationmanagement). (Hootsuite Scheduling tool can be used).Tuesday, 4 June 13
  13. 13. Point 2: On Air PostsPass or Reject?Tuesday, 4 June 13
  14. 14. If Point 2 passes...Tuesday, 4 June 13
  15. 15. Promo SlotsWith more “wall space” free we can now have designated promotional post timeCan be used for: Competitions, OBs, Local Events, sharing of partners (e.g.CAD) posts, video content, audio content, posters, show promosPromos are to be agreed upon and then put into the Hootsuite autoschedulerShow promos- rotational (everyone gets a go once)Peak times: Mid-morning (post rush, snack time), lunchtime, post work/schoolPromos happen in the end period/in between showsTuesday, 4 June 13
  16. 16. Point 3: Promo SlotsPass or Reject?Tuesday, 4 June 13
  17. 17. Other networksCONSIDER THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA.Tuesday, 4 June 13
  18. 18. Fresh DacorumSegmented Branding TrialTuesday, 4 June 13
  19. 19. Premise• Listeners of Radio Dacorum tend to tune into one show only and not into any others• Some shows attract similar demographics, such as the youth (under 25s) demographic• Summer holidays means we can attract younger listenersHemelHospitalGirlsTuesday, 4 June 13
  20. 20. Fresh Dacorum PostersFresh Dacorum Jingle SetFresh Dacorum Show PromosFresh Dacorum on New Social Networks e.g. VineTuesday, 4 June 13
  21. 21. If this works segmented station image and branding could beimplemented across other “genres”Tuesday, 4 June 13
  22. 22. Radio Dacorum BitesTasty Talk, Cheesy Chat, Fresh FeaturesTuesday, 4 June 13
  23. 23. The PremiseLoads of great things happen on Radio DacorumBut the audience is limited to the live listenersGood moments can bring new listeners inCross-show promotion is rareWe don’t have a lot of short, sharable contentTuesday, 4 June 13
  24. 24. The ProposalIf something particularly interesting happens on show put it in the Bite BookAim for your bite to be 1-3 minutes long. Get your bite edited with a short jingle atthe end saying “for more than just a bite tune in to ____ on ___ at __”Bites are put into Myriad for playout during automated hoursBites uploaded to MixCloud/audioBoo for sharingPeople vote for bites of the monthPresenters share a Bite they may like on their show. One show could have Bites of theweekTuesday, 4 June 13