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What Meeting Animal Are You?


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Do an exercise and classify your colleagues, customers, cooperators to four classes:

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What Meeting Animal Are You?

  1. 1. WWhhaatt mmeeeettiinngg aanniimmaall aarree yyoouu ??
  2. 2. MMeeeettiinngg bbeeaassttss OOnn eevveerryy ssiimmppllee iissssuuee tthheeyy oorrggaanniizzee aa lloonngg mmeeeettiinngg ttoo ddiissccuussss eevveerryytthhiinngg UUssuuaallllyy tthheeyy ddoonn''tt aadddd ttoooo mmuucchh vvaalluuee bbuutt tthheeyy aarree hhiigghhllyy vviissiibbllee oonn tthhee bbeeggiinnnniinngg ooff tthhee pprroojjeecctt
  3. 3. MMeeeettiinngg mmoouusseess They perceive a meeting as a waste of time They just want to silently do (or avoid doing) their work They underestimate the importance of prepared agenda and selection of participants. They sometimes are perceived as a slippy monsters coming out of the liner.
  4. 4. TThheeyy kknnooww wwhheenn ttoo oorrggaanniizzee aa mmeeeettiinngg aanndd wwhheenn iitt iiss ssiimmpplleerr ttoo ttaallkk 11--oonn--11 MMeeeettiinngg rraaccccoonnss Usually if they call the meeting, they have a good reason for that.
  5. 5. They never organize meetings but frequently are invited. Sometimes they are really the experts who are highly desired to state their opinion. Some of them stays at work for long evenings. MMeeeettiinngg bbeeeess
  6. 6. WWhhaatt mmeeeettiinngg aanniimmaall aarree yyoouu ?? Pictures: Nemo, Pixabay Geralt, Pixabay Raikthorstad, Pixabay Hans, Pixabay PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay Pietrz, Pixabay Author: Alex Kowalczyk Founder of FFooxxyyTTaasskkss