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Questionnaire conclusions by Ben

  1. 1. Questionnaire conclusions I produced and distributed my questionnaire to an opportunistic sample around my High school. I got a response from eleven different participants and am drawing my conclusions from the answers that I received back. All of my participants were teenage students of various genders, cultures and social classes, who all study at the same school. I asked fifteen different questions in a variety of different ways, some being tick box’s and some asking for a qualitative answer. This was I could gain reliable and numerical answers to draw graphs from as well as speech based answers to gain valid data. As my target audience is teenagers (especially students) I wanted to gain information on what they consider an enjoyable and successful British music video. Also because our genre of music isn’t the most popular, I wanted to find out if the genre of music/ song itself affects people’s feelings towards a music video. Firstly I wanted to find out what the public like to see in a British music video. I found that over half of the participants prefer a music video which has real life application over a video that is glamorized and lacks realism to a British audience. Taking this into account, when making my own music video with my group I think we should concentrate on British stereotypes when thinking about Mise-en-scene. This could involve filming in well known British places such as central London, and using basic props instead of glamorous ones stereotypically used in American videos such as 'bling' and fancy cars. I also found from my results that 'attractive models' are a factor that the public enjoy seeing in music videos; with six of the eleven participants choosing them as something they like to see in a British music video. When trying to add this factor into my own music video I should be careful and make sure I do not glamorize my video by making the models look false. This would reduce the realism of the video which participants previously stated that they dislike. Also with almost half of the participants choosing
  2. 2. special effects and sunny/ summery settings as a factor they would like to see in a music video. This is something I plan to take into account when creating my own music video and plan to do some filming outside on a warm sunny day to please my target audience. In my questionnaire I also asked participants if they preferred a music video which had a story throughout the scenes, or if they preferred a video where lots of random clips had been placed together. The majority of people answered that they preferred a story to be told, with eight out of eleven participants choosing that option. I also asked participants if they liked or disliked when a song is another song from the same artist/ band is previewed at the start/ beginning of a music video. Most people chose to dislike it, so I will not be previewing any other song when in making my own video. The next thing I wanted to find out from my questionnaire is what catches a person’s eye when watching a music video for the first time. I gave four different options for participants to choose from. Seven of the eleven participants who took part in my questionnaire stated that the musician/ band that feature in the video are the most eye catching factor. This may be a problem for when we make our own music video. As we are not celebrities or even well known to the public this factor cannot be shown in our own video. It means that as a group we will have to concentrate on other factors to make our music video appealing and stand out. Participants also stated that the use of modern technology is key when making a video attractive. This can be done when we edit our video after filming, or/ and whilst filming by using simple editing techniques involving pausing and recording. I and my group have chosen ‘Techno pop’ for our genre of music to work with, which isn’t a hugely popular genre. Out of own interest, in my questionnaire I asked participants if they thought that the genre of music in a music video can effect how good the music video is. To my surprise the majority of people answered yes, they do think the genre can effect how
  3. 3. good the video is. This means that when making our own video we will have to try extra hard to make our video appealing to a wide ranged audience, as not many people listen to techno pop. If we do not do this then our video may not be successful as we concluded from our questionnaire research that the genre of music can negatively affect the videos rating. My questionnaire was also very helpful for us to gain an understanding on which artists/ bands the public feels has good music videos. Participants stated that they enjoy watching music videos by bands and artists like ‘Missy Elliot’ and ‘The Pharcyde’. This is helpful as we as a group can now look into this, and research these artists/ bands videos to gain inspiration, ideas and an understanding on what made them so special. I also asked participants ‘Do you think that as technology has improved, so have music videos?’ and as expected the majority of people answered yes. This works as evidence that the public enjoys the use of special effects and modern technology. As time goes on and technology expands, music videos should get more and more technical making them very appealing our target audience. Next I wanted to find out what the public believe makes a bad music video. I asked participants to state the name of a music video which they have previously watched but didn’t enjoy and to state a reason why. The response I got was very helpful. One participant wrote that they did not like Justin Timberlake’s latest music video because they felt that the video did not relate to the lyrics. They also stated that they felt the video was very commercialised and lacked realism. This backs up the previous point made my participants earlier in my questionnaire when they stated that they do not like glamorised videos because it does not relate to their life a British citizen. It also emphasises the point that an audience likes a music video to tell a story, and relate to the lyrics in the song. One of the final things that I wanted to find out is if a music video can be more effective then the song that it is promoting. I asked participants in my questionnaire ‘Have you experience a time where you dislike a song, but
  4. 4. enjoy watching the music video so still listen to the song in order to watch the video?’ To my surprise the majority of people answered yes. This almost goes against statement previously made by participants that the genre of music can effect how good a music video is. This is a useful finding as it means that if our song choice is not something that our target audience enjoys, our music video can still be successful if made properly.