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Fashion buttons prototyping from 3D design to production


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Using webGl technology for fashion buttons prototyping.

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Fashion buttons prototyping from 3D design to production

  1. 1. Customer needs:  Creating easily a new button model  Sharing the model with the customer avoiding expensive phisical prototyping  Managing feedbacks and approval  Creating programs for production machines Background Our solution:  Custom desktop application of 3D button modeling  webGL player to show the model  Confluence™ plugin to manage interactions Graphical Web 2012 2@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  2. 2. The button Graphical Web 2012 3@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  3. 3. Confluence webGL Plugin player Feedbacks Confluence Architecture Export of 3D model Approval Custom Editor 3D engine Production Shop floor Desktop Application Graphical Web 2012 4@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  4. 4. A button is not an easy object to model  Custom 3D editor semplifying functions (extrudes, texts, profiles, excaves) Challanges in rendering: – The «holes» problem – Objects lied down on the button Button Editor Graphical Web 2012 5@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  5. 5. The model is very detailed and decoration increse complexity – Very large files Sharing the model – Problems on the network – Problems on the browser  Reduce model precision  Compress data BeginModel;1;"Bottone";F; Position;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.0000 00;1.000000; Bound;0.000000;0.000000;-2.500000;116.000000;116.000000;15.000000; BeginSolid;"Rotativo";F; Position;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.0000 00;1.000000; Color;0.315294;0.090980;0.061176;1.000000;0.630588;0.181961;0.122353;1.000000;1.000000;1.000000;1.000000 ;1.000000;0.250000; BeginMesh;5;3;3;0; Position;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;1.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.0000 00;-1.000000; V;0.001000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;50.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000996;0.000087;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;49.809735;4.357787;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000985;0.000174;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;49.240388;8.682409;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000966;0.000259;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;48.296291;12.940952;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000940;0.000342;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;46.984631;17.101007;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000906;0.000423;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;45.315389;21.130913;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;0.000866;0.000500;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; V;43.301270;25.000000;0.000000;0.000000;0.000000;1.000000; Graphical Web 2012 6@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  6. 6. Confluence™ plugin to manage data loading Custom webGL player to show the model webGL viewer Confluence™ infrastructure to manage interactions Graphical Web 2012 7@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  7. 7. Demo Graphical Web 2012 8@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  8. 8.  Completely solve files dimension problems  Enhance model realism  Cross browser compatibility Next steps  Performance issues  Adoption of standards Graphical Web 2012 9@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012
  9. 9. Thank you Graphical Web 2012 10@AlexMufatti 12/09/2012