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#Ungagged16 - Work Life Hacks for an SEO


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There are so many SEO tools available that it may be a headache simply to manage them. My talk at UnGagged Las Vegas 2016 looks into some of these tools as well as how you can integrate them with each other to make your SEO work life easier and more effective.

Warning: some profanity within slides!

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#Ungagged16 - Work Life Hacks for an SEO

  1. 1. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Work Life Hacks For an SEO to increasing productivity & efficiency Alex Moss Director @alexmoss@firecaskmcr
  2. 2. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Email Twitter @alexmoss Facebook Instagram Linkedin AlexMoss1 Google+ WHO’S THIS BRITISH GUY?
  3. 3. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Director at FireCask Award-Winning Online Marketing Agency Search/Social/Outreach WordPress Development Co-Founder of Peadig WordPress Theme Framework Bootstrap Integration Mobile/SEO/Social Friendly Also lots of plugins WHAT DO I DO?
  6. 6. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 AUDITING & ANALYSIS Screaming Frog Advanced desktop app. Great for advanced auditing & analysis. Too much to explain in this talk! SEO Tools for Excel Techie auditing fun in Excel Only available for WIndows Keyword Scraper Enter keywords into doc Scrapes suggestions within spreadsheet
  7. 7. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 LANDSCAPE AND COMPETITION SEMrush Competitor analysis Speak to Alexandra! SISTRIX Domain analysis Keyword rankings and Suggestions Competitor Analysis
  8. 8. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 LINKS & OUTREACH Buzzstream Outreach CRM Majestic Link Landscape Data. Biggest crawler AHrefs Another version of Majestic. Includes content as well as link explorer.
  9. 9. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 FUN WITH FLAGS SPREADSHEETS URL Profiler Get metrics from any list of URLs and export to CSV
  10. 10. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 FUN WITH FLAGS SPREADSHEETS Search Analytics for Sheets Search Console data to Google Drive. Store historical data beyond 90 days!
  12. 12. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Google Chrome & Gmail
  13. 13. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Gmail Addons Make Life Easier Undo Send Pause Inbox Canned Responses
  14. 14. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Find out who you’re emailing View more information on a person from their email. Links, social profiles and other information.
  16. 16. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Schedule emails to send later & Snooze emails to pop back into your inbox See if, when and where someone has read your email
  17. 17. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Turn your inbox into a collaborative sales funnel. Also use as an email-based project management system. Use Mail Merge to create mass-templated emails. SALES FUNNELS WITHIN YOUR INBOX
  18. 18. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 WHO NEEDS MAILCHIMP? Take canned responses to the next level with Mail Merge
  20. 20. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 YOUR 3 NECESSARY PM TOOLS Teamwork Web based project management app Desktop time management GIT / Bitbucket Revision control for development Sourcetree for better GUI Franz IM management platform Uses web interfaces Reduces app clutter
  21. 21. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 EDITORIAL & CONTENT Trello Use the content addon to create a content editorial calendar. Full blog post Days of the Year Every day is “something” day Jono made it, so take it with a pinch of salt TrackMaven Calendar Jono didn’t make this, so is shit in comparison Downloadable calendar for Google Cal
  22. 22. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 USE SLACK BECAUSE SCIENCE Integrations mean updates are communicated automatically. Within FireCask, all our GIT repo commits are sent to our design- dev channel Statistics can be viewed within the web interface and also sent by email digest. Here you can see activity with heat maps of DM’s to public messages.
  24. 24. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16
  25. 25. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Some IFTTT Applets There are 1000’s of IFTTT applets to help automation. Users can’t publish applets, so you have to make them yourself. “This” Applets • Reddit (search, mentions, domains) • Twitter search (hashtags, usernames, advanced search) • Blog posts / RSS feeds “That” Applets • Twitter lists or tweets (interaction and automation) • Share an embedded image from Instagram to Twitter • Email forwarding
  26. 26. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Some IFTTT Applets
  27. 27. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 HAVE A THREESOME: TOOL -> GMAIL -> SLACK • Create IFTTT applet to handle incoming email • Have it publish in your chosen channel • Receive an email • Set up filter to add label
  28. 28. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 STORE THOSE RANKINGS • Email ranking reports each day • Create an applet to take the attachment and add it as a worksheet to a given spreadsheet • Now you can use this data elsewhere and manipulate it as you wish
  29. 29. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 SLACK ALL OVER MY FACE Slack have a large number of integrations. Free account limits the number of integrations you can have, but each integration can have multiple integrations within them. • /feed subscribe [URL] • Share an embedded image from Instagram to Twitter • Email forwarding Slack have an integration directory, including categories for marketing and analytics.
  30. 30. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 BRAND & SOCIAL MENTIONS • Get brand mentions from web & social. • Share live/daily/weekly updates into a Slack channel
  31. 31. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 ANALYTICS • Connect GA profile and other social assets • Get daily/weekly/monthly updates into a Slack channel
  32. 32. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 LIVE CHAT • Insert code into website • Live chat appears in a channel when used • Any person who responds will control that conversation
  33. 33. @alexmoss @FireCask #UnGagged16 Email Twitter @alexmoss Facebook Instagram Linkedin AlexMoss1 Google+ Slides: BUY ME DRINKS BUY ME DRINKS