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#BrightonSEO: Work Life Hacks - Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency

Whilst most talks at BrightonSEO will focus on SEO & Social strategies, any project is hindered without good management. My presentation will focus on how to best utilise online tools in order to manage your client or in-house projects in a more efficient and collaborative manner.

As well as this, I’ll share tools and tips to improve your own businesses’ productivity that will produce better quality work within shorter timescales.

#BrightonSEO: Work Life Hacks - Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency

  1. 1. @alexmoss # Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency Alex Moss Director, FireCask
  2. 2. @alexmoss # Director at FireCask Award-Winning Online Marketing Agency Search/Social/Outreach WordPress Development Co-Founder of Peadig WordPress Theme Framework Bootstrap Integration Mobile/SEO/Social Friendly Also lots of plugins Who am I?
  3. 3. @alexmoss # We’ve worked with these lovely folks over the past year: Token Client Logo Slide
  4. 4. @alexmoss #Image source:
  5. 5. @alexmoss # My Clutter is Organised - in a Laptop
  6. 6. @alexmoss #Image source: Reading Tools for Research
  7. 7. @alexmoss # Read faster… RSS Reader Apps I use RSS Bot for Mac Cnet covers other apps (Windows & Mac) now Google Reader is dead. Parses any URL and shows you content one word at a time. Reading faster works
  8. 8. @alexmoss # Squirt in Action
  9. 9. @alexmoss # Goodbye Google Reader, Hello Feedly Feedly merges all your RSS feeds into one dashboard. Add your own RSS by URL, and also discover new feeds by subject. Alternatively, use Google Drive with ImportFeed functions to pull into a doc.
  10. 10. @alexmoss # Dealing with Leads Image source:
  11. 11. @alexmoss # Recruit’em helps you find Leads An easier way to search through Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and other social networks to find the connection you want.
  12. 12. @alexmoss # My Personal CRM… Google Chrome & Gmail Once Gmail is loaded, there are some handy Chrome extensions…
  13. 13. @alexmoss # Use Gmail Labs to add functionalityto your inbox. The 4 plugins below help user experience and protect you from mistakes… *Undo Send plugin is now out of Labs and in core settings
  14. 14. @alexmoss # I split inboxesinto Important, Linkedin and Everything else. Chrome extensions enhance experience and organisation. My Inbox is Busy, but Organised Send text messages directly from your inbox. To-do lists with Gmail integration. Apps for iOS and Android available.
  15. 15. @alexmoss # Find out who you’re Emailing View more information on a person from their email. Links, social profiles and other information.
  16. 16. @alexmoss # So, Streak is AWESOME! Schedule emails to send later & Snooze emails to pop back into your inbox See if, when and where someone has read your email
  17. 17. @alexmoss # So, Streak is AWESOME! Turn your inbox into a collaborative sales funnel Also use as an email-based project management system Use Mail Merge to create mass-templated emails
  18. 18. @alexmoss # Web Based CRM Platforms Web portal platforms Cheaper and better UX than Salesforce and Basecamp Better than Pipedrive,… More on this later My Choice
  19. 19. @alexmoss # Communication Image source:
  20. 20. @alexmoss # Instant Messaging Skype External Communication Video Conferencing Non-Cloud File Transfer Slack Internal or Team Platform Channels per Project/Client Better Search/Archiving more stuff…
  21. 21. @alexmoss # Set #Channels per Project/Client, and Set Private Groups by Topic or Internal Team
  22. 22. @alexmoss # Integrations mean updates are communicated automatically. Within FireCask, all our GIT repo commitsare sent to our design- dev channel Statistics can be viewed within the web interface and also sent by email digest. Here you can see activity with heat maps of DM’s to public messages. More reading:
  23. 23. @alexmoss # Other Collaborative Tools Firefox Hello Free videoconferencing No signups at all, just share URL Sipgate UK landline VoIP for free Connect to your smartphone either with call settings or an app Powwownow Free conference calling Use 0844 number with PIN
  24. 24. @alexmoss # Collaboration Image source:
  25. 25. @alexmoss # Cloud Document Management Office 365 More privacyover data Better desktop support Excel handle big data better Google Drive Better collaborative tools Wider community Cheaper
  26. 26. @alexmoss # Organise projectsinto boards. Each board has lists which can be shared amongst groups. You can even use as an editorial calendar.
  27. 27. @alexmoss # I use it mostly for personal organisation. Having the iOS/Android app also helps. Holiday Checklist Board:
  28. 28. @alexmoss # A Free Projection Management Tool Google Drive 2 years ago I created a nifty Google Drive template to help myself organise all client projects. I even shared it within a long post I wrote for Moz.
  29. 29. @alexmoss # All internal projectsare managed within Wrike. Split into hierarchy,we can use this for all clients, miscellaneousprojectsand even as a CRM.
  30. 30. @alexmoss # Projectsare split into tree view, with each project containingeach task. You can monitor and manage all tasks within your own dashboard. Even use this as a CRM to deal with leads in their own folder.
  31. 31. @alexmoss # Each folder has multiple tasks. Each task can be time tracked independently, as well as room for uploads, WYSIWYG text editing and commenting. You can use Toggl for free time tracking independent from Wrike.
  32. 32. @alexmoss # Wrike even has a nifty Chrome Extension with desktop notifications as well as an Android & iOS app, and a LOT of other integrations
  33. 33. @alexmoss # File Transfer Desktop App Faster and more secure Unlimited transfer limits Less reliance on the cloud Web Interface No account needed Send files up to 2GB Email confirmations
  34. 34. @alexmoss # Other Collaborative Tools LastPass Manage all passwords Share access with your team Chrome/Android/iOS apps Evernote Write formatted notes with rich content to share amongst your team Chrome/Android/iOS apps Skitch Great to take screenshots and annotate them. Syncs with Evernote.
  35. 35. @alexmoss # SEO Tools
  36. 36. @alexmoss # Some Quick Auditing Tools Redirect Checker Checks any URL path and redirects that may occur Sharemetric View the number of shares from a bunch of social networks Screaming Frog Advanced desktop app. Great for advanced auditing & analysis.
  37. 37. @alexmoss # On-site Auditing Woorank Good for quick onsite analysis Raven Tools Great for more in-depth onsite analysis. Good alternative to Screaming Frog as it’s online & automated…
  38. 38. @alexmoss # Raven Tools also automates Reports Easy way for agencies to create, schedule and automate reporting for their clients. Supports AdWords, major ESPs like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and much more.
  39. 39. @alexmoss # Offsite Auditing Kerboo Uses multiple sources to show you a domain’s link profile Also helps with automated tasks relatingto penalised domains Majestic Forensic detail of every link for every domain. Multiple bespoke metricsto audit a domain,competitor or potential link acquisition
  40. 40. @alexmoss # Outreach CRM Platforms Find potential sites and contact methods by domain or category Turn outreach into a CRM to monitor contact, make notes and find related sites Does everything BuzzStream does, plus the slide before, plus: • Automatically finds new/lost links every day • Easily manage disavow lists and submissions
  41. 41. @alexmoss # Rank Tracking - • Track keywords across multiple countries and devices. • Easy reporting via shared URL or PDF – perfect for reporting. • Most accurate I’ve seen for a while.
  42. 42. @alexmoss # Developer Tools Image source:
  43. 43. @alexmoss # Manage your Code Better Sublime Text Better than Notepad Colour coded for filetypes Integrations and functions Bitbucket GIT is a must for any developer Bitbucket provides repo’s for free Paid alternative: Github SourceTree Windows/Mac GIT management app to connect your PC to the repo without command prompt
  44. 44. @alexmoss # Other Geeky Lifehacks IFTTT Choose a trigger, then an action Connect to LOTS of apps Great for automated tasks Builtwith Find out information about how a site is built. Web based or via Chrome/Firefox extension
  45. 45. @alexmoss # Accounting Platforms Image source:
  46. 46. @alexmoss # Sort your Finances out! Hiveage Good for starting up Free version with paid modules Payment integration Nice UI and reports for internal monitoring Xero Better for complex management Multiple currencies, auto-reminders Direct feeds to banks for reconciliation Great for VAT returns and accounting!
  47. 47. @alexmoss # Thank you! Any Questions? Slides: