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Social media: A Startup Perspective


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Published in: Technology
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Social media: A Startup Perspective

  1. 1. Social Media from a Startup Perspective
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIAAs a Medium For Business
  4. 4. TYPES: SOCIAL MEDIA• Social Networks • Everything else • Facebook • Campaigns • Twitter • Blog • Google + • Newsletters • Pinterest • Forums • Linkedin • Video Channel • Meetup ...
  5. 5. GOALS: SOCIAL MEDIA• Increase downloads/installs/sales etc.• Promote consistent brand identity• Marketing: Interaction with user base• Product: Feedback on new designs/product/features• Customer Service: Interaction with user base• Education: Practical education of users about product
  7. 7. SOCIAL NETWORKS: FACEBOOKWhy this works?• Fun content• Culturally relevant to user base and brand Ultimately Red Bull understands its users and is creative in sustaining• Ambassadors interaction.• Fun Facebook Games Apps: Red Bull Arcade
  8. 8. SOCIAL NETWORKS: FACEBOOKMain Difference from your personal Facebook• Content is geared towards users• Content is tested on effectiveness of engagement• Brand identity is thought out
  9. 9. CREATIVE USAGE: TAKE THIS LOLLIPOPWhy this works?• Incentivization: Dare• Culturally relevant since it launched around Halloween• Controversial Ultimately this campaign got 10M likes in one month.• Personalized content• Easily shareable = viral
  10. 10. CREATIVE USAGE: TAKE THIS LOLLIPOPSocial Media can be used in innovative ways• Think about your messaging. What do you want to get across?• Think about the timing of the campaign. Is this culturally relevant and contemporary?• Think about the platform you are using. How can you best use it?• Think about how to encourage people to play and spread. What are the reasons you interact with social media?
  11. 11. CASE STUDY Dolphin Browser
  12. 12. World’s first Gesture and voice control mobile browser.
  13. 13. 15K FANS IN 10 DAYS• iPad Launch Facebook Campaign• Campaign: Leave comments on our wall why they love Dolphin Browser. Most creative response wins.• Prize: 3 iPads• End result: • 15K new fans • Social Proof • New product launch
  14. 14. LESSONS LEARNED• Each campaign should have only one goal• Make it simple for people to interact• Funnel everything one place• Be flexible with the unexpected
  15. 15. STARTUPS
  16. 16. THE LEAN STARTUP• Idea: Create a hypothesis and break down into many hypotheses• Build: Code or create product• Measure: Check data against hypothesis• Learn• Start again: Revamp hypothesis/product/business plan
  17. 17. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESSES• Know your audience• Create a plan: Highlight main strategies and objectives• Curate your content• Test. Measure. Test. Measure. It’s free!• Interact as the brand• Understand different uses for different platforms• Be creative
  18. 18. THANKS!Feel free to email me with any questions at