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TEDx talk: "Social innovation, looking for the sustainability"


Published on is a project made by a cultural association in Turin. It is a project that promotes social innovation for sustainability.

Published in: Environment, Technology
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TEDx talk: "Social innovation, looking for the sustainability"

  1. 1. Social innovation, looking for the sustainabilty ALESSANDRO MERCURI
  2. 2. WHO IS THIS MAN?
  3. 3. WHO IS THIS MAN? Li Guixin, the first Chinese citizen to file a lawsuit against a local government agency over air pollution (Source:
  4. 4. Which city is this?
  5. 5. Which city is this? La Oroya, Peru -- In this mining town in the Peruvian Andes, 99 percent of children have high levels of lead in their blood largely due to an American-owned smelter that's been polluting the city since 1922.
  6. 6. And Turin?
  7. 7. Source: 2013 by Who Turin is not much better…
  8. 8. What is it? A common garbage in San Salvario, Turin
  9. 9. Not only pollution, garbage and waste From the outside it doesn’t seem that way, but if you look inside and talk with the owners everything changes…there are shops that promote products without packaging, on tap
  10. 10. The world, and San Salvario is changing My district is a little example of the world changing San Salvario, Turin
  11. 11. Some numbers 26 milion products without packaging 21 million people found a 0 km product made by a short supply chain 6 million people bought fair trade products 9 million people decreased their consumption of meat 12 million people ate biologic/organic food 9 million people used a bicycle every day 17 million people used products not tested on animals
  12. 12. These are the funders Stefano Alessandro Massimo Enrico
  13. 13. What is is an experimental project to create a community of citizens and business owners who are sensitive to the issue of sustainability and that act in a responsible and conscious way also through benefit and discount in the business activities.
  14. 14. Inside Commercial activities Events Causes Blog Equommerce
  15. 15. Is the result of an algorithm that takes two factors into account: the rating of the users and the sustainable actions undertaken by businesses. The ratings of people therefore contribute in a decisive way to the calculation the sustainability index score Energy Water Noise Food Transport Recycle Wi-fi Cultural events Differently abled New mom
  16. 16. Advantages Card and mobile Application for member Sales for clients-member Businesses visibility
  17. 17. Public participation… The registered members, commercial activities, and association directly create the content of the portal. This portal was designed to create a collaborative action between different players. Some Numbers: •3.968 members •219 business activities • hundreds of events and causes •400 families who buy every week on equommerce
  18. 18. Sustainability Treasure Hunt Example of a sustainability-themed treasure hunt with 150 people through the streets of San Salvario 20 people came from Belgium to participate
  19. 19. In the near future… We develop the e-commerce area to encourage the purchases directly from the farmers
  20. 20. Sustainability and the crisis? The economic crisis is creating a great possibility because people are more careful about the quantity of consumption and, at the same time, the quality of products. responds to the need to find activities and producers that promote sustainability.
  21. 21. The challenges of sustainability in the future promote success stories talk about it excite / facilitate share invent / create
  22. 22. …Thank you! “We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture with any but sustainable souls.” Derrick Jensen