Agbar Tower


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Agbar Tower

  1. 1. Torre Agbar Agbar Tower Jean Nouvel
  2. 2. Agbar Tower The Agbar Tower, is a 21st century skyscraper at Information Glories Square, Barcelona. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel in association An Icon with the Spanish firm b720 Architects. It opened in June 2005 and was inaugurated officially by Comparatives the King of Spain on 16 September 2005. The Agbar Tower is located in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona and is named Construction after its owners, the Agbar Group, a holding company whose interests include the Barcelona Architect water company Aigües de Barcelona. Quite remarkable is the nocturnal lighting, that saturates the tower's colors and turns it into a spectacular kind of lighthouse.
  3. 3. Agbar Tower Information A water company headquarters, next to Glories Square. This 144 m tall, 35-storey tower is quot;a geyser under permanent, calculated pressurequot; in An Icon Nouvel's words (the reflections of the city lights on the glass cladding are a metaphor of water). Comparatives Some critics qualify this tower as the city's new Construction architectural icon and say that it will substitute La Sagrada Familia as the great tourist attraction of Barcelona. Architect A defining feature of the building is its nocturnal illumination. It has 4,500 LED luminous devices that allow generation of luminous images in the façade. In addition, it has temperature sensors in the outside of the tower that regulate the opening and closing of the glass blinds of the façade of the building, reducing the consumption of energy for air conditioning. It will house the head office of the Aigües de Barcelona Group (Spanish: quot;Aguas de Barcelonaquot;, English: quot;Waters of Barcelonaquot;).
  4. 4. Agbar Tower Information The bullet-shape silhouette of the building takes its inspiration from a nearby, astonishing An Icon mountain called Montserrat (one of the legendary, iconic myths of Catalonia's history), and the wavy, organic buildings of Gaudí (with Comparatives a contemporary approach). Furthermore, some critics think that the tower Construction being a replica of Norman Foster's Swiss Re, in London. Architect
  5. 5. 04/06/1999 21/08/2002 Agbar Tower Information An Icon Comparatives Construction Architect 25/01/2005 05/06/2006 10/10/2003 02/02/2003
  6. 6. Agbar Tower The architect of Agbar Tower is Jean Nouvel, and Information is a french architect. An Icon According to Jean Nouvel, the shape of the Torre Agbar was inspired by Montserrat, a mountain Comparatives near Barcelona, and by the shape of a geyser rising into the air. Jean Nouvel, in an interview, described it as having a phallic character. As a Construction result of its unusual shape, the building is known by several nicknames, such as “the suppository’’, Architect “the shell’’ and some more. The Agbar Tower measures 144.4 m of height and consists of 38 stores, including four underground levels. Furthermore, Nouvel said: I tried to play with a belonging to a geography and history. quot;quot; Some 80 percent of buildings in cities are unfortunately parallelepipeds, North American models, while the tower has a clear identity. Furthermore, only a certain number of towers in the world to symbolize the city. Here you have the Sagrada Familia or the communications tower of Norman Foster, who is very particular. All these towers being shown in Barcelona, not elsewhere. quot;