Gaining buy-in and support for social media initatives


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A presentation from Taxonomies 2.0, held in North Sydney on 30th October 2008.

This presentation focused on who you need to get on board, and how you might do it when looking at social media within your organisation.

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Gaining buy-in and support for social media initatives

  1. Gaining buy-in for social media initiatives T a xonomies 2.0 Alex Manchester, Step Two Designs
  2. <ul><li>What are we trying to do? </li></ul><ul><li>Who do we need to get on board? </li></ul><ul><li>Strategies for getting support </li></ul>
  3. What are we trying to do?
  4. 1. Be leaders Aspirations? 2. Be innovative 5. …. 3. Be an attractive place to work 4. Improve dialogue and communication
  5. Who do we need to get on board?
  6. Buy-in bingo Senior executive support IT constraints/restrictions Culture of the organisation Expense and budget Employee buy-in Lack of research/knowledge Legal concerns Inadequate metrics
  7. Copyright – Melcrum 2008
  8. Strategies for getting support
  9. The Stealth Strategy
  10. “ I’d been in the organisation for 20 years and I knew all the people that could fire me….” “ We started with a small server box under the desk in our department…” “ Over 20,000 people have now participated in the BBC Forums…” Euan Semple, former head of KM at the BBC The Stealth Strategy
  11. The Lead by Example strategy /
  13. Why does Sun’s CEO waste his time writing this blog? “ Because I believe in providing clarity surrounding our strategy and operations - not just once a year in the Annual Report. I believe clarity behind our direction is useful for our shareholders, customers, partners and employees. In good times, and in challenging ones”
  14. The ROI strategy
  15. Social media and two-way communication at Best Buy “ Blue Shirt Nation” Social Network for Best Buy retail workers 75% 20% 8% Turnover Created profiles Turnover
  16. The strategy The Shame strategy
  17. Shame Vs How innovative are you – really ? How innovative do you think you are?
  18. Accountants party in Second Life!
  19. Why did accountants party in Second Life? “ We had a really fun time designing the venue and we've had great feedback from our members, especially those based in regional Australia and others in England and North America. “ “ I think something like this will be able to provide our members With a high level of service irrespective of where they live in the world.” Alex Dalidakis, CPA Australia”
  21. Getting social at British Airways
  22. 1. Find your friends and allies 5 Top Tips 2. Know what you’re talking about 5. Prepare for success 3. Use examples of success 4. Do not expect or sell a “revolution”
  23. Thank you. [email_address]