Enhancing the intranet with gamification


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This is an older presentation but still one of my favourites of all time, exploring the use of gaming mechanics (now called 'gamification') on intranets. It included a 'game' to keep people's attention and have a bit of fun; spot how many of the pop-up Mario faces (only the little ones around the edges of the screen) were used during the presentation. We typically gave out an iTunes voucher to the winner.

This presentation was evolved from the similar article I published in 2010: Enhancing the intranet with game theory and gaming mechanics.

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Enhancing the intranet with gamification

  1. Enhancing the intranetEnhancing the intranetwith gamificationwith gamificationAlex Manchester-----------alex @ steptwo.com.au | @ alex_manchester
  2. ga∙mi∙fi∙ca∙tionga∙mi∙fi∙ca∙tion[gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn][gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn]““Integrating game dynamicsIntegrating game dynamicsinto your site, service,into your site, service,community, content orcommunity, content orcampaign, in order to drivecampaign, in order to driveparticipationparticipation”” (Bunchball)(Bunchball)
  3. WhoWho’’s this guy?s this guy?
  4. Mario is nearlyMario is nearly31!31!
  5. A game forA game fortoday...today...
  6. How manyHow manyMarios?Marios?
  7. 19921992
  8. Imagine:Imagine:HolidaysHolidays++rainrain++newnewtowntown==flickr.com/photos/victoriapeckhaflickr.com/photos/victoriapeckham/m/
  9. RainRain++newnewtowntown==flickr.com/photos/victoriapeckhaflickr.com/photos/victoriapeckham/m/
  10. Sim City!Sim City!StreetStreetFighter 2!Fighter 2!
  11. WOW!WOW!
  12. SSuperuperNNintendointendoEEntertainmentertainmentnt SSystemystem flickr.com/photos/cerflickr.com/photos/ceris/is/
  13. $150 console$150 console$100+ games$100+ games49 million49 millionunitsunitsSNESSNES 1992-19961992-1996flickr.com/photos/cerflickr.com/photos/ceris/is/
  14. $7.5 billion$7.5 billion(20 years ago)(20 years ago)
  15. 20112011
  16. Gaming in the last 12Gaming in the last 12monthsmonths3 billion hours a year3 billion hours a year25-35: Biggest demographic25-35: Biggest demographic$300: Average console/pc$300: Average console/pc~$100: Game price~$100: Game priceInternet enabled:1.5 billionInternet enabled:1.5 billionplayers?players?
  17. Gaming as an industryGaming as an industry
  18. PS3PS3XBox 360XBox 360PCPC
  19. $310 million in one day$310 million in one day2 months to reach $1 billion2 months to reach $1 billion$2.3 billion to date (est.)$2.3 billion to date (est.)Modern Warfare 2Modern Warfare 2
  20. Gaming vsGaming vsMoviesMovies
  21. •8484millionmillionusersusers•(Peak)(Peak)
  22. •72%72%gamesgames(download(downloads)s)July 2011:July 2011: http://www.advmediaproductions.com/blog/social-and-casual-gaming-news/http://www.advmediaproductions.com/blog/social-and-casual-gaming-news/
  23. •250 million downloads!250 million downloads!
  24. Sim City!Sim City!StreetStreetFighter 2!Fighter 2!
  25. Sim City!Sim City!(iPhone)(iPhone)StreetStreetFighter 4!Fighter 4!(iPhone)(iPhone)
  26. ‘‘Social gaming isSocial gaming is bigbig’’David Holloway, Editor,David Holloway, Editor, Metaverse JournalMetaverse Journal
  27. ItIt’’s big, but whats big, but whatelse...?else...?
  28. Games and socialGames and socialgaminggaming9 year olds now 29 years9 year olds now 29 yearsold...old...A major entertainmentA major entertainmentmediummediumAs significant as TV, theAs significant as TV, theWebWebA fundamental part ofA fundamental part of
  29. What makes gamesWhat makes gamescompelling?compelling?
  30. Fundamental to socialFundamental to socialgamesgamesRewardRewardRecognitionRecognitionDirectionDirectionLearningLearningProgressionProgression
  31. Gaming mechanicsGaming mechanicsReward: New tasks, tools, perks!Reward: New tasks, tools, perks!Recognition: Badges, awards,Recognition: Badges, awards,ratings!ratings!Direction:Direction: ‘‘YouYou’’ll level up in 200ll level up in 200points!points!’’Learning: Only 9 deaths this timeLearning: Only 9 deaths this timeround!round!Progression: YouProgression: You’’re in the top 2re in the top 2
  32. Gaming mechanicsGaming mechanicsplaystationlifestyle.netplaystationlifestyle.net
  33. Gaming mechanicsGaming mechanicsplaystationlifestyle.nplaystationlifestyle.netet
  34. Fundamental to socialFundamental to socialgamesgamesRewardRewardRecognitionRecognitionDirectionDirectionLearningLearningProgressionProgression
  35. EmployeeEmployeeengagement?engagement?
  36. Employee engagementEmployee engagement•AnAn ‘‘engaged employeeengaged employee’’ is one who is fullyis one who is fullyinvolved in, and enthusiastic about, his or herinvolved in, and enthusiastic about, his or herwork, and thus will act in a way that furtherswork, and thus will act in a way that furtherstheir organisationtheir organisation’’s interests.s interests.
  37. Employee engagementEmployee engagement‘‘Go the extra mile...Go the extra mile...’’Excel in the workplaceExcel in the workplaceSucceed and achieve on all levelsSucceed and achieve on all levels
  38. RewardRewardRecognitionRecognitionDirectionDirectionLearningLearningProgressionProgressionFundamental toFundamental toengagementengagement
  39. Fundamental to socialFundamental to socialgamesgamesRewardRewardRecognitionRecognitionDirectionDirectionLearningLearningProgressionProgression
  40. Games onGames onintranetsintranets
  41. Sabre Travel StudiosSabre Travel Studioslearn more @ www.alexmanchester.comlearn more @ www.alexmanchester.com
  42. Sabre Travel StudiosSabre Travel Studios
  43. Sabre Travel StudiosSabre Travel Studios
  44. Sabre Travel StudiosSabre Travel Studios
  45. Sabre Travel StudiosSabre Travel Studios90% of questions answered in90% of questions answered in24hrs24hrsSaved $500k in its first monthSaved $500k in its first monthRewards those who participate...Rewards those who participate....... and those who contribute.... and those who contributeIncredible successIncredible success
  46. ‘‘We wanted to setWe wanted to setbehaviours, tobehaviours, toencourage people toencourage people toget involvedget involved’’Erik Johnson, SabreTownErik Johnson, SabreTown
  47. ‘‘WeWe’’ve been blownve been blownaway by how popular itaway by how popular it’’ssbecomebecome’’Erik Johnson, SabreTownErik Johnson, SabreTown
  48. ‘‘It really brings anIt really brings aninteresting aspect to theinteresting aspect to theplatformplatform’’Erik Johnson, SabreTownErik Johnson, SabreTown
  49. ‘‘Competition got quiteCompetition got quiteintense!intense!’’Erik Johnson, SabreTownErik Johnson, SabreTown
  50. GreenNurtureGreenNurture
  51. learn more @ www.alexmanchester.comlearn more @ www.alexmanchester.com
  52. GreenNurtureGreenNurtureA social media platformA social media platform‘‘A suggestion box on steroidsA suggestion box on steroids’’Employees suggest ideas...Employees suggest ideas....... colleagues can.... colleagues can ‘‘pledgepledge’’supportsupportRewards points redeemableRewards points redeemable
  53. ‘‘ItIt’’s an eco brag book,s an eco brag book,people can see your greatpeople can see your greatideas and say how goodideas and say how goodthey arethey are’’Derrick Mains, GreenNurtureDerrick Mains, GreenNurture
  54. ‘‘GreenNurture is one ofGreenNurture is one ofthe best ways forthe best ways fororganisationsorganisationsto get eco-friendlyto get eco-friendly’’The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal
  55. SharePoint + NewsgatorSharePoint + Newsgator
  56. SharePointSharePoint60% of all new intranets60% of all new intranets(estimated)(estimated)Newsgator becoming a defaultNewsgator becoming a defaultadd-onadd-onSkySky’’s the limit?s the limit?
  57. Making fun ofMaking fun ofbusinessbusiness
  58. ‘‘ASIO, McDonalds,andASIO, McDonalds,andNRMA are allNRMA are allcommissioning gamescommissioning games’’Sydney Morning HeraldSydney Morning Herald
  59. ‘‘Games are for broadGames are for broadaudiences, not just boysaudiences, not just boys’’Colin Cardwell, 3RD SenseColin Cardwell, 3RD Sense
  60. ‘‘You can create moreYou can create moredesire for people to workdesire for people to workwith you. In areas likewith you. In areas likerecruitment, you can saverecruitment, you can savea lot of moneya lot of money’’Colin Cardwell, 3RD SenseColin Cardwell, 3RD Sense
  61. ‘‘Organisations areOrganisations arerecognising that learningrecognising that learningcan be funcan be fun’’Steve Hill, Tata InteractiveSteve Hill, Tata Interactive
  62. ‘‘If we played 21 billionIf we played 21 billionhours of games a year, wehours of games a year, wecould change the worldcould change the world’’Jane McGonigal, PhDJane McGonigal, PhD
  63. So...So...Games are hugeGames are hugeWeWe’’re all playing themre all playing themIncredible potential for businessIncredible potential for businessComing soon to an intranet nearComing soon to an intranet nearyou?you?
  64. DesigningDesigninggamesgamesfor yourfor yourintranetintranet
  65. Think about...Think about...A challenge you haveA challenge you haveAn initiative you want to tryAn initiative you want to tryA problem you want to solveA problem you want to solve
  66. Mechanisms you canMechanisms you canuse...use...RatingsRatingsBadgesBadgesPointsPointsRewardsRewardsCertificatesCertificatesPromotionsPromotionsSpecialSpecialprojectsprojectsPerksPerks
  67. ‘‘Gamification can driveGamification can driveparticipation, engagement,participation, engagement,loyalty... anywhere thereloyalty... anywhere there’’sspeoplepeople’’Rajat Paharia, Founder, BunchballRajat Paharia, Founder, Bunchball
  68. How manyHow manyMarios?Marios?
  69. 11!11!
  70. ResourcesResourcesAlex Manchester | alex @ steptwo.com.au@ alex_manchester | alexmanchester.comGreenNurture.comGreenNurture.comCubeless.comCubeless.comen.wikipedia/gamificationen.wikipedia/gamificationTED.comTED.comhttp://www.smh.com.au/technology/enterprise/making-fun-of-business-http://www.smh.com.au/technology/enterprise/making-fun-of-business-20100629-zfxt.htm20100629-zfxt.htmMario art: http://my.opera.com/deddo/blog/Mario art: http://my.opera.com/deddo/blog/