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Who am I. Digital Marketing Graduate Student.


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Pursuing a Masters of Digital Marketing at Hult International Business School in London until August 2011. I have lived in sunny Costa Rica, sometimes sunny United States and not usually sunny United Kingdom. Actively looking for a position upon graduation in Europe, New York or another major U.S city.

I'm bilingual in Spanish and English. My goal is to be employed as a Digital Marketer at a Fortune 500 company. I'm passionate about Digital Marketing and how it allows companies to connect with users if its done right. Digital Marketing is my passion and I enjoy every moment that I get to practice it and learn more about it.


Experience and educational training in Website Development, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Display Ad Marketing & PPC, and Website Analytics, and Digital Marketing Optimization

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Who am I. Digital Marketing Graduate Student.

  1. 1. @alexanderlund Who am I?
  2. 2. Student of a Masters in Digital Marketing (how to m ake people buy stuff online and other channels) & at
  3. 3. What I’ve Done:
  4. 4. Really Cool Stuff I’ve Done: Managed a LinkedIn group of +2000 senior recruiters a nd handled their twitter account that reached +220,000 people! Also interned at Social Media Week London!
  5. 5. And More! Formed a team and led it Board member & organized the biggest event Attended
  6. 6. Cool places I’ve worked at: D igital marketing agency that does everything! D id their website Interned for a Congressman
  7. 7. What I’ve Studied:
  8. 8. My Skills: <ul><li>Languages: </li></ul><ul><li>Spanish </li></ul><ul><li>Basic French </li></ul>IT: A nd most important ENERGY!
  9. 9. What I want to do: Work as a Digital Marketer at a Top Company Download my CV/Resume here
  10. 10. Follow me on Visits my site: Check me out on LinkedIn Now I want to k now who you are!