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Napoleon bonaparte

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Napoleon bonaparte

  1. 1. By Alex Le and Yootak Jin
  2. 2. Who Napoleon Bonaparte The Emperor of France
  3. 3. Where   Napoleon was born in the town of Ajaccio, Corsica  Corsica is an island located off of Italy
  4. 4. When   Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769  Napoleon crowned himself Emperor on December 2, 1804 of France during the French Revolution
  5. 5. Why/How   Napoleon was a young, respected military general who was successful in many battles  A strong leader  Believed that everyone was equal  The people believed that Napoleon could bring stability to France after all the terror and chaos during the French Revoltuion
  6. 6. What   Napoleon believed in religious tolerance and equality  Also believe in education and educational opportunities were important  Meritocracy- leaders based on talent and ability rather than the wealthy and privileged class  Created a Napoleonic Code (set of laws)
  7. 7. Napoleon Invades Russia -Napoleon wants to take Russia and expand his empire -Takes 650,000 soldiers from his Grand Army in a march to Moscow
  8. 8. Napoleon Loses   The Russians used a method called the scorched-earth policy  Burnt down their own towns, villages, crops so that Napoleon’s army wouldn’t have food or shelter  Napoleon and his army finally reaches Moscow to see it burnt to the ground
  9. 9. Napoleon Loses cont.   Napoleon retreats back to France because of the lack of resources  Napoleon’s army was not ready for the harsh winters where many of his soldiers froze to death  Famine, starvation, disease  Russian ambushes and battles causes large decrease of soldiers in Napoleon’s army  About 27,000 French soldiers survive from the 650,000
  10. 10. Exile   Napoleon is exiled to the island of Elba by the French  Louis XVIII becomes the new king but is unpopular to the people  Napoleon escapes Elba and the French welcome him back
  11. 11. Hundred Days   Napoleon and his army fights with the British and Prussian forces in the village of Waterloo in Belgium  Napoleon’s troops were exhausted and were then defeated  This defeat ended Napoleon’s last bid for power  The British exile Napoleon again to St. Helena
  12. 12. Napoleon Dies   Napoleon lives in lonely exile for 6 years at St. Helena writing his memoirs  Napoleon dies in 1821 due to stomach cancer

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