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How does your media product represent particular social groups?


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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  1. 1. How does your media product representparticular social groups?To determine the target audience behind mymedia product I had to research into what socialgroups appeal to the genre of my magazine. Thegenre of my magazine is mostly R&B with aspectsof Hip/Hop mainstream music as this genre isknown to be ‘ruling the music world’. This genreof music is the type of music I listen to therefore Ihad a brief idea in to what type of social groupthis genre appealed to. After carrying out a focusgroup with peers within my age group, it wasclear to me that teenagers 16-17 are the maintarget audience behind this type of genre I amfocusing my magazine on. By clarifyingmy target audience, I then had to research how I can appeal to this target audience so they attract to mymedia product. I studied the demographics behind my audience to gain a more clear understanding into howto market my product to my targeted consumer. After looking thoroughly at the demographics the audiencebehind my magazine are within the D/E category taking into account their age, they may be in education andunemployed. Therefore taking this information into consideration; my magazine had to be sold at anaffordable price for the teenage audience; this enabled me to set the frequency of the distribution of themagazine to weekly; as teenagers are stereotypically known to be entertained through the latest gossip;therefore by setting my magazine as weekly it will help the teenagers to keep interest in the magazine .
  2. 2. How I stereotyped my audience? After researching a lot into my target audience and creating moodboards for my chosen genre I included images such as Iphone, Snapbacks, MTV, Jewellery, Xbox. All these images clarify a stereotype of a particular social group which I am appealing my magazine to. All the features I used in my magazine relate back to the typical stereotypes of my young target audience who are interested and heavily influenced by mainstream consumer products like the ones I used in my moodboard. If I could do my moodboard again to create a specific stereotype of my audience; I would include more images related to the female gender to show that my target audience appeals to both males and females. However these images indicate a clear stereotype of my target audience of youth who follow mainstream products.
  3. 3. What gender does my media product appeal to? After researching thoroughly into the audience of my magazine I came to the conclusion to not just focus on appealing to one gender; but both. I decided to appeal to both gender after researching into who listens to the type of music; taking into account the focus group; it was clear that both genders appeal to mainstream music just as much as eachother therefore I decided to maintain as close to the 50/50 male and female target audience ratio as possible. As men and women in the R&B genre are also seen as equal so my target audience will also support this idea.To keep both genders appealed to this magazine it was important for me to understand how bothgenders differentiate from eachother yet what similarities they share which will enable me to includefeatures on my magazine which fit both teenage boys and girls. The colour scheme is a very significantfactor regarding attracting a certain gender to my media product. Because boys stereotypically likeblue and girls stereotypically like pink, I decided to use this stereotypical theory in my magazine anduse both colour pink and blue to appeal to my audience of teenage boys and girls, this will help attractboth genders therefore fit the criteria by attracting the correct target audience behind my magazine.
  4. 4. How does my reader profile represent my audience?The reader profile I produced for my research into my target audience enabled me to understand how thesocial target group behind my magazine are stereotypically represented within the media industry. I useda variety of both male and female objects to make sure that the 50/50 boy girl ratio is created whichcreates continuity throughout my magazine. To conclude, the reader profile shows that teenage boys andgirls appeal to highly materialistic elements which links in well to my R&B genre as people within the R&Bindustry are represented through iconic materials such as ‘bling’ jewellery, cars, sneakers, sunglasses etc.Therefore this shows a clear relationship between my chosen audience and the genre of music mymagazine is based on, which helps achieve my aim at how my chosen audience will attract to mymagazine. By looking in to how my target audience is shown through media products; will help me achievebetter results in the process of making my overall magazine as it will help me to understand what type ofproducts teenagers like to consume therefore I can add this to my magazine through these types of coloursetc. Red, pink. I started to add statistics to my reader profile such as ‘94% of readers use the internet’because of this I can use this in my media product by adding interactive features which will appeal to myaudience.
  5. 5. After asking peers within my age range whether online advertsencourage them to go and buy the magazine the response showsthat online adverts would be successful in advertising my magazine From researching intoas this age range are the main consumers of interactivity etc. using what my chosensocial networking sites. Therefore I used this research by addinginteractive features to my magazine to appeal to the target reader:- audience appeal to from a magazine ; here are the features I used on @FRESHUKAfter researching into my audience’ my front cover whichinterests on my reader profile; it showed helped me appeal to mythat my target audience spend a lot of target audience.their time in social networking sites;therefore I included the twitter name ofmy magazine on my front cover so readerscan follow the magazine to also catch upon the celebrity gossip online aswellwhich will give my magazine morerecognition from other peers within thissocial group from find more about mymagazine online where theystereotypically spend most of their time. After researching into existing magazine features to see how they appeal to their audience. The magazine I have based mine on which is Vibe; have included aBy including the BBM pin scanner this subheading of a chart list on theirwill appeal well to my audience as front cover. This will appeal to myteenagers are the main consumers target readers as my audience are thewithin the social media therefore by type to follow the charts as it isusing this it will enable the audience to mainstream and recent as myscan the magazine and share it with audience like to ‘follow the crowd’other peers within the same socialgroup which will gain a bigger profile formy magazine.
  6. 6. How my research helped me create my main image toappeal to my target audience:After carrying out a focus group to see the opinions on magazines from peoplewithin my age group, and also creating my reader profile to show the productsmy target audience appeal to, this helped me create my main image inreflection to the target audience’ interests. The focus group taught me what myage group appeal to the most from a magazine, which will then help me makemy magazine appeal to them through their answers. The answer showed thatthis age group are mostly attracted to the main image on the front cover, thiscould be due to the fact that teenagers visually appeal to aspects more thanwriting . They also appeal to the colour scheme a lot therefore it is important tochose your colours right on the magazine to fit to the gender and the generaltarget audience you have chosen your magazine to appeal to. I chose this outfitbecause it is similar to the clothing and accessories used on my reader profile;therefore teenagers will appeal to this clothing as it is very ‘trendy’ and modernwith the use of bright colours to catch the readers attention. This outfitcorresponds to the genre of music being mainstream. The outfit also reflectsthe R&B genre as the leggings I used have a graffiti pattern on them which is aniconic feature within R&B culture. The background also emphasises this as itmakes the picture correspond to the urban culture behind my genre. My target audience are young adults and the majority of my young audience typically aspire to be like the artist they see on the front cover of my magazine; girls will aspire to look like them and boys would appeal to the female artist’s appearance by her looking attractive. I added these wedges on as they make the model look more inspirational to look at making her look more glamorous and dressed up which is also conventional for female artists to be represented within the R&B/Hip Hop genre.
  7. 7. One way in which my magazine attracts the target audience is with its price and how frequent it is published. My magazine is published weekly, for the sake of my target audience so they can keep up to date with the latest celebrity gossip and charts as my targeted social group like to be involved with the most recent news in the media, therefore by publishing the magazine weekly, they do not have to wait longer to read gossip etc.Taking into account that my target audience belongs within the D/E category thisgave me the idea to keep the price of my magazine as low as possible so my targetaudience can afford to buy it weekly. I made the price of my magazine £1.20 as thepeers within my focus group state that they would be willing to pay between £1 to£2 on them. This could be due to the teenagers not being able to pay more for amagazine.