Alexis final junior paper


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Alexis final junior paper

  1. 1. Woods 1 How would you feel if you were abused? Every single day animals go through it, sometheir entire live. There are many laws for animal abuse and cruelty but it still tends to happen assad as it is. There are many signs of animal abuse, the effects are numerous such as; animalsbeing burnt, beaten and used for scientific experiments, and so on. Animal cruelty is awful andanimals should have all the same rights as us people do. To stop the problem anybody can help;by raising money, adopting abused animals, or making a group to help them. There are many types of animal abuse in the world around us. When they train animals alot of people will beat torture and even kill them, just so their fit to do whatever it is so that theylearn the routine. Even just at home people will abuse their animals. “It is stated that seventypercent of animal abusers also have a record for other crimes “(11 –facts), “Study’s also foundthat a history of animal abuse found in 25% of males crimes, 30% of convicted child molesters,6 % of homicide cases & 48 % of convicted rapist committed cases of animal neglect or crueltyin their child hood & up” (11-facts). People may also have puppy mills. Puppy mills is a largescale commercial dog breeding operation, which isn’t good thing at all because sometimes thepuppy’s aren’t looked after properly. Any person can do animal abuse or cruelty, even if it’s nota good thing whatsoever. The thing is people harm animals or pets just because they feelpleasure or some adrenaline when they do so. Animals don’t have a voice, they can’t tell anyonewhen they’re getting abused so that’s why a lot of organizations help them out & try to stopanimal cruelty from happening. “13 % of intentional animal abuse cases involve domesticviolence” (Kilroy). In the world there are people that hoard animals, they might think theresavingthe animals life but in reality it’s not saving at all because it’s making things worse than they are, because with so many animals there’s a lot of sickness and death. There is unintentional animalabuse .Most people who abuse animals don’t do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they
  2. 2. Woods 2don’t realize or think about what they’re doing. Some people hurt animals by trying to help thembut end up just hurting them in the end. In other countries abuse to animals isn’t taken seriouslyat all, it’s just a part of life to them, which isn’t a good thing because even if the animals aren’t inthe United States it’s still considered cruelty and a lot of organizations try to stop the overseasabuse as well. There’s a chain of abuse, initially abusers fantasize about violence than act it outon inanimate objects. If the chain of violence is not broken animals are often the next target.“You may see cruelty & abuse as: lacking adequate food water and shelter, the animal appearsvery thin and matted, live in filth, sick or injured and not treated” (pet-abuse). When it comes toanimal cruelty there are many types; dog fighting, animal hoarding and animal testing along withmany more. Everyday a lot of serial killers and murders have shown a tendency to inflict animalcruelty when they were children or youths. People may abuse animals because of peer pressure.It’s not right to abuse animals they don’t do anything to harm us so why should we harm them?Many times abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power, joy, or fulfillment; becausethey know the animals can’t defend it. “People Abuse animals for the same reason they abusepeople. Almost every criminal has a history on cruelty of some source” (E-zine). “Statistics show that’s 13%of intentional animals’ abuse cases involved child abuse anddomestic violence” (American). Animal cruelty can be unintentional as well as intentional. Manytimes it is said that physiological disorders can make people abuse or harm animals. Just like akiller will harm a person. In some cultures when they worship animals they will harm them aswell, just for their religious beliefs, they don’t consider it animal cruelty in their countries. Theactivities related to intentional abuse have deep connections to some severe psychologicalproblems. “Surveys conducted on psychiatric patients reveal that people with psychopathicpersonality disorders have a tendency to torture pets, and other small animals, Termed as zoo
  3. 3. Woods 3sadism” (Pet-abuse). Some people show aggression to ward’s other people as well. If a personhas emotional problems, as if, a family member passes away, or they get abused they might hurtanimals to take away the pain or also as a form of fighting back. Peer pressure is also one of thecauses for animal cruelty, like children that get abused by their parents may do it so they can feelpowerful for once for all the times that they can’t be with the abusive parent. Many animals infilms even get hurt & cruelly treated. Animals are used in several films. Animal abuse during theproduction of films is common all over the world. Serious harm has been caused to animals thatare almost killed. Even on the internet there’s videos of people beating animals for the purposeof “fun” or entertainment. “The most common victims of animal abuse are; Horses, Livestock,dogs, cats and birds” (Kilroy). Animals are even killed cruelly just for the purpose of food. “Forinstance, in china they catch sharks, Cut off there fins & tails and then let them back into thewater; where they slowly bleed to death, All because they need the fins for shark fin soup, whichis considered a delicacy food” (why). Animals are killed and abused for many purposes, and a lotof people try to stop it from happening but every day it goes on and on. “In 1997 Boston’snortheastern university and MSPCA did a study that found 70% of all animal abusers havecommitted at least one other crime, violent against humans” (pet-abuse). Red foxes are killed tomake fox fur coats, just like tigers and big cats are. “Every year, one hundred million animals diein scientific experiments and test or get addicted to drugs and brain damaged” (11 facts). Infactories calves are aborted or the mother killed so they can use the skin for skins, which areconsidered luxurious. “in the year 2000 it was reported by the aspca that’ over 7,200 Greyhounddogs were killed because they’re not fast enough for the dog races we enjoy” (11-facts). Theworst case of animal cruelty was in the film Cannibal holocaust; it was proven they killedmanyanimals for the film to be realistic. Have you ever thought about why the government or
  4. 4. Woods 4law doesn’t stop It.? Well they’re laws in every single state except three that punish people forthe cruelty & abuse if caught. “Animal cruelty is defined as; any person found to haveintentionally overworked or tortured, Tormented, or wounded any living animals is a violation ofthe state’s animal cruelty laws. Law also extends to anyone who knowingly or neglectfullydeprives an animal of food, water, and or shelter. Prohibited as well from cruelly beatingmutilating or killing an animal” (the American). When you get caught with animal cruelty youmay get time in jail or prison, as well as a felony and fines. If you want to report abuse contactsthe local human society or local law enforcement because they will investigate. “All U.S stateshave animal cruelty laws: and forty-seven states treat some forms of abuse as felonies” (U.Scruelty). There are many societies and groups that try to stop with animal abuse; for example,P.ET.A. There’s an organization called B.A.A.C [Bikers against animal cruelty].It’s an organizedgroup of compassionate motorcyclist who advocate against animal cruelty. Promote responsiblepet ownership and to help defray the cost of emergency veterinarian care for cruelty and neglectcases. Even at your friendly McDonalds, there’s abuse behind the amazing food you get. Somuch abuse happens at the food factory that even the workers quit & talk about how bad it was.Not a single law currently provides any protection to the factories. Even the government killsanimals on a day to day basis; nearly half of the animals that enter the animal shelter never makeit out, simply because there’s no room or anybody to adopt them. There are many disadvantagesof the laws and groups around the world trying to prevent animal abuse from even happening.Even though organizations make a good point and help out a lot, it doesn’t always work. Manypeople ignore the laws, & don’t see the harm there causing to animals, because there weaker thanthey are & cannot speak for themselves. “An Organization called Mercy for animals is anational non- profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and
  5. 5. Woods 5promoting passionate food choices and policies”(The American). The MFA organizationbelieves they have the right to include the right to live free form the unnecessary suffering &cruelty. The aspca human law enforcement investigates the cruelty; arrest those accused andrescues animals from some of the most disturbing conditions. The bad outcomes of the groupsand laws is that people won’t listen or will not get caught with hurting an animal & that animalwill never get saved because the person keeps on or no body finds out. “There are two differenttypes of cruelty, Active and passive. Active cruelty implies malicious intent where persondeliberately and intentionally caused harm to an animal, like non accidental injury; these areusually the most disturbing cases. Passive cruelty is typified by cases of neglect where the crimeis a lack of action rather than the action itself, it’s just animal neglect” (Kilroy). In some statesthere isn’t many penalty’s for animal cruelty, not because they don’t care just because theyhaven’t thought anything about it, which isn’t a good thing because every single minute of theday an animal is in pain & scared. So when you think about animal cruelty there’s nothing good at all about it, every singleaspect is awful & should be stopped. Animal cruelty is bad, because it inflicts pain on innocentanimals that don’t deserve it at all; they deserve a better home & a better way of life. That’s whypeople are out there to help to stop and prevent animal cruelty from progressing. Animal crueltyisn’t a great thing whatsoever, there are many ways to try and stop it from being a problem.Animals have the same feelings as we do, & feel everything about pain like we do , So help byjoining an organization , watching out for signs of an animal being neglected or hurt cruelly. Weas people can speak for the animals, on their behalf. I think animal cruelty is a terrible thing thatshould be stopped no matter how hard it takes. Anyone that hurts animals has no right, There justlike us, maybe not human. But they are close to it.
  6. 6. Woods 6