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Mindmap the dutch cheese & more hong kong


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Mindmap the dutch cheese & more hong kong

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Mindmap the dutch cheese & more hong kong

  1. 1. guerilla marke ng seeked publicity read mindmap clock wise tv magazines HK read from center internet sites per branch from top top bo om publicity focus on locals not expats more info on mindmapping: Item on Chinese tv (cctv) see h p:// next step is China ar cle in Telegraaf also in Holland 10 years experience in Hong Kong then radio & tv prosperity in China increasesopened June pilot store HK island first step15th 2012 pioneering role in HK second store preference for Western products/ brands November 2012 second step need for heritage stand The Dutch steps wine & dine (non) food a racted alot of fes val China a huge consumer market PR & people 200 stores 3rd store in HK 10 years ago: mainly a tea market 2013 franchise Southern China reference coffee by Starbucks & Nespresso a few self owned idee: coffee coffee is hot product not tested Starbucks opens a new outlet every 3 days logo hip brand no red, white, blue Chinese cant stand alcohol not dutch wine wine Chinese dont know how to drink wine 700 years of wine introduced by Remy Mar n but modern style Dutch cheese Chinese buy French vineyards Dutch experience cheese & more snobis c chili wine export increases double digits farm types & taste products idea: lets do something with cheese pesto dutch cheese aged introduce cheese in China 650 mln kg cheese in Holland introduce cheese & wineyoung cheese started in 2011 80% export shop as pilot in HKmild and easy break even a er 1 year spicy & bite taste na onal roll out in mainland China old cheese buy need local entrepreneurs it is a snack franchise format big country The Dutch: cheese & more product of 600/700 years Dutch dairy: has a good reputa on the brand heritage eaten by the Dutch why unique? great concept same taste cheese produced in Holland new product combina on cheese & wine local office (Barnyard) premium product 10 cheeses no import restric on cheese accompanied by wine simple pioneering role tas ng in shop no dividend tax choose their piece of cheese concept no VAT controversial luxurious minimal company income tax Western no property tax tell the story of cheese role of HK within China Chinese dont know cheese story telling explain Dutch taste