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MindMap Social Networks change the world - EO2011 Amsterdam


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MindMap Social Networks change the world by Kevin Eyers at EO2011 Amsterdam

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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MindMap Social Networks change the world - EO2011 Amsterdam

  1. 1. Manager LinkedIn Europe Kevin Eyers Intro Agree Risk Understand How does Social Media work Write the rulebook Be entrepreneurs Change the World People dont know the field Its a greenfield Business Nothing new Take risk Up to you What Be involved People & relations Its a journey, not a campaign Social New communcations chanels Entereneurs Media The movement Challenge Biggest change Equal playing field How to measure Measure Everyone has a voice Try out No rule book Example: Spring People able to freely communicate Figure it out with others Middle East In a area where no free speech Tap into the pool of knowledge Educate Work together eachother Interconnectedness Collaborate Communicate Let ideas flow 10 levels of intimacy in todays communications No rule books Social in Entrepreneur: write the book company Understand how dynamics work Engage Customers Advocate People & Attract more Business relations Collaborating Employees Leverage knowledge Alumni (part of) Moving forward in career Presence Social gesture Amplify message thru network Traffic Facebook Sky rocket traffic Entertainment 14 september 2011 Change The World - How to stand out from the field Who is audience Context Kevin Eyres Social How to interact Networks changing the Customer # grow Cost down Fake or real world Virality Particulair audience Engage More value Interact with products & services Dynamics More members Network effect Fax machine web20 Customers becomes More authority advocates User Generated Content (UGC) Content cost Work Engage more standpunt How to harness Advocate Generate ideas Recruit Communicate Career page Tribe LinkedIn Work with us ads Social Personal Movies 3 networking Inside dynamics Hobbies Where do they want to go Outside Who am I as a professional Relationship Work with Profesional Values them Goals Here is me broadcasting What are we gonna Broadcast How are they going to Collaborate Amplifying my voice do in between leave company with employees Blue Shirt (floor people) Fair clear liniation Real world Collaborate Blue Shirt Nation / BSN (grass roots) Example Online world Crowdsource to check on price & business models Dynamics Facebook New policies Twitter Retirement plans Communicate How to gain more control by letting go Linkedin Stay in contact Alumni Get you into a new business networks Social Stay involved with past employees Channels Professional Broadcast Nobody knows Google+ Integrate to everyone else What is it? A network on top off the rest Please read the mindmap clockwise Search implications Interested in Author of this mindmap is not Relevancy linked to person Http:// mindmapping? responsible for its contents Context is key14 september 2011 EO Amsterdam Change The World | Kevin Eyers | LinkedIn Europe | Social Networks changing the world | livemindmapping by