Content management in het digitale tijdperk door Shimon Ben Ayoun


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Mindmap van Lezing gegeven door Shimon Ben Ayoun tijdens Nyenrode Alumni VCV MarCom op 1 juli 2014. Onderwerp: Content management in het digitale tijdperk.

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Content management in het digitale tijdperk door Shimon Ben Ayoun

  1. 1. Content management in het digitale tijdperk op 1 juli 2014 door Shimon Ben Ayoun, mindmap door Alexis van Dam Shimon Ben Ayoun CEO van Founder B2B Marketing Forum Http:// Create perception Big event Focus on b2b Be first in Google Build links to own site Blog Guest speakers Create exposure Thought leadership Hand out an award Born in Israel 10 years in Netherlands Loves Biking Running Cooking Consult Test management MarCom consultancy as freelancer Hubspot (Love stories) What is it? Inbound marketing Newsletter Blog articles Content marketing Whitepapers Marketing automation provider Content recycling 2007 Mike Volpe, Started to work for Hubspot Started with 10 beta customers 5 people in company Graduates of MIT 2-3 leads per day Some money Bring the word out on our product No money for advertsing Did not want to interrupt the target group Help marketeers to do their job better Not about hubspot product/ technology It is about THEM Started their blog Teach topics Website grader Podcast Video's Blogs Photo's Slideshare Wrote ebooks 2013 Blog: generated 1 mln visitors a month 1600 articles 260 presentations 150 podcast 200 video 100 webinars Developed assets for company Generate traffic It is a media company Creating assets for company Result Revenue: $77 mln 11000 customers 750 employees Marketing people love 400.000 660.000 65.000 As long as you create content Create relevant content Video B2B marketeer Business buy got complicated B2B buyers do more research Website Engage with peers before decision Reading research papers Thought leaders Content is key #1 whitepapers 60% have less time Seeing is believing Watch video 65% checks vendor site after watching Only 10% of sites is mobile friendly Not all content is great Make it useful Help them make a business case Have you got the pulling power Inbound marketing Outbound 74% direct mail 71% email 72% event Content marketing Need relevant content to use on LI Definition: "Creating and distributing relevant, valuable content to attract and acquire and engage" Age of empowered customer B2B buyer journey SpotOnVision Awareness Generate leads Consideration Steps Research Solution strategy Decision What solution to buy This all happens without sales people Hidden sales cycle People searching for product When you're not in short list - you cannot reach them Good content marketing Brand awareness Relevant Engaging Help your target audience/ buyers SpotOnVision: Content Marketing Cycle Buyer persona Informational needs Understand the buyer better McKinsey marketing mails New vision marketing buyer & customer journey Look at Kees Jan Marlous Not CFO CEO CMO ... Questions Who are they? What are their goals/ priorities? Success factor? What keeps me awake at night? My info needs? My buying/ decision process Content mapping How they make a decision When to create what relevant content to which buyer Stages 1. Trigger 2. Research 3. Assess 4. Negotiate 5. Purchase Content creation Is it relevant to your buyer? Is it unique? Does it add value? Does it make sense for you to produce/ is it in your domain? Can you actually create it easily? Content promotion 91% 85% 81% 73% Content marketing metrics 3 out of 4 CEO's want marketeers to become 100% ROI focussed Show what they do in numbers Report in numbers Measure Value Reach Conversion VelocityConversion > customers ReturnImpact on revenue's Analysis Leads generated Business opportunity How many deals closed due to content Content recycling Splitting it up Whitepaper > webinar Video > blogpost Example Long life of a survey of whitepaper 1. Interview with authors 2. Press release 3. Summary of resultsSlideshare 4. Blog post about the survey in general 5. 1 article per chapter 6. Webinar about survey Well designed whitepaper: 10.000 euro's Split up whitepaper 6 different ways to drive more ROI on piece of content Relevant Companies always look for new content Organisation agenda Move from Brand Awareness to Thought Leadership Reputation People think about the brand/ company Buy from the experts A brand is no longer what we tell what it is, it is what people say to each other about it (age of social media) - Scott Cook, co-founder, Intuit Who is the buyer? What content should you develop for the DMU in different stages Meet Erna Digital body language Profile fit Engagement fit Ebook: startin with content marketing Http:// Generated more then 2000 leads for us It still generates content Marketing automationLead nurturing Communicate effectiveness: Lead nurturing 1: download ebook 2 email 2 weeks later after ebook, see webinar 3 visited webinar 4 which webpages she consumed 5 scores behaviour Ready to talk to sales Warm call (not cold) 1st conversation The experts on content marketing in Holland I am talking to expert Read ebook Saw the webinar Read articles Emotional value of content Enrich data of person Use LinkedIn and other sources Buying journey 2 examples B2B Volvo Trucks - Epic Split, 73 mln views Watch: More results?Very costly to produce 99,9% are not relevant Will it blend iPad, 17 mln views Watch: More results? 17 mln views: everyone is potential customer of blenders Part of a series The blender guy is the CEO Cheap video's Engage with visitors Ask people what they want to see to blended Ashes of iPhone blend on Ebay How Humour Show product Engagement Relevancy So what's next Start with basic Know your buyers and his/ her buyer journeys Content is new currency Quality It inspired me Don't invest if you plan to do it once Consistency Continuity Forrester Research: be customer obsessed and adaptable to customer change will be there! Mindmap Lees tip Begin vanuit het midden Lees met de klok mee Per tak van boven naar beneden Links in de PDF zijn klikbaar Gemaakt door Http:// LinkedIn profiel: Content Management in digitale tijdperk | Shimon Ben Ayoun | CEO SpotOnVision op 1 juli | Nyenrode Alumni VCV | Mindmap door Alexis van Dam |