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2015 06-10 digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 04 gopesh raichura


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NyMaS & VCV MarCom Symposium Digitale Marketingtransformatie Anno 2015. Mindmap door Alexis van Dam van spreker Gopesh Raichura.

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2015 06-10 digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 04 gopesh raichura

  1. 1. 2015-06-10 Digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 Gopesh Raichura Evangelist Oracle Marketing Cloud – Oracle Data management platform Customer centricity Target Engage Deliver message @oracle Opportunity Live digital lives Constant connected Every facet in live is enabled by consumer technology Marketeers are also the customer More Connected Social Engage Engage with brands in innovative ways Issues Reality: fragmentation 82% of CMO's have no synchronized view of customer data (Forrester) Website Social Media E-mail 2nd party data Quality for clients Message deliver on the right time to right client Data management 2nd party data, Example Reebok Sign up newsletter on site Reebok Reselled via Footlocker Reebok doesn't know about the customer Footlocker does Reebok: share data Partnership 3rd party data Buy data Enrich understanding Fill in the gaps Enterprise data CRM Commerce systems Online Offline Data stuck in marketing channel silo's SEO Analytics CMS Events Social Listening Social publishing Loyalty Rating reviews Display Ads E-mail marketing Result: broken customer experience Marketers lean heavily on fragmented toolsTo do Blogpost Emails Social Campaigs Webinar Blogs Emails Pass fragmentation onto customer 78% of customers don't receive a consistent experience. Accenture Customer bombarded 94% of customer discontinued communication with a company because of irrelevant messages. Blue Research Solve fragmentation Deliver seamless communication across devices Solve it for yourself Separate data form each point of marketing execution Take control of data 3 stages of data activation 1. Data in What you know Multiple data sources Aggregated into a single centralized platform 1st part, 2nd party and 3rd party data Offline & online Known and unknown 2. Unlock the value in data Data categorized to enable activation Map the data Additional layers of information Unified data Bluekai ID Https:// 3. Data outData activated across the marketing schedule Legenda Leesinstructie Met de klok mee Vanuit het centrum naar buiten Per tak van boven naar beneden Legenda Vraag Belangrijke opmerkingen Let op deze PDF bestaat uit meer pagina's! Sessie/ event/ congres faciliteren: NyMaS Symposium | 10 juni 2015 | Mindmap gemaakt door Alexis van Dam |