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The seven success factors of social business strategy mind map by Alexis van Dam


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mind map based upon webinar for introduction of ebook: The seven success factors of social business strategy by Charlene Li en Brian Solis

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The seven success factors of social business strategy mind map by Alexis van Dam

  1. 1. The  Seven  Success   Factors  of  Social   Business  Strategy   Mind  map  by  Alexis   van  Dam  of  webinar   Aug  15,    2013 Intro Coherent   strategy 7  success  factors  of   social  business   strategy #1  define   overall   business  goals #2  establish   the  long  term   vision   wrap-­‐up #7  invest  in  technology   that  support  objecLves #6  secure  staffing,   resources  and  funding #5  establish   governance  &   guidelines #4  define  the   strategy  roadmap  &   idenLfy  iniLaLves #3  get   execuLve   support mindmap Charlene  Li,  Al-meter Brian  Solis,  Al-meter cra$  a  coherent  strategy  that  transcends  individual  social   media  channels  and  results  in  a  robust  strategy  roadmap,   complete  with  metrics. is  about Context:  6  stages  of  Social  Business   Transforma-on: Social  Business   Strategy Social  media  as  true   path  in  business In  most  organiza-ons,   social  media  is: Success  in  social  business align  people  on  objec-ves Decide  what  to  do  and   not  to  do   Planning:  Listen  &  learn Presence:  Stake  our  claim Engagement:  Dialogue  deepens  rela-onships Formalized:  Organize  for  scale Strategic:  Become  a  social  business Converged:  Business  is  social The  deep  integra-on  and  social  methodologies  into  the   organiza-on  to  drive  business  impact. its  about its  not  to   Social   business  is   about: Driving  business  goals Launch  a  presence  on  Facebook Alignment Commitment Most  organiza-ons  do  not   connect  social  media  to   business  objec-ves Different  Business  Units  may  use  social   media it  impacts  the  whole  organiza-on Only  34%  of  organiza-ons  really   connect  social  media  to  business   goals Only  25%  of  organiza-ons  use  social   media  and  have  it  aligned  to   organiza-on  vision  &  strategy Marke-ng IT Legal Communica-ons Sales Opera-ons Service Etc Engagement  &  channel  driven Should  be  business  goal  driven A  framework  to  help  you  audit  your  exis-ng  strategy #1  define  overall  business  goals #2  establish  the  long  term  vision   #3  get  execu-ve  support #4  define  the  strategy  roadmap  &  iden-fy  ini-a-ves #5  establish  governance  &  guidelines #6  secure  staffing,  resources  and  funding #7  invest  in  technology  that  support  objec-ves it  starts  with: Quote:  "Always  go  back  to  the  objec-ves  you're  a]er.  If   you  lose  sight  of  that,  you'll  be  was-ng  -me  and   resources  quickly"  David  Fenech Ask   yourself: Exercise:  connect  social  goals  to   organiza-on  goals What  is  your  overall  business  goal? what  is  your  brand  promise? what  is  your  social  media  strategy? What  needs  do  employees  have? What  does  the  customer  want? ... Why  are  we  here? What  are  your  goals? It  is  an  evolu-onary  path! It  is  about  alignment! What  do  you  do? How  do  they  align  in  what  we   achieve  in  social  business? Top  5  strategic  goals Iden-fy  how  you  would  measure  progress  or   acainment  of  these  business  goals  now Brainstorm  a  few  social  business  ini-a-ves  that   could  poten-ally  support  that  business  goal Iden-fy  metrics  that  connect  social  business   metrics  to  the  business  goal  metrics Align  on  what  those  goals  are vision  is  cri-cal social  media  is  an   opportunity What  is  that  vision  for   social  media? Example Correla-on  between  mission,  brand  promise what  are  customer  and  employee  experiences? What  is  the  organiza-on's  vision? Humanize  your  organiza-on Open  environment Democra-ze  informa-on Transparency it  is  a  way  of business philosophy how  do  you  use  those  pladorms  &  channels? improve social  media  and  social  business  changes  alot;  take  a   broader  perspec-ve it  is  about  purpose! Reten-on Advocacy loyalty ... Social  Media   Vision  Statement Think  about  rela-onships Cra]  a  story  towards   the  statement "To  humanize  the  company  by  connec-ng   cons-tuents  with  Ford  employees  and  with  each   other  when  possible,  providing  value  in  the  process" It's  a  simple  statement What  is  the  purpose? In  3/5  years  from  now? Make  the  rela-ons  tangible What  does  this  look  like? people  remember  stories  and  not  words! focus  on  rela-ons  in  future  (look  beyond  today's  constraints) define  experience  people  need  to  have,  feel,  share Make  it  a  story  that  tells  about  the  rela-onship Make  a  statement  that  stands  test  of  -me  and  technology Don't  wordsmith  too  much,  gut  feeling  is  o]en  good Keep  it  short  and  memorable You're  not  alone apply  the  7  steps drive  customers,  employees  and   rela-onships  forward  in  a  meaningful  way use  resources  well Internet  is  a  big  problem Invest  in   technologies Internet  is  old Enterprise   social  networks The  new  thing Over  -me  fail  to  adopt  it No  vision,  driver,  strategy Success  only:  when  there  is  purpose Work  together  with  IT align  investments  with  roadmap Not  only  do  it  when  you  read   something  new  on Once  you  have Then Most  social  strategist Training goals Strategy Vision Playbook Policies Roles  enhance New  roles  exist Form  a  community  based  on  key   stakeholders Make  decision  for Create  dis-nc-ve  roles Who  is  responsible  for  what? IT Legal marke-ng sales opera-ons Etc Needs Challenges What  do  you  need? How  to  fill  in  the  gaps? How  to  extend  staff  in  training approach Iden-fy  priori-es  in  social   media  educa-on become  advocate  of  the  brand Ambassadors What  you  should  do Judgement  is  needed  in  between What  you   shouldn't  doprac--oners execu-ves all  employees  (risk  mi-ga-on) all  employees  (advocacy) playbook Policies steps governance Determine  who  is  responsible  for   social  strategy? Who  leads  development   of  an  infrastructure? Who  is  going  to  help? Create  a  hub  or  a  Centre  of  Excellence Priori-ze  ini-a-ves tackle  guidelines  &  processes Assign  roles  and   responsibili-es How  to  use  tools? How  to  achieve  objec-ves? rewrite  roles  &  guidelines people  need  specifics/  direc-on Need  to  teach  alignment  of  social  and   business  strategies Social  Strategist  becomes  Chief   (Social)  Strategist   organiza-on   models Decentralized Centralized Hub  -­‐  spoke Mul-ple  hub  spoke Holis-c come  to  an  agreement  on  the  governance   model  before  moving  on  to  strategy 5  levels  of  governance Align  on  vision,  strategy  and  roadmap Policies Processes Playbook Technology Training Outcomes   are  not What  are  you   trying  to  do Make  the  -meline then Likes Retweets Share Those  are  mini  KPI's but  are:Lean  organiza-on  reverse  engineer once  you  have you  need  a look  ahead  at  least  3  years do! vision you're  in  alignment  on  business  goals you  need  a  plan  that  brings  it  to  life Strategic  Social   Business  roadmap Important looks  3  years  ahead aligns  business  goals   with  social  media  (across   organiza-on) Document  where  you  go Accomplish  business  goals technologies  change Tools  become  enabler  of   alignment  in  orgiza-on Champion  your  cause/  case support  strategy Put  them  on  a  -meline/  roadmap plot  each  ini-a-ves Link  back  to  business  goals feel  the  vision What  do  you  need  to  accomplish  vision? Alignment  of  all  resources Bring  the  -meline  to  the  execu-ves Start  to  execute O]en  social   media  is   about  tools Advice social  media  should  become   bigger  than  a  tool  of  marke-ng social  media  should  empower  rest  of  business Back  to  the   execu-ve  suite Social  becomes  an   enabler  of  business  goals For  example what  is  our  Pinterest  strategy? o]en  based  on  tools Execu-ves  report  to   shareholders,  stakeholder  etc execu-ves: disconnect  between  language  social   media  strategists  and  execuLves They  decide  on  metrics   and  numbers What  are  the  business  priori-es? Opportuni-es Hurdles Stakeholders Needs It  is  what  you  do  with Demonstrate Help  the  execs  understand  what   the  opportuni-es  are  with  social Execu-ve  sponsor  is  crucial  to  let   social  become  a  success Channel Tools emphasize  rela-onships  and   outcomes,  not  social  media  channels use  reverse  mentoring  to  increase  their   prac-cal  knowledge  of  social  media press  for  credibility connect  the  dots  (for  them) leverage  social  media  as  an  enabler create  a  sense  of  urgency Talk  about  what  they  understand  (their  top5  goals) execu-ve  has  more  or  less  5  priori-es   (same  amount  of  fingers!) from  introductory   webinar  of  ebook created  by   Alexis  van  Dam read  it: August  15th  2013 LiveMindMapper Online  Communica-ons   Consultant/  Trainer hcp:// star-ng  at  1  o'  clock from  center  to  outside per  branch  top  to  bocom