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Java FX Tools Aquarium Paris


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Martin Brehosvky presentation of the JavaFX 1.0 tooling in Paris on December 12th 2008.

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Java FX Tools Aquarium Paris

  1. 1. JavaFX Tools Martin Brehovsky Architect and Lead of JavaFX Production Suite Sun Microsystems
  2. 2. JavaFX Tools ● Tools supported for JavaFX 1.0 ● JavaFX plugins for NetBeans 6.5 ● JavaFX plugins for Eclipse 3.4 ● JavaFX Production Suite
  3. 3. JavaFX Plugins for NetBeans 6.5 ● Open source project at ● Available either as plugins or as JavaFX IDE ● Includes JavaFX SDK 1.0 w/ mobile emulator ● JavaFX Project Type ● Many Samples
  4. 4. JavaFX Plugins for NetBeans 6.5 ● Can include Java and JavaFX classes ● Code completion, code snippets/palette ● Configurations ● Preview ● Debugger/Profiler ● Support for assets exported by JavaFX Production Suite (FXZ/FXD files) ● Deployment to Desktop/Applet/WebStart/Mobile
  5. 5. JavaFX Plugins for Eclipse 3.4 ● Open source project at ● Provides basic support for developing JavaFX applications in Eclipse ● As with NetBeans can deploy and run applications on Deskto/Applet/WebStart/Mobile ● Still in an experimental mode
  6. 6. JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite ● Allows exporting graphic assets to JavaFX ● Provides a bridge between a designer and a developer (both are equal partners) ● Targeted at designers using graphical tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – Plugins for AI/PS, SVG Converter and JavaFX Graphics Viewer ● Loader for assets exported by the suite ● Samples showing the workflow
  7. 7. JavaFX 1.0 Production Suite ● Basic workflow: – Designer creates graphics in one or more graphical tools, identifies significant elements and exports it to JavaFX as FXZ file – Developer takes the FXZ file(s) from the designer, loads them and manipulates the exposed elements ● By this we separate graphics and code, so both of them can be updated independently at its own pace
  8. 8. Summary ● JavaFX 1.0 is here together with tools for developers (NetBeans, Eclipse) and for designers (JavaFX Production Suite) ● Using both NetBeans and Eclipse you can develop and deploy applications to desktop, web, webstart and mobile ● This is the beginning – you will see more and broader support coming in the upcoming year
  9. 9. Questions/Answers
  10. 10. Thank You Martin Brehovsky Architect and Lead of JavaFX Production Suite Sun Microsystems