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Published in: Investor Relations
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  1. 1. Sarah Corrigan CEO, Co-founder
  2. 2. Problem Top-Quality Flowers (5x – 10x mark-up) FLOWER SHOP Florist You
  3. 3. Solution SKIP THE FLORIST. Get top-quality flowers direct from vendor + growers.
  4. 4. Demo • The consumer is able to browse and buy from the same shelves as top florists. • See something you love, add it to cart and check out.
  5. 5. Demo The vendor is pinged with your order While the courier is dispatched to pick up your flowers And deliver them to you just minutes later
  6. 6. Demo • When the market closes at 3, so de we. • You can, of course, schedule a reminder to shop tomorrow when new flowers arrive.. • …Or in two months for your Anniversary. We’ll email you first thing to remind you that its your anniversary and then we give you first dibs on the fresh product that has just arrived.
  7. 7. Competition $9.3bn Lots of options, lots of filler.
  8. 8. Leblum Quality Impeccable grade + zero filler
  9. 9. Business Model We charge per transaction with 40% Margins 40% Margins • We don’t handle flowers • We hold zero inventory
  10. 10. Traction 80% weekly growth 30% repeat user rate
  11. 11. • Serial entrepreneur with 7+ years building and operating profitable floral companies. • Her previous business, floral retail shop in TriBeCa sold for an 8 time return after 2 years. • Graduate of Lehigh University. Founder
  12. 12. Sarah Corrigan CEO, Co-founder