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Michael brown Slide Show


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Using slide shows presents a creative way of using technology. With them, I am able to integrate technology effectively.

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Michael brown Slide Show

  1. 1. Michael Brown
  2. 2. August 9, 2014 ● Unarmed ● Video catches Brown stealing ● Officer fires two shots inside car ● Different views from witnesses between officer and Brown ● Found Brown’s blood or other DNA all over car ● Fired 12 rounds ● Shot in hand, arm, chest, neck, head
  3. 3. Important Info ● Juvenile Record Assumption: ● Burglary- 1st degree (11/02/2013) ● Armed criminal action (11/2/2013) ● Assault- 1st degree- serious physical injury (11/02/2013) ● Member of Vice Lords gang ● Has a second degree murder charge on juvenile arrest record ● Not true? ● These crimes would have appeared on his adult record and there are none. ● Police officer was Darren Wilson ● Shot 12 times total and was not charged because claimed self defense.
  4. 4. Charges No charges were made.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Officer v. Brown Officer ● He didn't know if Brown was armed, but he is in a violent area ● Brown had a criminal record ● Said he was a robbery suspect
  7. 7. Verdict It was right for the officer to take action and check him but he went to far for shooting him. Let alone shoot him multiple times. I think that he should be punished for shooting him multiple times. He was right to apply force because it is believed that brown hit the officer.