Webinar: Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers (Alexis Grant)


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Want me to talk you through the slides? Best to watch the webinar then: http://alexisgrant.com/webinar-seo/

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  • Several hundred people signed up Have taught myself along the way… This is really something everyone can learn, and it will go a LONG way toward helping you succeed. So I’m excited to teach you some tricks tonight! TELL ABOUT MYSELF… helping you make your own luck, and that, of course, ties really well into today’s webinar.
  • Chat box on left, Carrie’s moderating, Q&A. If you’re new to my webinars, you should know I’m not trying to sell you anything, goal is to be helpful and connect like-minded people Another easy way to connect with cool people on this webinar… where you’re from? So let’s get started!
  • Daunting acronym, stands for Search engine optimization. Sounds really technical. What we’re going to do today, is dispel that myth that SEO is a big scary thing you should avoid at all costs, what it really means and how you can USE it to help you reach your goals
  • At it’s most basic level, SEO is about figuring out which words people type into Google and using those same words on your blog so they can find you Think about what you do every time you want to find something… you probably search in Google. Take advantage of all those people searching in Google and help them find you.
  • How you reflect how you talk… writing how you talk is good for a lot of reasons, not stiff – WRITING how you talk is good for SEO, not stiff and formal voice
  • The truth is, I don’t want you to write for SEO. In some cases you can, and we’ll talk about those instances in a few minutes Writing GOOD content will naturally help you rank high in search results… and then you can help yourself even MORE by optimizing that great content you’ve written. How do you optimize?
  • Let’s talk about how to identify the right keywords, where to put them, then go into a few other tips & tricks for SEO
  • Reader asked what tools to use to find good keywords… Tried some free tools online, nothing’s as good as common sense.
  • It sounds too good to be true, right? You might be thinking, I don’t’ know enough about SEO to use my common sense! But that’s what you’re about to learn.
  • Have people type into chat box good keywords for job search Use hashtags – look at blogs and see what people are talking about, what do you say when you talk about job search When it comes to SEO, there is no RIGHT answer, but there are some answers that are better than others.
  • Looking for a job, better than LOOK for a job -- Retirement better than baby boomers, also better than retire Now that you know HOW to find keywords, the second component is WHERE do you use them?
  • The keywords don’t have to be the same in those places, they can be different, so long as you’re using words that will help people find you. So let’s go over some of these in more detail and talk about logistics for USING your keywords.
  • If there’s ONE thing you can do to boost your ranking in search results, it’s this – make your headlines SEO-friendly. It’s really not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is make sure those keywords you identified… Google doesn’t like clever… thesaurus… No RIGHT answer… worth spending time on! TIP: Do this AFTER you write the post
  • When you’re writing your headlines, here’s a tip. And it’s a more advanced tip… Another ah-ha moment
  • Now that we’ve got headlines in the bag, let’s go over a few more tips and tricks. Those of you who use WordPress are already doing some great things with SEO without realizing it because WordPress does it FOR you.
  • When we added an SEO plug-in to Brazen’s blog, search traffic shot through the roof
  • Too often, people make the mistake of leaving it blank Take three minutes to do this, even if you’re just cutting and pasting the same phrase with keywords into each field
  • The main two types of links are INBOUND and OUTBOUND… Links help determine your page rank. Google weighs links from popular sites more heavily Content – not just posts, but also resource lists… comments is why you get spam comments… the mistake people often make is linking Click Here
  • Social media work does better in Google Trends than social media consultant include links to social media ebooks on that post – benefit, monetize, convert
  • We’re about to go into Q&A… How often you post factors into how high you rank in search results. While all these tips I’ve given you will help you rank high in search results, CONTENT is what matters. ENDING: If you focus on quality content – and take a few minutes to optimize -- you cant’ help but do well online
  • Webinar: Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers (Alexis Grant)

    1. 1. EASY SEO TIPS FOR BLOGGERSSimple tweaks that will send major traffic to your blog alexisgrant.com alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    2. 2. CONNECTwith other participants #alexiswebinar alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    3. 3. what doesSEOreally mean? alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    4. 4. SEO means… Figuring out which words people type into Google, and using those words on your blog so people can find you. Use layman’s terms!How to teach a dog new tricks vs. Canine habit formation alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    5. 5. Write how you talk. alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    6. 6. don’t write for SEO… Instead, tweak what you’ve already written alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    7. 7. KEYWORDS Biggest BANG for your buck Plus, it’s easy. alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    8. 8. HOW TO identify the rightKEYWORDS alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    9. 9. use your… wait for it… wait for it… COMMON SENSE Seriously. alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    10. 10. Example:Job search Brainstorm Career Job hunt Resume Interview Skills New graduate Look for a job alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    11. 11. Awesome Tool: Google Trends http://google.com/trends Job Search vs. Job Hunt Career Break vs. Quit Your Job alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    12. 12. where should you useKEYWORDS? Everywhere! Headline First paragraph Sub-headings Images Guest posts Link anchor text URL alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    13. 13. Headlines If you do nothing else, do this! - Don’t be clever - - Use “How to” - - Add adjectives -A Step-by-Step Plan for Creating an Online Business vs. Your First Steps in a Web-Based (Ad)Venture 6 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Badass Career vs. 6 Steps to Create Your Own Career 4 Fulfilling Careers That Will Allow You to Work from Anywhere vs. 4 Careers That Will Allow You to Work from Anywhere alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    14. 14. like people, reads left to rightExample: [NEWS] Google to Give Every Employee a Pig Google to Give Every Employee a Pig [NEWS] alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    15. 15. Why ordPress Rockshttp://alexisgrant.com/2013/03/05/writing-the-perfect-blog-post-a-formula-that-works/ http://alexisgrant.com/2013/as;flkajsdf;lsdfj;sldkjfa;lsdjkf http://zenhabits.net/impossible/ alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    16. 16. USE AN SEO plug-in For Wordpress: All-in-one SEO plug-in Yoast’s SEO plug-in alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    17. 17. Image Tricks Title Caption Fill ‘em all in! Alt text* Description alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    18. 18. LINKS RULE Especially inbound links Ways to get inbound links • Offer awesome content • Promo & reach out • Write guest posts • Comment on other blogsFor outbound links, use smart anchor text alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    19. 19. writing forSEO Look at words people type into Google to find your blog, then write posts to match alexisgrant.com: “Feeling lost” or “I feel lost” Brazen: “How to choose a career” alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    20. 20. ANSWER QUESTIONS from readers and friends If people are asking YOU, they’re probably asking Google, tooEXAMPLE: Post on What to Charge for Social Media Work alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    21. 21. Way Too Easy: Google Search alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    22. 22. If there’s one secret, it’s… Quality Content especially over time = SOLID SEO alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant
    23. 23. Questions? #alexiswebinar alexisgrant.com @alexisgrant