Webinar: Twitter For Go-Getters (Alexis Grant)


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Want me to talk you through the slides? Head over and watch the webinar then: http://alexisgrant.com/webinar-twitter/

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  • Landed a literary agent, got a job offer, getting offered speaking gigs, and I even met my bf  see twitter as networking opportunity, not just a broadcasting system Not going to start at beginning, a lot are already on twitter – help you get more out of the network
  • Chat box, carrie Q&A Hashtag
  • No sell – resource, lots of free info here, option if you want to take it a step further
  • We often think of twitter as a bullhorn, a one-way message machine Seth Godin says, don’t wait for permission – if you are consistent Story of journalist… position yourself as someone who has VALUE to offer, even if you don’t have 20 years of experience How do you do that? That’s what we’ll go over next.
  • This seems like a really small, insignificant part of using Twitter… Because using the @mention makes tweets show up in the other person’s stream, it’s one of the best ways to grow your Twitter network Think about what you do when you notice a new tweet in your @mention stream If this tip seems basic, here’s a way to take it to the next level: force yourself to make sure there’s an @mention in every tweet you send – 1. what you ate for lunch 2. find opps where you didn’t expect
  • Next, let’s talk about LISTS… See in chat room, who uses lists? Lists – filter noise, one big way to get more out of network while spending less time When you get that follow-back, that’s what’s really valuable So creating a notice-me list is somethng you can do to be more STRATEGIC about how you use twitter, to get MORE bang for your buck
  • Think about what YOU would click on Teasers from Huffington Post – Here’s ONE thing women really want
  • Before we go into questions… Ask anyone who has taken it to comment
  • Should you bother with hashtags?  not all hashtags are created equal Link Twitter to FB?
  • Webinar: Twitter For Go-Getters (Alexis Grant)

    1. 1. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantTwitterforGo-Gettersalexisgrant.comTips ‘n tricks for gaining followers & making life-changing connections
    2. 2. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantCONNECTwith other participants#alexiswebinar
    3. 3. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantTips for using Twitter more effectively so you canspend LESS time on social mediaHow to craft the perfect tweetSmart ways to catch the attention of people whootherwise wouldn’t give you the time of dayWhich Twitter applications I can’t live withoutLots of time for YOUR questionsBecome a Twitter Power User course!What you’ll learn today
    4. 4. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantwhy twitter isso powerfulEstablish yourselfas a thought-leaderin your industryCatch the attentionof people you wantto know
    5. 5. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrant@BE STRATEGIC WITH THE @MENTIONAminor tweakthat willhelp you seeBIG results
    6. 6. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantCreate aNotice-MeListA tip that will change howyou use Twitter...
    7. 7. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrant1. Teaser2. @mention3. Link4. #HashtagcraftingtheperfecttweetWhat’s the best way to craft a tweet? @alexisgrant explains how:http://bit.ly/sample #socialmediaWhat’s the best way to craft a tweet? @alexisgrant explains how:http://bit.ly/sample #socialmedia
    8. 8. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantMake it a habitHow tofind info toshareLISTSRSS
    9. 9. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantRarely look at their home feed(use lists instead)How Power Users Tweet DifferentlySee it as a relationship-forming toolUse apps to spend LESS time on Twitter
    10. 10. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantTwitterAppsI Can’tLiveWithoutHootsuitehootsuite.com
    11. 11. HOOTSUITE
    12. 12. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantTwitterAppsI Can’tLiveWithoutHootsuitehootsuite.comFriend or Followfriendorfollow.comClick to Tweetclicktotweet.comTweetchattweetchat.comTwitterfeedtwitterfeed.com
    13. 13. Become aTwitter Power UserMonday,May 13beginsalexisgrant.com/twitterpower
    14. 14. alexisgrant.com@alexisgrantQuestions?#alexiswebinar